Optics can inhibit performance, that’s why Trijicon RMR sight’s clarity sells it

Trijicon RMR sightsTrijicon RM08GWe’re in the midst of some major technological advancements and you  can clearly see that with all of the flashlights that are coming out, output, run time, durability have all improved, but we’re also seeing major in the world of rifle optics.  We see illuminated optics on crossbows, solar powered red dots, everything is becoming quick detach and everyone is now getting into the red dot market.  That’s all fine and dandy for certain types of shooting, but if you want precision, you need clarity.

Everyone has their preferences in what they want, and what fits your level of shooting abilities is your decision, but many optics can inhibit your ability to be precise, especially for longer range shooting.  If your red dot is too big, or powered too high it can block your ability to see your target.  Trijicon RMR sights come in two configurations, the fiber optics/tritium or the adjustable LED.  There is something to be said for optics with variable power for low light or sunny days, but everytime I play around with all of these red dots out there and then pick up a Trijicon RM08G and see the level of precision and clarity of the triangle or the clarity  of the Trijicon RMO1 red dot, I see what’s still missing in the competition, I see a dot, not a bunch of fuzz.


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