Midwest Industries Accessories, Flip Up Sights and AK Rail Systems

Midwest Industries AccessoriesThere are times I just purchased something because it looked good, and if I was happy with the product, I’d go back and research what else they have.   I’ve used the Midwest rear Flip Up sight for My LWRC M6A1 for years and only had to take it off once I added a magnifier for my Eotech 512.   It’s another one of things you learn that whenever you add something to your Carbine, that you might find an issue and have to alter or take something else off.   I’ve had a lot of people run into issues when making rail system changes and then finding out that the Surefire tape switch they are using won’t reach around to where they want it to, and end up having to be creative or spend more money to get the job done.

One thing that stands out with Midwest Industries accessories are their rail systems, if you are an AK enthusiast and want to put a light on your rifle, it’s kind of difficult to do with any tradition stock.   There are some handguard rail systems that make putting optics like a Vortex Sparc red dot,  as a low profile optic,  that can make your AK into a nice scout type rifle.   I see a lot of sales for the Midwest AK74/AK47 Quadrail.  With any alteration of stocks with AK’s, always be aware you are dealing with a product made in the third world and the specs might not be accurate, slight fit modifications are the norm so take your time and don’t break anything.


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