Rothco BDU Shorts a very inexpensive option for summer carry.

Rothco is a new product line for us this year and we expect to be picking up more of their product lines, but when it comes to shorts that work with our customer base, this is something we think will be a new option for them.  The Rothco BDU shorts come in 9″ inseam to 13″ Inseam which may or may not be your thing.   The point is that they are all like the military pants and have deep pocket for stowing gear.   The Camo pattern options give you a broad selection of new patterns or vintage options like the traditional Woodland.

While the shorts are going to be as stiff as the military BDU pants, this means they will be durable.  This is probable the least expensive tactical clothing brand that has a shockingly good value.   The one trade off is the pockets are as modernized as many of the other tactical shorts we sell, like knife pockets, cell phone pockets ect, but if you want to wear something different this year, see the multiple Rothco BDU Shorts styles we recently listed.


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