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Have you checked out the Tru-Spec Product line lately?

Tru-Spec We’ve been a Tru-Spec dealer for several years now and have ridden the wave of their expanding product line.   If you haven’t been on a fan of Tru-Spec or you know nothing about them, you might want to take a look because there are a lot of reasons to check out their product line, especially if you’ve been familiar with 5.11 tactical which most people in this business are.   One of the main reasons we stock much of the Tru-Spec product line over 5.11 tactical is the much better quality control.   Sure there are plenty of good products from other companies, but with this economy, if you compare the 24/7 Series pants compared to others, good luck trying to find a tactical pant for under $40 that doesn’t shrink or come in different sizes every time you buy them.    There are plenty of new items like the Tru-Spec Eclipse pant that can be in a polycotton ripstop or a 100% nylon that really makes it a much more useful pant option for really hot weather.

The Tru-Spec 24/7 Series shorts have also been a hit if you are carrying a knife, flashlight or other every day carry gear, and the pocket designs will help accommodate plenty of gear and gadgets.    Tru-Spec has also done a great job of making Combat Shirts in various camo patterns from all of the traditional digital pattersn, urban digital, woodland digital, midnight digital ect.   Multicam is all the rave and now that Multicam Black is out, everyone from airsoft to paintball to tactical teams and S.W.A.T. Teams are wearing it.   One thing they can grown on are CCW pants that are more casual looking, the Classic pant is OK, but still has a bit of a tactical look to it and not everyone has been won over by that.   The Performance polos are great hot weather and don’t pill like some of the previous performance polos we carried from a different brand.   They really have a lot to offer for both Men and Ladies and if you are bringing your girlfriend or wife to the range, or you need off duty pants for training, definitely check out the womens pants and shirts.


A common issue when ordering clothing online

Tru-Spec shirtsWe get probable 3-5 customers a day calling us on the phone and asking about the clothing we sell and how it will fit them.   We have various sizing charts but they are different for each brand that we sell.   I wear a large part of the clothing we sell, and I see big differences between the fit even if my sizes are all the same.   I always like the Woolrich Elite line but the fit of the shirts was a little off  for my body type with the shoulder lengths.    We tested out some of the 5.11 tactical shirts and the 5.11 t-shirts which many of our Police Officers know and wear but we are very picky about what we stock because we don’t sell clothing to just weekend warriors we sell clothing to people that  aren’t going to want to deal with discomfort if they don’t have to because they all know that body armor is almost always something they want to get off as soon they are back in the Office and no longer out on deployment.

In regards to the entire Tru-Spec product line, there are differences in the fit of the various uniform and 24/7 Series shirts.   Some people in this industry need to have their Tru-Spec shirts tucked in and have a tighter fit on the shoulder while others may have a more relaxed style like the 24/7 Polos, the tactical polos and the performance polos are very well received and I personally  have not had any shrinkage problems.    The Polyester cotton rip stop shirts are lightweight and ultra lightweight designs and you really may want to take a trip to our tactical store to really  understand how they will feel and fit you.   Everyone’s torso and arm lengths can vary and if you don’t know already, you’ll want to do a walk through before you buy  online and have to deal with returns or exchanges  with online purchases.


Rumors abound about Woolrich Elite Series Tactical

tactical pantsWe’ve heard some recent and credible rumors floating around the gun community that the Woolrich Elite Series Tactical line is being sold off.   It’s pretty obvious that the product line was basically smothered by the corporation but it seems that there were too many good products in the line to not have someone with investment potential to rebrand and relaunch the product line.  We heard rumors like this from The Eotac line and both companies were basically started by the same person.   I would like to see some production changes in the line because there were some stark product differences as far as function and durability, but those were slight.  We’ve been getting our feet in other angles of the tactical clothing industry but there was too big of a customer base for it to just disappear.

There regular clothing lines that you see in shopping malls just isn’t going to have the function you need and there is a good possibility that you will either ruin some of the clothing or get unwanted surprises.   What I mean by this is if you are pocket carrying a sidearm in a regular clothing pant poket there is a good pants it’s going to wear through quicker, a good  pair of tactical pants is going to have a ripstop pocket to increase durability.   I’ve had keys from my car wear through pants and the last thing I want is a magazine or a gun wearing through. Other things to think about are how the pockets are sown shut, tactical pants are not sown to the seams which prevents a device like a knife, gun, magazine or flashlight from falling out when you lean back in a chair.  I’ve seen and felt it happen with regular jean pants so be careful, hopefully the rumors we are hearing are true about Woolrich Elite Series Tactical.


Coming Promos from the Tru-Spec tactical apparel line this Fall

Tru-spec jacketsWe’ve been selling the Tru-Spec tactical clothing line for several years now, just about 2yrs to be exact and we have been learning about all of their tactical clothing, from the materials they use in them, to the features that they have built into them.  The thing we really love about the Atlanco Corporation is that they are really showing  support for their dealers and the product pricing is very competitive.  We are always getting asked if we want to carry various product lines like, 5.11, Blackhawk, Vertx and many more, but from our standpoint, we want to the least negative feedback from our customers and the lower returns due to unhappy customers.   The Tru-Spec 24/7 series is still a growing product line, but the polyester blend is the preference our Law Enforcement customers want.

Last Fall we ran the Tru-Spec softshell jacket promotion that we basically aimed at our Law Enforcement Clientele.   The Tru-Spec Jackets that we move the most are the softshell tactical jackets.   These give you excellent water resistance with a very cool tactical look and this jacket is by far the most versatile out layer we sell.  Versatile in meaning that this jacket is not too heavy that  you need to take it off if it gets hot, these will breath very well and can be worn in most Fall and Spring temperature variations.   In many parts of the Country you don’t need a very heavy jacket, and most rain gear doesn’t breath like this so you don’t un-necessarily sweat up a storm.   We have excellent reviews from our customers about this jacket and the only negatives are from guys that are too big to fit in them in the first place.


2yrs into carrying the Tru-Spec product line

truspec tactical pantsThis is our second year of carrying the Tru-Spec tactical clothing line and we are very happy with what our customers are telling us.   The reviews on tactical clothing made by Tru-Spec are much better than what we are hearing  about 5.11.   We carry some of the 5.11 tactical apparel and gear like the backpacks and molle stuff, but we get a lot of complaints about shrinkage and lack of durability.  If you just compare the polo shirts that men or wome would wear in an Office environment,  The Woolrich Elite tactical polos in style 44435 would be the most durable but they are much heavier in weight.  I’ve had the same Tru-Spec 24.7 series tactical polo for a year and it has faded and the name tag has worn, but it’s still in tact.

The biggest winner that we discovered were the 24/7 series tactical pants, many of our customers told us they had a great product line and their womens Truspec tactical pants were very well received unlike some of the other clothing companies we dealing with.    I’ve heard some good things about the Blackhawk tactical clothing line for women also, but price points are something we are seriously thinking about.  We noticed several vendors in the area have stopped carrying the Vertx product lines because there were too many issues in trying to get product and the starting cost of the tactical pants were around $64.99.   The Tru-Spec Simple Tactical product line is a really smart thing, there are some variations in fit and sizing if you are already wearing the 24/7 series, but we have a good exchange policy so let us know if something doesn’t fit.


Concealed Carry in Pennsyvania from Winter to Summer

Tru Spec shirtsThere are all 4 seasons up here in the Northeast and today it’s actually over 100F and in this part of the area you can tell it’s so hot that hardly anyone is outside.  Sitting by a pool is going to mean you’re going to be burning up and you’ll probable need to be in the pool to be comfortable.   This is a good time for me to break out the new products we brought in from Tru-Spec.   The Tru-Spec performance polos are just want you want for this type of weather but going from the Woolrich Elite and 5.11 product lines to this meant we had to see what fit or cut differences there were.  The Eotac tactical product lines had a performance polo also and it had more of a tactical or competition shooter look to it.   These Tru-Spec shirts are cut a little tighter around the sides but are very long, so depending on the body type these may not be great for concealed carry but if you are pocket carrying it’s a none issue.

These shirts are probable 50% lighter weight than the 24-7 Series standard polos.   If you want a more uniform or tactical looking shirt try the TruSpec shirts that we have listed for men and women.   Tru-Spec has a very broad product line and they have moved more from just being  a Law Enforcement or Tactical line.   They have concealed carry shirts now, polos, tactical shirts for men and ladies and most of their products are several dollars less expensive than their competition.   The new lightweight and ultra light shirts like the gunny shirt, gunny vests give more versatility to the tactical lines appeal.  Most of the shirts are a polyester or polyester cotton blend.


Most versatile rain jacket?

Truspec softshell jacketsWe’ve sold a lot of outwear over the years and the Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chino and the SigTac jackets are going to be missed because they were all very well made items but somehow those companies just couldn’t compete in the tactical apparel world.   I’ve not seen a SigTac jacket in years but people still and ask us what happened to them.   There are a few links out there that direct people to us from gun forums but they are badly outdated.   The Woolrich Elite Series tactical barn coat that is another item that was well liked but fell off the production line very early.   5.11 tactical has some nice stuff but they have gotten expensive and plenty of people have fallen off the 5.11 wagon just based on price increase.

When it comes to concealed carry jackets, well, there aren’t too many companies that are going to mass product something like that because there are so many firearms that designing a jacket around that isn’t really cost effective.   If you want a very useful tactical jacket, the TruSpec softshell jackets are a very big hit and we have been selling them with the American Flag patch  which gives them a cool yet patriotic look.   These softshell jackets are going to be tight against your body but they have access points so  you can still get in to your gear or guns.   We’ve had several customers come in our store that said it’s the most versatile jacket they own because it’s something you can wear in the Fall or Winter or even a mild summer day that will help keep you dry.


Shopping online or Shopping in a brick and mortar store

philadelphia Law Enforcement suppiesThere are a lot of things we learned in the last year about the Law Enforcement Community and sometimes its the small things that people want in your store and not the fancy stuff.   There are plenty of times we go to places like to watch the products that we sell to try and learn how to use them or to market them.   You can only read so much about a product but if you don’t know how something is used, certain terminology about a backpack might just confuse you.   There are so many differences between all of the bags we sell and sizes are something people have a hard time explaining.   The differences between the Rush 24 and Rush 72 5.11 bags is significant and sometimes people don’t know which one they want until they hold it in their hands.

Police Officers loose handcuffs and handcuff keys all the time and sometimes that 20yrd old holster needs to be retired.    We know have a Law Enforcement inventory and we are doing everything from Blackington badges and whatever else Philadelphia Law Enforcement Supplies like Safariland holsters, Blackhawk Serpa holsters and all of the pepper spray and batons that are used.   We have a pickup on location option on our website and stock a good bit of AR15 upper receivers and Magpul accessories.   Our Smith Optics Elite ballistic eyewear was used in the US Open here in Merrion and we are looking forward to bringing on even more products this Summer and Fall.


Tru-Spec tactical clothing in full gear for the US OPEN !

truspec ems pantsThis year we are proud to announce that Rogue Elite is providing all of the ballistic eyewear and tactical pants primarily the Tru-Spec EMS pants, for men and women as well as the tactical shorts.   All of these are in navy blue for the paramedics and EMT.  Since the Boston Marathon bombing, just about every major event in the Country has it’s security upgraded.   Smith Optics Elite ballistic eyewear will be in full spectrum, the protective sunglasses and Aegis eyeshields are part of the Haveford Township EMS uniform.   We have done extremely well with the custom satisfaction for the TruSpec product line since the demise of several of our previous clothing companies.  Tru-Spec has a very broad Military, tactical, concealed carry and EMS product line.  Their EMS pants for men and women have durability and good designs.

All this week we have had men and women stopping in to get their gear and constantly finding out that they were not the size they thought they were.  We commonly have people trying on the truspec ems pants and finding out that the size they are in 5.11 tactical products are not the same with other brands.  Although we know 5.11 makes some good products, quality control is non-existent and there are constant sizing issues.   This is one of the main reasons we opened up a store front was because so many people have this issue and they needed a place to walk in and try them on and get it right the first time.


New tactical clothing option without the sticker shock!

truspec simple tactical We’ve had lots of tactical pants, tactical shorts, and other items come in to our store and some of our employees wear all different types of tactical apparel.   We first found out about the Tru-Spec 24/7 series womens pants from an employee that was wearing them and told us they had a great reputation for quality and price points.   We’ve tried several other clothing companies products but many of them were either too expensive the fit just sucked, or the quality control was too spotty for us to even risk our reputation in carrying them.  I’ve heard lots of people mention how much 5.11 tactical products are being marketed but the prices have really shot up.   Not a lot of people are going to go along with the sticker shock, and we’ve seen people do this in the past.

There is something to be said about costs being a ceiling, there are products that come on the market and then when prices go up, people start shopping around for a better deal.  In an economy like this products like Truspecs simple tactical line will do well because not everyone in Law Enforcement needs zippers and pockets at every point.  Yes, they like to carry tactical knives or put an AR15 magazine in the pocket, but comfort, durability and price points are very important.  Once products get above $50 or so people will bail on you unless they have the money or the need for the product.

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