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First of many new products in 2016, Timberland Pro Valor boots

Timberland Pro Valor BootsOne of the things we first learned in this industry is that people don’t like to buy clothing online, whether it’s boots, pants, shirts or jackets.   We deal directly with several manufacturers and there is always much debate about what kind of cut or mold something should be made in.  The length of the arms, should it be loose fit or tight.   There are also so many preferences, body types,  and climates that there is no design for everyone.  Until someone can design self molding or adjustable clothing materials not everyone is going to be happy.

When shopping for footwear, the types of socks you are wearing when you try the boots on matters.  The type of work or environment you are working in is also something to factor in.  Out of all of the different styles of boots we sell from 5.11 Tactical, Under Armour, Original Swat and now Timberland Pro Valor boots,  everyone of these companies has their own way of doing things.   The accommodate our customer base, having more brands and styles is important.  The Timberland product line crosses over from contractor, construction workers, electricians, auto-mechanics and also the Law Enforcement and Military footwear style called the Timberland Pro Valor.  Expect to see completely new and different product lines in early January and stop in and check out all of the new Waterproof 5 inch, 6 inch and 8″ side zip Timberland Pro Valor boots.


Cheek weld, proficiency, customization and Magpul Carbine Stocks

Magpul Carbine StocksThere are a lot of change going on in the firearm industry, when we look at what Police departments are doing with purchases of body armor and firearms, ambidextrous, interchangeable back straps, trigger pull differences and multi-caliber options.   With all of the recent ballistics improvements, caliber options and even SBR options, the AR15 is hands down the most popular firearm and is the equivalent of what the musket was for a patriot in 1776.  Magpul accessories are pretty much a stable for us and it’s hard for us to consider stocking other AR accessories, with their constant innovations they pretty much cover options for everyone.

Cheek weld is something that is often over looked until optics come into play.  With all of the different optic mounts out there from Larue to Bobro Engineering, it can get really confusing and in my opinion, over complicated.  The Magpul Carbine Stocks like the CTR stocks are what we normally push on people when they don’t know what they want.  Putting on risers is something you can do later once you learn your gear and understand what changes you might need to make to become more proficient.   Batter compartments and QD sling attachments are also something to consider especially if you are doing hard training and understand that flashlights and optics do die out at some point and keeping your Plan B options right on your stock is something to consider.


Tru-Spec Outwear, Softshell Jackets, Parkas and Polar Fleece

TruSpec OuterwearI’ve been in the tactical clothing industry for over 10yrs and at first it just wasn’t my thing because I didn’t really fit into that tactical ninja look.   I’ve been amazed to see how the image of product and what it is used for can change just by wearing a different color.   We sell a lot of the coyote color Softshell jackts and even the 24/7 Tactical pants to plumbers, landscapers and hunters.  The differences in image for the M65 Jackets from Woodland Camo, Black and Brown all give a different look even though the pocket designs and usefulness are the same.

There are several people making softshell jackets but the one thing we always found Tru-Spec to compete in is there  quality control and price point.   We see a lot of over priced products in this market but one stable factor in all of the Tru-Spec outerwear product line is the fact that Tru-Spec owns there own factories and if they need something made they get inventory back to dealers faster than the majority of the others we have dealt with


Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optics still worth the money?

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle OpticsOne thing is for sure is that Aimpoint has seen some serious competition this year and there are plenty of products in the same durability and battery life that Aimpoint has boasted about.  We’ve been seeing major changes to the red dot market, but we still see the sales and demand for the Aimpoint PRO.   One major selling point in comparison to all of the others out there is that the Aimpoint Pro has been around for so long that you aren’t going to have to worry about recalls.   We’ve seen lots of recalls in this industry from firearms, to optics and gun magazines.   The durability of the glass and the mount is a proven design and still worth that $400 price range.

Lots of people have problems properly mounting optics and the way this optic is designed it’s virtually impossible to over torque it and all you do is put in your rifle and tight it down.   We will continue to stock the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optics because they still haven’t lost value like some of the higher priced Aimpoint products and is still a staple for Law Enforcement, military and even hunters.  With most hunting up here in the North East especially deer hunting being under 100yds red dot optics are excellent options for deer and turkey.

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