Private Ranges and Fun

Texas Gun ClubsFinding a gun club that fits our style of shooting can be difficult in some States, but for other States there are so many gun clubs around,  but trying to find out where they are and who to contact is difficult.  We have been compiling as much info about Texas gun clubs as possible so gun owners can atleast be pointed in the right direction.   We realize that some gun clubs like to be off the radar, but for the majority of the shooting ranges we’ve dealt with, they lacked the money and the resources to advertise and many were running on 20-30% of capacity.

A good gun club is should be a safe environment, but also be fun and hopefully, opportunities for advancements in shooting skills.   I’ve been on some ranges that ran like an airport and time slots were filled almost everyday with some group or training event.  This can be nice if you have the time to be involved, but it’s always nice to belong to a range where you know you’ll always get a seat and the target posts aren’t shot down.   Not everyone has private property to shoot on and the notion of showing up and finding out there is nothing to hang your targets on is shockingly common at outdoor ranges.


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