Trijicon ACOGs get a $150 Rebate October 1st-October 31st

Well if there is an optic that many “dream about” but never can afford, that dream is $150 cheaper.   Due to Trijicons strict MAP (minimum advertising price) for dealers, you’ll find that not many people list it below MAP price, and I can assure you if they are, they are not a direct dealer because Trijicon will revoke their dealership for doing that.   The ACOG is one of those optics that probable is designed exactly for an M16 and was the first optic I’ve ever used that had point of impact estimations.  You will want to make sure you are getting the optic that fits the bullets you are shooting because some of setup for 55FMJ and others are 62gr SCBT.   There is also, specifically 300 Blackout ACOGS.

We usually do price negotiations and cash discounts on Trijicon Optics because the MAP pricing is a little higher than what most people expect.  You can usually get $75-$100 off MAP from us and now with the Trijicon ACOGS having a $150 rebate from Trijicon Inc, you are getting about $250 off the MAP pricing.  Keep in mind that the ACOG is one of the most copied optics on the black market and there are plenty of people that tell us idiot stories about how they know someone that got one for $350 or $500 NIB.   If you are dumb enough to “NOT” know that you are never going to get an ACOG that cheap NIB unless it was an Estate Sale, this $150 rebate is about the best thing you will ever get other than a used one.  Give us a call or email us for our best pricing.


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