Cheek weld, proficiency, customization and Magpul Carbine Stocks

Magpul Carbine StocksThere are a lot of change going on in the firearm industry, when we look at what Police departments are doing with purchases of body armor and firearms, ambidextrous, interchangeable back straps, trigger pull differences and multi-caliber options.   With all of the recent ballistics improvements, caliber options and even SBR options, the AR15 is hands down the most popular firearm and is the equivalent of what the musket was for a patriot in 1776.  Magpul accessories are pretty much a stable for us and it’s hard for us to consider stocking other AR accessories, with their constant innovations they pretty much cover options for everyone.

Cheek weld is something that is often over looked until optics come into play.  With all of the different optic mounts out there from Larue to Bobro Engineering, it can get really confusing and in my opinion, over complicated.  The Magpul Carbine Stocks like the CTR stocks are what we normally push on people when they don’t know what they want.  Putting on risers is something you can do later once you learn your gear and understand what changes you might need to make to become more proficient.   Batter compartments and QD sling attachments are also something to consider especially if you are doing hard training and understand that flashlights and optics do die out at some point and keeping your Plan B options right on your stock is something to consider.


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