Elite Survival bags

Elite Survival bagsOne of the things that made  us go with being a stocking dealer for various tactical gun case, range bags, and modern computer cases like the Elite Survival Messenger bag was because so many people were calling us on the phone and asking us all of the technical specs for various products we had listed on our website.   One thing we have found is that everyone can tell you the length of their rifle barrel but nobody has a clue what the overall length of their AR15 is.    Laptops and various technical gadgets are the same thing, everyone knows their monitory size but nobody knows what bag is going to fit it.  Sometimes its easier to just bring your gear in and see.   Sometimes people need to pack up their gear and see if it all fits in, we understand.

The Elite Survival systems tactical messenger bag has a waterproof compartment that protects electronics from the elements.   More of the Elite Survival  bags have features that are very well designed and sometimes we get questions from customers and have to ask the manufacturer why they did what they did and then pass it on to the customer so they really understand what they are getting and why a tactical backpack or carry bag is what it is.  Lots of people are asking for I-phone cases because so many Police and Military personnel are using them and need them on a tactical vest.   There are some really neat hydration systems, so stop  in and check them out.


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