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Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers now taking Pre-Orders

There were some changes with one of our distributors regarding Adams Arms parts and receivers so we ended up going direct with them.  The one thing I have to say regarding Adams Arms is that they have filled a “niche” in the piston driven AR15 world in a certain price range.   There isn’t much a debate about whether something is good, or works anymore because there are so many different DI AR15 designs in different price ranges that are all quality products.   The metals have improved, the lubrication has improved and the magazines have improved.   Barrel life is also something that has dramatically advanced over the last 20 years.

Suppressed firearms is all the rage right now and there are many reasons to consider getting into it, but if you do, there are some issues that can arise depending on barrel lengths.   If you have an AR15 that is over 14.5 inches in barrel length, you won’t have a reliability issue, but if you go shorter, the majority of people i talk to still say piston driven AR’s still own it.   I have shot enough suppressed firearms to know that I prefer piston guns because there is not all of that gas being blow in your nostrils.   If you are considering building an AR, and only have a certain price range to work with, Adams Arms Complete Upper Receivers are something to think about, they have adjustable gas settings for suppressors.  There has also been a big increase in .308 AR and Adams has several options, one being the Adams Arms Small Frame .308 – PATROL BATTLE RIFLE UPPER,  

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