Is there anything else besides Magpul Pmags?

lancer magazines It seems that there are other manufacturers that are putting out really good magazines and usually we find  this out from the guys that a running 3 gun matches.  Competition shooting is not only a competition between shooters, but also a place to test out gear, firearms and everything you can put in them.   We hear feedback from our customers about various scope mounts, iron sights and sometimes about various brands of ammunition.   Every once in awhile we hear people mention products from Larue Tactical and it’s on our “things to do” to get setup as a dealer for them.   There have very well price rifle scope mounts and lots of guns run aimpoints ect on them.

When it comes to reliability of firearm magazines, you pretty much have to stick with factory magazines but in the case of the AR15, factory magazines are probable what USGI mags are and they are inferior to the commercial market.  One name we’ve been hearing more and more lately are the Lancer magazines that are made in Allentown Pennsylvania.   These magazines have a unique look to them and instead of having windows like the magpul pmags, they are translucent and you can see what you have in your round count.   Not everyone cares about these but the Lancer 30rd magazines seem to be run by the 3 gun guys more so than Magpul Pmags.


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