Tru-Spec Cool Camp shirts, might want to work these into your wardrobe

Tru-Spec Cool Camp Shirts


We’ve seen a lot of CCW clothing come and go in recent years, one of the biggest problems we see is cost of manufacturing, changes in the market and poor marketing.   So much of the CCW clothing is still too tactical to be low profile.   One of the major reasons we became a dealer for Tru-Spec is when I personally ordered clothing for myself to try on, it was actually the same size and that Blackhawk and Woolrich Elite were.   There are always fit and design differences and it’s very hard to make a shirt that fits everyone because tall and short sizes are what people really come in.   When it comes to hot weather, much of the Country resorts to t-shirts and shorts and if you are IWB or OWB  you have to be careful you aren’t printing which can and does have all kinds of ramifications.

In regards to printing, we have people constantly expect us to give them a magic holster that is comfortable and doesn’t print, but our response is always, you have to “dress” to the firearm that you wish to carry.   If you are looking for an extremely lightweight and breathable CCW shirt, definitely the Tru-Spec Cool Camp Shirts, which to sum up quickly, is a good cut, for CCW.   The Cool Camp Shirts are a 2nd version that Tru-Spec has made, we’re hoping to see more of this because this is the closest thing to any of types of products the now discontinued Woolrich Elite Series shirt inventory had.


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