Tactical Pants with an edge

Tactical Pants

In the the last decade, probale since Sept 11th, the reorganization of military personal into smaller non-uniformed security and special ops has created a new industry.    The market has exploded with various new companies emerging.   We’ve also seen a few companies fizzle out, recently SigTac has shown that it is on the way out.    The Eotac Clothing has been on the market for almost a year now and the Eotac pants, both lightweight Style 201, and Style 203 are far superior in durability compared to other lightweight pant designs.  The Style 202 Eotac pants which may look like something that 5.11 has out, have very practical improvements in pocket reinforcements and size.   The side cargo pockets are bellowed which mags it easier to use for things like mag dumps.    The rear ID pocket it much easier to access compared to the simliarly designed Woolrich Elite 4429 pant.

Tactical Pants isn’t a very descriptive if you know the market.   Some people thinkg BDUs are tactical pants and guess what, they are.   Jeans with a zipper on the side pockets can be tactical depending on who you talk to.    Well, for those that need to carry gear, we don’t really care what you call them, if they work for you then you keep buying them.   The sad thing about the tactial clothing and pants market is the QC or quality control.   I’ve seen a lot of people wearing 5.11 pants to the range, but after 5.11 basically owned the tactical apparel market, from the last time I saw, there quality control has gotten shotty.  They make some good stuff, but when there manufacturing facilities are in 3 different Countries, you might get 3 different fits and sizes.



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