CRKT Knives, The M16 Knives

M16-14SFGCRKT M16 KnivesI don’t consider Myself a knife guy, but I know enough between crap and quality.   I’m not the type to go out and drop $200 on a knife but I know there are plenty of people that do.  I have found great use for always having a good knife on me, for cutting seat belts, opening boxes, and God forbid, self defense.  I got a lot of experience working an NRA convention for the guys at GATCO or Great American Tool Company, and learned a lot about knife sharpening.   It can be very frustrating to sharpen a knife and find out a few weeks later the darn thing is dull and won’t cut through re-enforced packing tape, if that’s the kind of knife you have, you might want to increase your price range for your next buy.

I have found a winner and according to our sales data, The Columbia River Knive & Tool company makes a great selling knife for us.  The CRKT M16 Series knives come with different blades, Combo Edge, Plain Edge, Black Zytel or Titanium Nitrade.  The only negatives to this knife I’ve found are that the screws that hold the clip on will probable need locktite on them because they come loose otherwise, the only other negative about this is that if you drop it when it’s in the folded position, they can open up on their own.  On the plus side they are very easy to flip open and probable one of the best folding knives to carry even though fixed blades are for the most serious individuals.


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