Gun parts and accessories at gun shows

Texas Gun ShowsThis weekend there is another Gun Show in my area that is one of my favorite places to go.   I hear a lot of gun  shops complaining about how the internet is taking away a lot of their business because people just go online and buy stuff and have it shipped to their homes.    The reality is that this is true, but sometimes you still want to feel something in your hands and a gun shop or a gun show is the best place to pick something up and hold it in your hands.   If you bring cash with you, you  are more likely to get a better deal on ammo prices or gun accessories.   One hint I would suggest is to go on the last day for the best deals.

Last year I was with a friend that was looking to get a Glock, but most of the gun shops in his area didn’t have many.   He knew he wanted a 9mm, but wasn’t sure what size was best for him.   He tried out a G17, G19 and a Glock 26.    He realized that the G26 was just the size he wanted for CCW and did not feel under powered with the magazine capacity.   There are various generations of Glock pistols and there are plenty of opportunities to pick up Police tradeins for under $400  for hardly used handguns.   It’s best to open the action and see how much where there is an not judge them by the outside wear.   Holster wear seems to be very common on police tradeins, but the barrels are often in very good condition, find out about Texas Gun Shows in  your area and see for other State shooting range info.


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