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Magpul Slings, don’t make things too complicated

Magpul SlingsI recently spoke to a customer inquiring about various Keymod accessories and I told him we haven’t had that many people ask us about it even though it’s been out for awhile.  LWRCI Recently announced that they are discontinuing the M6 series guns and only making the LWRC IC guns which do have Keymod rail systems.   I only know a few people using them so they are still considered NEW to us from a sale point of view.   The Magpul MOE system seems to have a grip on the market but only time will tell.   Now that there are so many AR15 companies and accessories, you do have to be careful you aren’t that guy that buys something that will be difficult to get parts for 10yrs from now, it happen.    We still get phone call from people that are looking for Walther 32acp magazines and I only know one place that makes them.

When it comes to buying slings, it’s normally the Single point slings or some variation of the MS3 Magpul slings that really sell.  When people walk into our store and we show them our sling selection they don’t always know what sling attachments they have on their AR and when we tell them all the attachments they are going to need, then walk out the door with a Single Point Bungee sling.   The good thing is if you have some of the Magpul stocks or even a Spikes Tactical AR, your gun may be able to accept some of the QD MS4 type slings.   I think the Magpul MS3 Multi Mission Gen 2 is probable the best option for most people and is easier to attach work and is just happen to be the Top 2 selling sling we sell.


Midwest Industries Accessories, Flip Up Sights and AK Rail Systems

Midwest Industries AccessoriesThere are times I just purchased something because it looked good, and if I was happy with the product, I’d go back and research what else they have.   I’ve used the Midwest rear Flip Up sight for My LWRC M6A1 for years and only had to take it off once I added a magnifier for my Eotech 512.   It’s another one of things you learn that whenever you add something to your Carbine, that you might find an issue and have to alter or take something else off.   I’ve had a lot of people run into issues when making rail system changes and then finding out that the Surefire tape switch they are using won’t reach around to where they want it to, and end up having to be creative or spend more money to get the job done.

One thing that stands out with Midwest Industries accessories are their rail systems, if you are an AK enthusiast and want to put a light on your rifle, it’s kind of difficult to do with any tradition stock.   There are some handguard rail systems that make putting optics like a Vortex Sparc red dot,  as a low profile optic,  that can make your AK into a nice scout type rifle.   I see a lot of sales for the Midwest AK74/AK47 Quadrail.  With any alteration of stocks with AK’s, always be aware you are dealing with a product made in the third world and the specs might not be accurate, slight fit modifications are the norm so take your time and don’t break anything.


Magpul Slings and all those rail attachments and push buttons and claws

Magpul SlingsIf it has a screw on it, it can come loose.   That’s why you see a lot more of the quick detail mounts on optics rather than screw on.   Loctite everything that has a screw and make sure you don’t over torque anything.    I personally mark all of the screw points with a blue marking pen so I can visually see what might be coming loose because I’ve had thousands of rounds through some of my carbines and after almost 10yrs of owning them, even though they have been very reliable, every tool has it’s failing point, and every mechanical part will wear out at some point.   Guns jam and things break in this industry and there are horror stories out there where Law Enforcement and Military deaths occurred while there jammed or broken firearms were discovered next to them.  In Vietnam there were serious issues with the M16 when it was first issue and the ammunition was the primary problem, do you really want to keep the cheap stuff around and think just because your Carbine runs with cheap ammo that your life should depend on it?

Properly mounting optics, flashlights and having extra batteries available are added insurance but don’t forget to check to make sure your stock is securely tightened down and if you are attaching sling attachements, make sure you are keeping an eye on them.   We try to keep the Magpul Slings in stock because it’s yet another one of those things that you need to know what you are buying and know how to attach it to your AR15 carbine before you go home and find out that you have the wrong sling attachments or it just doesn’t fit you right.   I lean heavily toward the Magpul MS3 and the Magpul MS4 due to the fact that the MS3 is a much better design over the previous MS2 which the MS2 Sling had material that frayed and the clamp wasn’t as sturdy.   Many of the stocks and quad rails we see now have QD attachment points so you don’t have to go out and buy another screw on device just to keep the sling where you want it and then have to wonder what that failing point is.  All these accessories that go on your firearm can be an asset but everyone of them needs to be put on right.


Tested gear in a breakable world

slingsTroy flash suppressorsTroy Charging HandlesI’ve already got enough experience in this industry to see reticles spin inside a scope tube, folding foregrips crack, firearms explode, magazines blow out and basic operator induced malfunctions.   I think it’s kind of funny that so many of the firearm training DVDs that I have watched about handguns and rifles seem redundant, but the truth of the matter is that Administrative Loading and Unloading can’t be taught enough.   I’ve out shot ARTroy Rail PanelsTroy Gas BlocksTroy Pistol GripsTroy ForegripTroy Trigger GuardTroy QD Sling attachmentTroy Stock attachment15s with Mini 14 because I know the ballistic capabilities and 5.56 bullet twist rate and the pros and cons of each caliber and firearm.   Firearms especially rifles are more like Golf Clubs.   You can’t use a putter to drive a ball accurate, a wedge isn’t good on the green and a wood isn’t good for putting.

Many firearms that people own don’t have a lot of rounds through them, probable because most gun owners are hunters that only bring their guns out a few times a year and might only check their zero and others are in the “plinking” category.  There are several really good brand names that we saw at Shot Show this year but Troy firearm accessories from pistol grips to slings, iron front sights and rear sights, gas block sights to their rail systems, are in high visibility.   There are a ton of grip accessories and plastic accessories at gun shows but name brands mean something.   Troy gun accessories and Magpul Industries have a large customer base for a reason.


A very successful year in Delaware County

philadelphia police supply storesThis year was a very successful year for us in the Delaware County area in launching our tactical store and we double the size of our business in the first 6 months.  People are still finding out about us via word of mouth whenever they need a new holster, police boots or even just Ambulance companies hiring and people  needing to get a pair of pants.  Much of the product line we stock in our store is for people to checkout instead of buying it online.  Duty gear like handcuff keys and various police belts are things that people in the Law Enforcement industry lose or wear out over time and are always in need of.    Police vests, tactical pants, uniform pants, belts, hydration unites, SWAT team bags are things that are always wearing out and need to be replaced.

We’ve learned there are so many types of handcuffs, swivel and hinged doesn’t always narrow it down, some are different weights and types of metal.  The items we have brought in this year are the Safariland lightweight handcuffs and in our region there are no Philadelphia Police Supplies shops around here and many of our Law Enforcement Officers are very happy to see a business like this open up.   Tactical vests, body armor are all things people need to be sized up on and this is something that has to be done right so that there are fewer returns.   We stock a large number of Blackhawk serpa holsters, safariland products, pepper spray, mace, tasers, batons, police badge holders and more and more duty gear.


Avoid the “not knowing what to get” when it comes to rifle slings, just get the MS3

magpul ms3 slings for saleWhen I first got in one of the MS2 and MS3 slings in I didn’t really know what it was all about.  I’ve been running a single point bungee sling for several years and never really felt like I needed a  new sling.  I replaced all of my slotted slings with the Promag Ambidextrous dual loop sling attachment plate which pretty much leaves it open to lend my rifle to a right or left handed shooter. Several of the AR15 rifles that I own had to have these attachments replaced because the slotted sling thing just didn’t do it for me.  It’s also a good idea to remove any sling attachments that are not being used because all they end up being are parts that make noise when you move.
I understand there were some shortcomings of the MS2 and now since we’ve cleared them out of the store, were only stocking the magpul MS3 slings.   The best thing about these magpul MS3 slings for sale are that you can basically make a single point a double point sling or a double back into a single point.  If you don’t understand why this is a good thing.  Strap on your favorite M4 Carbine and carry it up a ladder on a single point sling.  Then engage in a few rounds of gunfire against a target that is above or below you.  Then readjust the sling to a two point configuration and get back to me.   Climbing a ladder or jumping in and out of vehicles with a two point sling is actually more practical than slinging it over your shoulder.   The Single point has always been very popular but there isn’t any reason to buy 2 slings when the Magpul MS2 Sling does it all.


The question, what configuration should I have for my M4 Carbine?

There are so many ways to accessorize or customize your AR15 rifle or M4 rifle these days.   So many brands, Magpul, VLTOR, Midwest, Tago down and on and on.  It looks like strictly from a retail stand point that Magpul is king of the customizations and I see it every day in our AR15 parts sales.   There are gun grips, foregrips, angle fore grips and more.   There are different lengths and widths and all of this can get frustrating if you are not disciplined.   I have a Summer/ Winter CCW mindset and many people need to stop wasting money  on accessories and just get more than one gun and stick to it.   When someone takes a short carbine and puts a 14x scope on it, I think there is something odd about that.  Just get an AR15 upper with a longer barrel and put that optic there.

Slings and sling attachments is something that people also get frustrated over because they put it on in their house and everything is good and when they get to the range with their tactical vest on, everything is snagging and hanging up.   We have sold a great many of the Magpul slings from the MS2 and MS3 and now the newer MS3 QD.  There were apparently some issues with the Magpul MS2 although not everyone is going to notice it.   Some hangups and fraying occurred with them and well, what the heck, why not just replace it with something better even if the differences are  minor.   The biggest selling point of these slings is that they are either a single  point or a 2 point sling.   That’s 2 slings in one, a good deal.


You hands are different so change your grip

Everyone has something slightly different about their hands and this has been know to firearm manufacturers for some time.  Many military issued firearms were not very good for people that were below or above average sizes and that has been the norm for a very long time.  Not until the accessorized AR15 have there been so many opportunities to improve a firearm to an operators standards.   To each his own when it comes to which handgun fits your hand, but a good fit can be better if you can use Hogue grips or Magpul grips.

Magpul is king of the AR15 accessory world but Hogue, Packhmayr, Decal and Ergo cover everything else.   If you have to carry a handgun or rifle all year long and live in an area where the seasons change magpul accessories will probable get you covered.  There is not always size variations, but angle variations can mean something too.  There are big differences between the grip angles of a Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock 19 and a Springfield 1911 so not all rifle grips for your AR15 are the same.


Magazines and mag pouches, tactical vests or belt pouches?

Everyone of us has a closet full of gun holsters and gun accessories that we either took off a firearm or purchased and didn’t like.   The one thing you find out after you start putting gear on is how bulky it is and how uncomfortable it is to wear.   Recently we had a guy stop in our store looking for a tactical vest and liked the Woolrich Elite tactical vests but they didn’t work well with  his firearms instructors protocol and he needed a shorter vest that did not go below the belt line.  Molle gear is really the way to go anymore because you don’t know what you’re going to need all the time.

Not everyone wants to stow a sidearm on their vest and in my personal experience I’d much rather have a sidearm in a leg holster than up near the rifle.  Rifle slings can get caught on your Magpul accessories and there is a reason quick detachable accessories are so important.   Your life can be endangered if you get in a car accident or get caught in a building and need to get out and your gear is what is retraining you.   I’ve seen it many times and I always suggest people consider carrying a strong blade to give you the security to know that you can always cut your gear loose.


Adding to your Carbine could mean more changes than you intended

Every time you add on more and more accessories to a Carbine the more weight you will add to the firearm and movement and snagging can occur.  Anyone that knows what its like to wear tactical pants and walk around a kitchen is going to be able to tell you how many times they’ve torn a pocket on a kitchen cabinet or snagged your pants on a door knob.  You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve worn them and if not, do a YouTube search and you’ll see it discussed.   We’ve sold pants to people that torn pockets off their 5.11 and Woolrich Elite pants.

When you change grips or add on flashlights, the same things can occur.  Gun holsters can get sheered off your body going around corners and even Magpul Accessories can do the same thing.   Everyone keeps an eye o n where their optics are but snagging on windows with your gun grips is something that gets learned the hard way.  I’ve seen rifles fly out of peoples hands during live fire shootings because they did not clear obstructions and the fore grips latched on to something while they were backing up.   I highly recommend you look into the Magpul Angled grips.

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