Magazines and mag pouches, tactical vests or belt pouches?

Everyone of us has a closet full of gun holsters and gun accessories that we either took off a firearm or purchased and didn’t like.   The one thing you find out after you start putting gear on is how bulky it is and how uncomfortable it is to wear.   Recently we had a guy stop in our store looking for a tactical vest and liked the Woolrich Elite tactical vests but they didn’t work well with  his firearms instructors protocol and he needed a shorter vest that did not go below the belt line.  Molle gear is really the way to go anymore because you don’t know what you’re going to need all the time.

Not everyone wants to stow a sidearm on their vest and in my personal experience I’d much rather have a sidearm in a leg holster than up near the rifle.  Rifle slings can get caught on your Magpul accessories and there is a reason quick detachable accessories are so important.   Your life can be endangered if you get in a car accident or get caught in a building and need to get out and your gear is what is retraining you.   I’ve seen it many times and I always suggest people consider carrying a strong blade to give you the security to know that you can always cut your gear loose.


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