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Magpul Stocks and Accessories improving proficiency

Several years ago I sat in on an Appleseed Project and watched people learn basic riflemen skills.  It’s a science to put a bullet in the same hole, just in the same way NASA puts a space probe on mars.   Getting the trajectory and figuring out your bullet ballistics are all the same science.   Velocity, drag, windage, gravity all have the same affect on any object, whether it’s on Earth, Mars or Jupiter.   There are known factors in accuracy and it’s all about “getting” there.  One of the things we can help you out in is getting the right fitting accessories that help you gain proficiency and Magpul Stocks and Accessories can help you get there.

I don’t like to tell people what they should buy, but tell them what they should consider.   I’m still running a quad rail on my primary which is something that is often considered an over-kill or outdated, but it’s still what I call practical.   I’m not sure sure key-mod and M-Lok accessories are going to be around 10yrs from now, but I can tell you there will still be quad-rails.   Magpul Stocks and Accessories will give you the right length of pull, the right grip, the right cheek weld, and also help you illuminate a target and if you figure  out what the perfect match is, help you get on target every time.


Magpul CTR Stocks still the most popular Carbine replacement or build stock

Magpul CTR Carbine Stocks  The future of the firearm industry is going to be with the firearms that are modular.   The Sig P320 and the AR15 Carbine.   It’s hard to find a decent gun shop that actually sells a lot of accessories because the truth of the matter is you really need to know the market and what accessories are worth selling.     The first thing you need to do, whether you are building an AR15 or you are buying one is if the buffer tube is a Commercial or a Mil-Spec, you can’t guess at this, otherwise, you’ll find out the stock wobbles or that you can’t even get it on.   There are ways you can tell just by looking at it vs. having to measure the dimensions of the tube.

Even though there are a lot of changes with handguards and grips, we can clearly see that the Magpul CTR Carbine Stocks are still the #1 rifle stock.   It’s just the best price range, you can still add cheek weld or stock extensions on it and you also can adjust the length to something shorter which is especially important if you are wearing AR500 Armor or some time of plate carrier.  Making sure you have the right stock length will greatly affect your proficiency. Then from there you can decide on what type of handguard or grip you should choose, it has been confirmed that Magpul has discontinue the Magpul MOE handguard and is now only making the Magpul M-Lok so be aware that those take two different rail sections.


Cheek weld, proficiency, customization and Magpul Carbine Stocks

Magpul Carbine StocksThere are a lot of change going on in the firearm industry, when we look at what Police departments are doing with purchases of body armor and firearms, ambidextrous, interchangeable back straps, trigger pull differences and multi-caliber options.   With all of the recent ballistics improvements, caliber options and even SBR options, the AR15 is hands down the most popular firearm and is the equivalent of what the musket was for a patriot in 1776.  Magpul accessories are pretty much a stable for us and it’s hard for us to consider stocking other AR accessories, with their constant innovations they pretty much cover options for everyone.

Cheek weld is something that is often over looked until optics come into play.  With all of the different optic mounts out there from Larue to Bobro Engineering, it can get really confusing and in my opinion, over complicated.  The Magpul Carbine Stocks like the CTR stocks are what we normally push on people when they don’t know what they want.  Putting on risers is something you can do later once you learn your gear and understand what changes you might need to make to become more proficient.   Batter compartments and QD sling attachments are also something to consider especially if you are doing hard training and understand that flashlights and optics do die out at some point and keeping your Plan B options right on your stock is something to consider.


Magpul MBUS Flip up sights, know your gun and research what to buy

Magpul MBUS Flip Up Sights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             There are plenty of other options out there to choose from for flip up front and rear sights for your AR15, but probable 95% of our flip up sight sales are all the Magpul ones.  I think many gun manufacturers know that after spending money on a firearm, then choosing and optic, not many people feel the need to spend $200 on a front and rear sight combo which makes the Magpul MBUS sights such a staple in this industry.  For under a $90 you can get a set from Magpul and I rarely hear of anyone complain about them.  With the many variations of AR15 designs out there, there are some pitfalls that people run into when picking out rear and front sight though.

When you are choosing a rear sight, you need to be aware that if you are intending on putting on an optic like a magnifier, you have to make sure it’s going to clear, many times people end up having to get another lower profile rear sight, I know I had that issue.  For front sights, if you have a gas block, make sure you get the Magpul MBUS flip up sights like the Pro sight or you’ll find out real fast that you won’t be able to zero your rifle properly and if you didn’t figure that out soon enough, you’ll end up melting your front sight off if you heat up your gun on a firing range.   Know your carbine and what all the variables are and don’t just think you need any front and rear sight.  We never like to run out of these in our Showroom because they always move so fast.


Not thinking ahead cost money, slings matter and Magpul Slings are definitely something to consider

Magpul SlingsMagpul MS3 Gen 2 Slings


The accessories market isn’t going to die down anytime soon but there is so much out there, as a retailer in this industry, there are plenty of products we avoid carrying because they are too much of a niche and even though they might be cool, not everyone is going to want to buy the attachments or do the research into using it properly.  We still sell a ton of single point bungee slings and most people just adapt to it, but if you’ve carried a carbine for any period of time, you’ll want something better and we are often pointing to Magpul MS3 Gen 2 Slings or the Magpul MS2 QD or the MS4 QD Slings.

So many people are building AR15s these days because not only is it fun, you don’t end up being that guy that walks into our store and asks for a sling and find out that your stock has zero QD or Quick Detach points.  Those are things to think about when you are picking out your buttstock or your handguards and part of the reason the Magpul M-Lok and Key-Mod stuff is the way of the future.   Hopefully there aren’t major changes in the accessory market for another decade (crossing fingers) but we’re already seeing a run on the MOE Polymer Rail Sections since the MOE stocks are no longer being made.  The ability to go from a single point sling to a two point sling can make carrying a rifle more comfortable given the circumstances you are as well as quick detach.  We highly  recommend investing in Magpul Slings and as a brand name in Magpul, and consider them in your next build.


Magpul Discontinuing the MOE Handguards for the New M-Lok

Magpul M-Lok HandguardsI  have always been a fan of Magpul products because they get the job done, are not over priced, and I personally have not heard of any high rates of breakage with their entire product line.  I’m pretty sure their durability stems from their Magpul PMAG reputation and when you are making something like that, that can be driven over by a car and still run, there’s not much to worry about if you are buying a grip or a stock from them.   We are always watching to see where the accessories market is moving because it’s a money maker, but we don’t like dealing with products that have very little history of being on the market.  Just think about what the value of all of the quadrails are from 10yrs ago and what the resell prices are.  Hardly anyone need a quad-rail in the first place which is why I always liked the Magpul MOE Handguards.

The MOE Handguards were a better starting point for people that thought they may add accessories later, and didn’t want to have all that metal with the original configuration.   The K-Mod and M-Lok systems seem to be the future because according to Magpul, they did a lot of testing an knew they had to do a slight change to the way the MOE handguards would sold.  From what I hear, they are still going to make the rail accessories for the MOE Handguard, but they are now discontinuing the stock accessory for the M-Lok.  Who knows where the AR15 will be 10yrs from now, but it might be time you take a look at the new way to attach flashlight, lasers, optics, sights ect on your AR.




Magpul Slings, don’t make things too complicated

Magpul SlingsI recently spoke to a customer inquiring about various Keymod accessories and I told him we haven’t had that many people ask us about it even though it’s been out for awhile.  LWRCI Recently announced that they are discontinuing the M6 series guns and only making the LWRC IC guns which do have Keymod rail systems.   I only know a few people using them so they are still considered NEW to us from a sale point of view.   The Magpul MOE system seems to have a grip on the market but only time will tell.   Now that there are so many AR15 companies and accessories, you do have to be careful you aren’t that guy that buys something that will be difficult to get parts for 10yrs from now, it happen.    We still get phone call from people that are looking for Walther 32acp magazines and I only know one place that makes them.

When it comes to buying slings, it’s normally the Single point slings or some variation of the MS3 Magpul slings that really sell.  When people walk into our store and we show them our sling selection they don’t always know what sling attachments they have on their AR and when we tell them all the attachments they are going to need, then walk out the door with a Single Point Bungee sling.   The good thing is if you have some of the Magpul stocks or even a Spikes Tactical AR, your gun may be able to accept some of the QD MS4 type slings.   I think the Magpul MS3 Multi Mission Gen 2 is probable the best option for most people and is easier to attach work and is just happen to be the Top 2 selling sling we sell.


Magpul Slings and all those rail attachments and push buttons and claws

Magpul SlingsIf it has a screw on it, it can come loose.   That’s why you see a lot more of the quick detail mounts on optics rather than screw on.   Loctite everything that has a screw and make sure you don’t over torque anything.    I personally mark all of the screw points with a blue marking pen so I can visually see what might be coming loose because I’ve had thousands of rounds through some of my carbines and after almost 10yrs of owning them, even though they have been very reliable, every tool has it’s failing point, and every mechanical part will wear out at some point.   Guns jam and things break in this industry and there are horror stories out there where Law Enforcement and Military deaths occurred while there jammed or broken firearms were discovered next to them.  In Vietnam there were serious issues with the M16 when it was first issue and the ammunition was the primary problem, do you really want to keep the cheap stuff around and think just because your Carbine runs with cheap ammo that your life should depend on it?

Properly mounting optics, flashlights and having extra batteries available are added insurance but don’t forget to check to make sure your stock is securely tightened down and if you are attaching sling attachements, make sure you are keeping an eye on them.   We try to keep the Magpul Slings in stock because it’s yet another one of those things that you need to know what you are buying and know how to attach it to your AR15 carbine before you go home and find out that you have the wrong sling attachments or it just doesn’t fit you right.   I lean heavily toward the Magpul MS3 and the Magpul MS4 due to the fact that the MS3 is a much better design over the previous MS2 which the MS2 Sling had material that frayed and the clamp wasn’t as sturdy.   Many of the stocks and quad rails we see now have QD attachment points so you don’t have to go out and buy another screw on device just to keep the sling where you want it and then have to wonder what that failing point is.  All these accessories that go on your firearm can be an asset but everyone of them needs to be put on right.


The Magpul MS3 and MS4 Slings and other Magpul Accessories

Magpul AccessoriesWe are often confronted with questions but many of our customers are not prepared to have us question them back before we can answer them.   Working in the Fire Industry, Emergency Services and Law Enforcmenent can be very technical when it comes to uniforms and gear and we often find that even our customers don’t know what a product is called, just what it looks like and what it’s fire.   Recently we got asked about pager holders but until the customer came in our store and measured the pager, we wouldn’t have known which holder to order for them.    The same type of thing occurs when people are shopping for a gun case, the barrel length of your AR15 is not going to determine what gun case it’s going to fit it, the overall length of the gun is.   If you are looking for a handguard like the Magpul MOE in black, flat dark earth, Foliage or OD Green, you need to know if you have a rifle length, carbine length, or mid length.  It only takes a second to measure your handguard before you want to replace it but we are often faced with the “I don’t know” when they ask us if we carry handguards.

When it comes to slings, unless you really know what  you are looking for, I wouldn’t be so worried about buying the wrong one, if you get a sling that you don’t like, replacing attachment plates or RSA Rail Attachments are only a $10-$15 trial run but it’s always best to go to the range and try somebody elses setup.  If you are ready to take a trip to Rogue Elite Tactical for Magpul Accessories for a sling or a gun case, do yourself a favor and get the specs on all of your AR15 Carbines that you are looking to equip, do you have a gas block?  When length handguard length do you want?  The iron sights you might want on your gun might not be right and you might find out at the wrong time that you purchased the wrong rifle stocks or accessories.  We have been highly recommending the Magpul MS3 slings because so many people are not sure if they want a single point sling or a 2 point sling and since the MS3 can do both, and has a quick adjustment loop, this really is the best of both worlds.  If you want the quick detach MS4 Sling, you’ll have to make sure you have those attachment points on  your stock, receiver, or handguard.  Let us know what you have and we’ll tell you what you can do.


Vertical Grips vs Angled Foregrips vs Magpul Hand Stop, Why?

Magpul Stocks and AccessoriesSo much of this industry is about customizing the Carbine to the person, the accessories you want on you firearm can change depending on your line of work or which range you are going to.   I see guys bring their Eotech or Aimpoint Magnifiers with them to certain competition shoots but most of the time leave it off because those magnifiers are a separate optic and having them on all the time means carrying a M4 Carbine with 2 optics on it.    The original trend towards using vertical grips was because of the flashlights, pressure switches, lasers and IR gadgets that many in the military were using, it’s hard to have a traditional rifle hold and still be able to access all of the buttons and switches.   I’ve personally run out of rail space on one of my AR’s and I’d have to make a decision about putting an extended rail on it or removing one of my optics and putting on an Aimpoint Micro T-1 or the Eotech EXPS2-0 just so I have the space to mount a laser or IR.

The angled foregrips can work as a slide stop but keep in mind, if you are using a flashlight and don’t have a pressure switch, you’re going to have to think long and hard about where you want to access flashlights because as soon as you put on another Magpul Grip, Rail Cover or other panel, you make a jigsaw puzzle for yourself.  One of the best ideas for AR15 Rifles is the Magpul MOE Stock because it gives you a better starting point and if you make major changes it might only mean having to buy a few different Magpul MOE Rail Sections instead of having to drop $180-$250 on a whole knew quad rail.   Most of the Magpul Stocks and Accessories we sell  have features on them that you should educated yourself about before you buy, like QD

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