Not thinking ahead cost money, slings matter and Magpul Slings are definitely something to consider

Magpul SlingsMagpul MS3 Gen 2 Slings


The accessories market isn’t going to die down anytime soon but there is so much out there, as a retailer in this industry, there are plenty of products we avoid carrying because they are too much of a niche and even though they might be cool, not everyone is going to want to buy the attachments or do the research into using it properly.  We still sell a ton of single point bungee slings and most people just adapt to it, but if you’ve carried a carbine for any period of time, you’ll want something better and we are often pointing to Magpul MS3 Gen 2 Slings or the Magpul MS2 QD or the MS4 QD Slings.

So many people are building AR15s these days because not only is it fun, you don’t end up being that guy that walks into our store and asks for a sling and find out that your stock has zero QD or Quick Detach points.  Those are things to think about when you are picking out your buttstock or your handguards and part of the reason the Magpul M-Lok and Key-Mod stuff is the way of the future.   Hopefully there aren’t major changes in the accessory market for another decade (crossing fingers) but we’re already seeing a run on the MOE Polymer Rail Sections since the MOE stocks are no longer being made.  The ability to go from a single point sling to a two point sling can make carrying a rifle more comfortable given the circumstances you are as well as quick detach.  We highly  recommend investing in Magpul Slings and as a brand name in Magpul, and consider them in your next build.


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