Gunvault Gun Safes how many do you need and what size should you buy?

Gunvault Gun SafesThere are other options out there for people to choose from, but I won’t get into that right now.   One thing I have learned in this industry is to be real careful about being the first to buy something, sometimes when you are making an important decision, stick with the products that have a long history of work.   Gunvault has been through several changes at the Corporate level, and on the design level, and they have been around a long time and I would have to say that I do recommend them even though I have used, and have seen some of the older designs failings.    With all of the people out there that are CCWing,  it’s important to teach people firearm safety because they don’t always get that when they purchase a firearm and walk out of a gun shop.

Firearms should always be locked up, sure, that’s your personal decision if you want a gun next to your bed in the drawer, but I’ve seen too many times about that one time a house was burglarized or the son’s screwball friend came over and did something stupid.   Gunvault gun safes can be bolted to walls, hidden behind picture frames, bolted to drawers and screwed into the floor.  They don’t have to just sit there out in the open.  As a matter of fact, it’s really a good idea to always have your gun safe out of visible sight.  Always over estimate with the size you buy.   There are plenty of people that walk in our store and think they only need a “one gun” safe and then they quickly realize they wish they had more room for a holstered firearm or magazines.   If you are carrying a firearm all day it’s probable a good idea to stow it with the holster, and that means a bigger safe.   The Nanovault safes are really only good for a firearm and really meant for cars or traveling and won’t fit the gun and the gun holster.


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