Feedback about Turtleskin search gloves

This is a market we knew practically nothing about until 2012 when we expanded our customer base into the Law Enforcement Market.  Many of our products were for military contractors and security that had very little risk of dealing with HIV or Hepatitus C.   Many in the Law Enfocement have to worry about jerks with diseases spitting on them or leaving needles in their pockets knowing that a Copy might have to search them.   Officers need to wear frisk gloves or atleast carry them in their car at all times.   The truth of that matter is this is something they don’t often have to do, but when they do they need to have them.

Most Police Officers we deal with are buying products based upon their clothing allowance or worse, their own pockets and since not all police departments make the same amount of money, sometimes certain products sell more because they cost less.  We have tip toed with products like the Turtleskin gloves because we were not really sure how they would sell and if people would like them.  This is one of those niche products that LEO’s need but we don’t move a lot of them.  Well considering the fact that we cleaned house on them and zero complaints from customers, we are going to re-order them in 2013.


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