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It’s actually getting fun learning all of these Social Store features but it’s also funny watching Facebook go public and then turn into a bust.  I have not idea why people just don’t learn from first hand experience.  It’s  one thing do a dumb thing twice but looking at the mistakes made with the housing loan, student loans, credit card loans when the heck do people learn?   When you are on a firing range or practicing with a firearm, you better not make mistakes because mistakes can mean injury or take lives.

Once  thing we have learned while growing our business is learning from mistakes.   Everyone makes them and it’s nice to know that if you send out a wrong size boot most people don’t mind it as long as you quickly resolve the issues.   We are going to be spotlighting some of our AR15 complete upper receivers on inventory and adding more and more tactical gear and accessories to this new feature.  You might want to bookmark our new deal of the day category or just monitor us on Facebook.


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