There are differences between pepper sprays

asp pepper spraysAll of those pepper sprays that you can buy for $10 at a hardware store are not going to be as potent as the stuff you can buy online or a Law Enforcement Supply store.   I have heard of countless situations where someone was under attack and used some expired our outdated key chain pepper spray and it either had no pressure or it was barely effective.   Many people don’t pay attention to the expiration dates on their defensive sprays and I have yet to understand why people settle for “the least” effective items for defense.   I have pushed pepper sprays and mace on all of my students and references the Travon Martin case as to why less lethal force has far fewer liabilities that lethal force.   If George Zimmerman had pepper spray or mace on him it would have cost him $10 to stop the threat if his side of the story was true.

Many items out there have various effective dates and as far as I know the Kimber Pepper Blaster is probable the longest shelf live.   The items we sell the most now are the ASP Pepper sprays that have the high heat and the refill canisters. I highly recommend that if someone is going to carry something like this, they atleast practice with a real one or try and pickup a demonstration one and know what the range of the spray is.  Many Law Enforcement that I know actually prefer tasers to Pepper spray because of the blow back and most reference that when they use it they almost always get some of it on them.   Pepper Sprays are meant to be used while retreating.


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