Shopping online can be difficult and it’s all your parents fault

As a business that started off selling tactical clothing, we’ve heard all of the complaints about sizing and difficulties with fit and design, but even a well made product might not work for you.  We all remember when we were in high school there was an odd looking guy or girl that was in the classroom with us that had long legs or a funky looking head.  Well, considering the thousands of customers we’ve sold to, we know those odd shaped people ended up buying clothing from  us and sometimes it worked out and other times it did not.

The United States Military knows this and that’s why the BDU that are issued are not by specific sizes and that is also why you see more and more transitions away from the M16A2 to the adjustable M4 stocks.   The ballistic eyewear from Smith Optics Elite that we have chosen to to stock are the Smith Optics Elite tactical core and Smith Optics Elite tactical lifestyles.  The new boogie regulator and the LO Pro Regulator gives us something new to market for operators or people within the Law Enforcement community to that need eyewear that does not interfere with nightvision or


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