Magpul Instructional DVDs

magpul dvdsWe have all watched the DVD market explode in the last decade, but some of the best firearm instruction videos have come to mainstream gun ownership and the quality of the skills being taught and production has dramatically improved.   This video collection from Magpul contains some of the best firearm instruction for the weekend warriors and concealed carry owners.  Chis Costa and Travis Haley both do an excellent job of communicating and the operator errors of students is documented and discussed throughout the series.   They didn’t edit out the bad parts to make people look good, they showed them how to fix the problem.

Some of the things taught in the series are advanced, but The Art of the Dynamic Handgun is an outstanding gift for anyone that has not taken a defensive course.   While we believe that anyone that has access to a firearm in a home or is carrying a firearm concealed, should immerse themselves in something like this.  There is an entire magpul DVD for concealed carry and it is well worth buying for yourself or others.    The shotgun is the number one home defense gun but there are advanced ways of operating one and for under $40 would it be worth it?


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