Camping, Hiking, Survival and Training with Camelbak Hydration Packs

Camelbak Hydration PacksIt’s funny working in this industry and selling products that you already own,  I haven’t used my Camelbak Hydration Pack for several years but dug it out of the closet to use it on a family hiking trip, I forgot how much these actually hold and it beats having to carry a water bottle everywhere you go.  Due to the way these are designed, the weight of the water you are carrying disperses over your back and you hardly notice it if you get the right size.  With a recent warm up here in Pennsylvania, we went right from Winter into Summer weather and got hit with a surge of people that needed Hydration for training coming up.   It seems the National Guard have something going on and everyone in the area found out where to go to get Camelbaks.

One thing we noticed that we are planning on doing in the coming weeks it to start bringing in the cleaning kits and Elixir tablets because A) People don’t know how to clean Camelback Hydration Packs and B) People always put the wrong products in them.  If you use anything with sugar in it you risk damaging the anti-microbial lining that runs along the inside of each pack.   There isn’t really much to maintaining these and thanks to the Youtube videos we attached to each product, just watch and learn.  Another common mistake in picking out the Camelbak packs is that people often buy too small of a pack, the CamelBak Stealth 70 oz/2L Mil Spec Antidote is probable the top seller and after that you can go up to a 3Liter  Camelbak ThermoBak 3L 100 oz Mil Spec Antidote Long if you think you need it.  Small means running out sooner and on those hot Cambing, Hiking or Training days, you’ll wish you had more


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