Did you have your Star Wars and G.I. Joe stuff taken away from you and replaced with Magpul Accessories?

Scout MOE Mount M4 rail coversMagpul PRS AR15 StocksItMagpul Stocks and accessories AR15 trigger guard‘s often a line I use when we deal with the “I’m building a rifle” because it’s often the case.   Children from the 70’s and 80’s all remember all of the Action Figures and accessories and the TV Commercials that posted all of the cool new Desert Trooper accessories that he came “Dusty”.  Watching some of these guys shop for their AR15 accessories and having those Commercials play in my head I can always profile which of those Action Figures they were into.   You pick this stuff watching those with certain mechanical skills use different approaches to basically were tastes.   While we know we’re dealing with deadly weapons now, there is so much science and skill with being a proficient marksmen that there is nothing wrong with having fun with your firearms because it’s a National Heritage.

The AR15 is really the modern musket and there are entry level guns, usually A2 sights and fixed stocks which Magpul has lots of options for modifications.   The vast majority of our customers are very happy with Magpul Stocks and Accessories and although we move a considerable amount of Troy and Tango Down pistol grips and stocks,  the modifications you may choose for your M4 Carbine are going to be as vast and the shoe sizes of everyone that owns this style of rifle.    The Magpul CTR stocks are the first option when moving from a Fixed stock to a varying position but knowing how to get a good cheek weld and not thinking you’re going to have to put risers and over think the gun is the way to start from.  If its not working you can always figure it out, just take one thing at a time.


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