Lots of new things coming in based on local customer feedback

Philadelphia Police SuppliesWe did an entire overhaul of our Broomall showroom this year and probable 85% of the new products we have in are things that our local Police Departments have asked us to bring in.   If you’re a Glock 21 owner, we’ve probable got more Glock 21 holsters in our store than for any other firearm.   Being this close to some of the largest police departments in the State, we have to carry a lot of inventory to make sure we are always relevant to what our customers needs and wants.   Recently we started stocking more of the Safariland  holsters, not just the duty holsters, but paddle holsters that hold the TLR-1S Flashlights.   Many of our customers have been asking for items like this for off duty or even for going to court.

This is industry is very flood in some regards but there are always new products coming out that do things better than their competitors and if you  don’t attend some of the National and International Trade shows you won’t really have a clue what is going on  in the industry.  In recent months we have been attending shows and many Philadelphia Police Supplies are changing over from previous brands.   More AR15 and Glock firearm accessories are hitting the streets like the Glock Trijicon High Definition sights.   Most Cops have learned to get with the program and improve their ability to see at night.   Streamlight Flashlights have made  huge advancements in the brightness of their lights and many of the new products are an 85% improvement over last  years models.


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