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Wilson Combat Parts and Upgrades for 1911 and AR15

Wilson Combat I was never one to change much on handguns after I purchased them.  Whenever I was window shopping for something new, it was all about how it felt in My hand.  With all of the Hi visibility sights you can get on firearms these days, that is something to consider buying on your own, after the fact, but sometimes you can get lucky and a gun might be brand new with the factory putting High Definition sights on them.  All of My Sig Sauer pistols have Hogue grips on them because I find Sig Factory grips to just flat out suck, they don’t grip well and actually feel slippery.

When is it time to swat an internal part out?  Triggers are something you have to be very careful about doing because that is something that can make a reliable firearm dangerous if not done properly.   It’s not that uncommon for those in the competition world to have guns doubling because they are running lighter triggers.    I have made several modifications to my 1911 handguns and they all had Wilson Combat Parts put in them.  I have never found the 1911 to be hard to shoot but it when I was trying to increase my speed and accuracy I found that it was time to put and extended magazine release on it, Wilson Combat Trigger replacement and a drop in Wilson Combat beaver tail grip.  Even though my guns have these parts in them, it hasn’t compromised there ability to be CCW friendly.    You need to be careful how you balance competition shooting, accuracy modifications (lighter triggers) and safety.


Midwest Industries Accessories, Flip Up Sights and AK Rail Systems

Midwest Industries AccessoriesThere are times I just purchased something because it looked good, and if I was happy with the product, I’d go back and research what else they have.   I’ve used the Midwest rear Flip Up sight for My LWRC M6A1 for years and only had to take it off once I added a magnifier for my Eotech 512.   It’s another one of things you learn that whenever you add something to your Carbine, that you might find an issue and have to alter or take something else off.   I’ve had a lot of people run into issues when making rail system changes and then finding out that the Surefire tape switch they are using won’t reach around to where they want it to, and end up having to be creative or spend more money to get the job done.

One thing that stands out with Midwest Industries accessories are their rail systems, if you are an AK enthusiast and want to put a light on your rifle, it’s kind of difficult to do with any tradition stock.   There are some handguard rail systems that make putting optics like a Vortex Sparc red dot,  as a low profile optic,  that can make your AK into a nice scout type rifle.   I see a lot of sales for the Midwest AK74/AK47 Quadrail.  With any alteration of stocks with AK’s, always be aware you are dealing with a product made in the third world and the specs might not be accurate, slight fit modifications are the norm so take your time and don’t break anything.


If Factory Grips don’t cut it, try Hogue Grips

Hogue GripsI have to admit, that although I’m a big Sig Sauer fan, I find the factory grips they come in to be below anything I would actually call a grip, they just feel too slippery to me and a handgun or rifle grip should be as tight in the palm of your hand as a pair of baseball gloves.   Everyone’s hand size is going to be different so there is nothing wrong with accessorizing each individual to the firearm, which is why so many manufacturers are making handguns with different back straps.   The really differences between most of the Hogue Grips I have on AR15s, shotguns and handguns are the ones with finger grooves and the ones without.   You do have to be careful about the finger grooved grips because they will force your hand to expand to some degree which can cause finger cramping if you are at the range for long periods of time.   This is something you can easily over come but it just a heads up that many competition shooters are very aware of and sometimes they shy away from them.

One of the hottest replacement grips for many AR15 owners are the Magpul MOE Plus and the Hogue AR15 grips.   There is a beaver tail Hogue Grip that is another preference because for many, they want to get their hand up as high on the grip to be able to be proficient with the firearm.   As a firearm instructor I have witnessed new shooters greatly improve as soon as a rifle stock or hogue grips are put adjusted properly to their hand size.   Another thing you do have to be careful about is when you change the grips on your sidearm, trying to reach magazines releases and slide stops can change and I  have had to modify some of my firearms because of this.   1911 handguns, Glocks and Sig 228 pistols all can be improved with the proper grips.


Looking for gun accessories and knowing what not to buy?

There are a ton of accessories out there than you can attach to your firearms and there are quality issues that we constantly hear about.   The best we can do is warn you that it’s not really about whether or not a part is made out of plastic or not it’s really about use and proper mounting.  I’ve had screws sheer off mounts after about 2000rds of 7.62 NATO went through an FAL and it was suppose to be the best mount out there.  To this day I’m not sure if the screws may have been over torgued or  not but I didn’t have a screw driver that I could measure this with.   Loctite isn’t used enough in this industry and every thing that has a screw on it from flashlight mounts to optic mounts, pistol grips and foregrips should have it on them.

Now that accessories like B.A.D. levers are heavily used, its often asked of us if they are any good and the first warning we tell people is that “it’s one more screwed on device that can come off” so proper mounting is a preventative maintenance thing.    Whether  you are looking at a bi pod or magazine well grip, Mako, Command Arms,  Magpul gun accessoriesMagpul stocks and accessoriesMagpul Stocks, Troy firearm parts, Midwest, VLTOR or TacStar you gotta make sure you put it on right.   I have an LWRC M6A1 that has a Tapco SAW Grip on it and think nothing less of Tapco if the grip fits your hand right.


Tested gear in a breakable world

slingsTroy flash suppressorsTroy Charging HandlesI’ve already got enough experience in this industry to see reticles spin inside a scope tube, folding foregrips crack, firearms explode, magazines blow out and basic operator induced malfunctions.   I think it’s kind of funny that so many of the firearm training DVDs that I have watched about handguns and rifles seem redundant, but the truth of the matter is that Administrative Loading and Unloading can’t be taught enough.   I’ve out shot ARTroy Rail PanelsTroy Gas BlocksTroy Pistol GripsTroy ForegripTroy Trigger GuardTroy QD Sling attachmentTroy Stock attachment15s with Mini 14 because I know the ballistic capabilities and 5.56 bullet twist rate and the pros and cons of each caliber and firearm.   Firearms especially rifles are more like Golf Clubs.   You can’t use a putter to drive a ball accurate, a wedge isn’t good on the green and a wood isn’t good for putting.

Many firearms that people own don’t have a lot of rounds through them, probable because most gun owners are hunters that only bring their guns out a few times a year and might only check their zero and others are in the “plinking” category.  There are several really good brand names that we saw at Shot Show this year but Troy firearm accessories from pistol grips to slings, iron front sights and rear sights, gas block sights to their rail systems, are in high visibility.   There are a ton of grip accessories and plastic accessories at gun shows but name brands mean something.   Troy gun accessories and Magpul Industries have a large customer base for a reason.


Carbine modifications and consistency with furniture

Magpul StocksI’ve tried out several modifications on my M4 and some of them just didn’t cut it.   There are plenty of brands that show up at gun shows and look cool, but i’ve taken that plunge, can’t remember the brand names of all of them, but then cracked grips and wobble parts will eventually show face on the firing line.   I’ve got about 8yrs on the LWRC M6A1 and although it’s got the newer piston design than it originally was designed with, castle nuts have come loose, folding foregrips have broken and magazines have failed.   All mechanical devices have their breaking point and for people who are in situations where that can mean death, all I have to say is, Smart people tend to live longer.

I see all the fragility of many of these airsoft guns out there, but for youth just having fun, it’s a learning experience.    The difference between the Magpul stocks is significant because you have to find that sweet spot with your cheek weld and not everyone is going to be the same.   Hand sizes can differe and someone with small hands is not going to want the AFG1 or a Tapco SAW Grip.   The most popular AR15 grips from our point of you are the Hogue finger groove grips and the Magpul MOE + rubber grips.   Some  batter compartments and gun cleaning kits do not work in both the MAGPUL MOE Grip and the Magpul MOE + so if you have something you are using presently be careful you don’t do an upgrade and find out some of your gear won’t transition over.


Get a grip if you haven’t already!

Hogue gripsEveryone has a different way of getting the job done, which is why the best firearm instructors always train, realizing, that not everyone will do things the same way. One way to profile for getting good firearm instruction is to listen to the attitude of the guy who is teaching.  Teaching “a way” is the correct attitude and saying “this is the only way”.    There are different shooting positions and shooting stances and not every one will work for you in every situation.  Another thing that seems to have put the military and Law Enforcement community into a reality check, is that, adjustable stocks on rifles,and adjustable back straps on firearms is extremely important of you are going to have an operator become effective and proficient.

Gun accessories and tactical gear can help an operator get the job done, but the firearm whether it is a rifle or handgun needs to fit properly. Many gun manufacturers are starting to catch on to this, but Hogue grips have known that factory grips on many firearms just don’t cut it. Having rock solid control of your firearm in a Defensive shooting situation is extremely important and knowing that your bullets are hitting the same place because your control is all there, can mean winning the fight. Hogue gun grips can work on your AR15 or your Sig 220 or any of your Glocks.  The 1911 is still very popular in the military and LEO community and Hogue pistol grips go hand in hand. You will notice better control and felt recoil in your hands by upgrading to these and they look and feel great on revolvers. Finger groves are available for some models.


Proficiency with an AR15 means customizing it!

I say that in the title and that really is what it’s all about.  There are many things we forget about when teaching people how to use a rifle and I know many people that service in the military in Korea and WWII that said they couldn’t hit anything with the M1 Garand. The M1 Carbine, even though less powerful had a better reputation with guys will a smaller stature.  The best thing about the AR15 design is that you can adjust the LOP and add parts that best fit your hands or body type.

There are many well made AR15 accessories out there but I never really deviate from MAGPUL accessories.  I have put the CTR stocks on most of my AR15 rifles and Magpul stocks for salemagpul stocks for sale  are what I recommend for most individuals.  We have a local police department the just started carrying the AR15 in their patrol cars and all of them are stoping in for gun accessories and customizations.


Going green with your gun cleaning and your lasers and sights?

Funny how often we make jokes at work about how our business is going green, but in a different way.   Many of the Trijicon optics that we sell use to be with Amber reticles and red crosshairs but not so much anymore.   The whole reason many are swithing over to the green reticles is  not that it’s a fad or anything, it’s that it is a scientific fast that the human eye picks up the green lasers and the green illumination better than red colors.   Now that this Country has over 10yrs of testing out various military style optics and weapons, there are some pretty big changes taking place.   Right now our biggest seller is the Trijicon TA31F-G combat optics.  Many of the flashlights and combo flashlights and lasers are going green.

I’m not the biggest fan of putting lasers on everything, but when you have Navy Seals walking in your store with them, and  you know they just came back from deployments there must be a reason they are using them.  Our primary staple for lasers has always been Crimson Trace laser grips although there has been a lot of traction made with the Viridian flashlights and their laser/light combos.   Streamlight makes a nice product with the TLR flashlights with various laser, lights, and strobe features but there are better things out there.   For home defense especially with less trained shooters, lasers can add more confidence to their shooting abilities.  Do your product review research and stop into a stock dealer and ask to check them out.


You hands are different so change your grip

Everyone has something slightly different about their hands and this has been know to firearm manufacturers for some time.  Many military issued firearms were not very good for people that were below or above average sizes and that has been the norm for a very long time.  Not until the accessorized AR15 have there been so many opportunities to improve a firearm to an operators standards.   To each his own when it comes to which handgun fits your hand, but a good fit can be better if you can use Hogue grips or Magpul grips.

Magpul is king of the AR15 accessory world but Hogue, Packhmayr, Decal and Ergo cover everything else.   If you have to carry a handgun or rifle all year long and live in an area where the seasons change magpul accessories will probable get you covered.  There is not always size variations, but angle variations can mean something too.  There are big differences between the grip angles of a Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock 19 and a Springfield 1911 so not all rifle grips for your AR15 are the same.

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