Elite Survival Patrol bags in stock

We got in some of the Elite Survival Systems Patrol bags because we had a recent hiring of local Police and several of them were looking for products and gear that they could use on their new jobs.  Being located where we are, there are a lot of demands for quick pickups of gear whenever it’s needed and that is something we here more and more.  Many retail shops don’t like to stock items because they don’t want the overhead and just want to make the sales when they can.  Well, you know that is one reason why online purchases have gone up because it’s just as easy to go home log on to your computer and have an item shipped to your home in a couple days.

The Elite Survival Patrol Bag is something that a Law Enforcement officer is going to want to have with him to move his stuff back and forth.  The re-enforced liner/ divider for sturdiness.  These Elite Survival bags are very well thought out and have been modified for specific missions that Law Enforcement might have.  These are not range bags for a gun guy that just needs pocket dividers for handguns and shooting accessories, these are designed for holding flashlight and citation books.


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