Sig Sauer no longer importing Sig P232 Magazines

Sig P232 MagazinesIf you are a Sig P232 owner you may want to hit the next gun show and start looking for used Sig P232 magazines.  We recently had a large number of requests to email customers when we got in more of the Sig .380 magazines for this firearm, and, after so many requests we contacted our distributors and they all told us they were discontinued.   We called up Sig Sauer last week and asked them what was going on and they informed us that they are no longer importing this gun or it’s magazines from Germany.  While this firearms has a long history of service, there has been a huge increase in the number of .380 pistols and I guess given the size of the Sig P232 it’s not really the most compact firearm in this caliber and not as popular.

Several years ago I was looking for something smaller than the 1911 and Beretta 92FS that I was carrying and decided to look for something smaller.   Ironically it came down to the Sig P232 and the Sig P239.  I shot both guns side by side and figured the ballistics of the P239 was superior and went with that.  The size and recoil was almost the same in my hands, but there are plenty of happy Sig P232 owners out there.  If you are looking for replacement magazines, the only option for you according to Sig Sauer, is to get the Sig P230 Promag Magazines.   Everyone once in awhile stuff like this happens so if you like the gun, start looking for parts and accessories now before they become even more scarce.


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