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Tactical Shooting Bags are

Uncle Mikes Rifle CasesRogue is your source for Uncle Mike’s Gun Cases. Whether you’re looking for a new shooting bag or tactical rifle case here’s the place to shop for them. Uncle Mikes Tactical Rifle Cases come in 2 sizes. The medium case is 33″x10″ (838 x 254 mm) inside and the arge case is 41″ x 10″ (1041 x 254 mm) inside. The Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle cases also hold 3-5 magazines. 3 AR15 or AK Magazines in the medium and 5 AR15 or AK Magazines in the large. We also carry the Uncle Mikes Pistol Rug cases. See the Uncle Mike’s range bags to help organize your handgun or shooting accessories.
A friend of mine owns various caliber Kalashnikov rifles.   The SAR I, SAR II and the SAR III.   For those not familier with the Carbine, they are 3 calibers of basically the same style gun.   He picked up the Large Tactical Rifle Case to keep his 30rd magazines organized.  The SAR I is 7.62×30, SARII is 5.45×39 and the SAR III is 5.56×45.   It is possible get the magazines mixed up and the easiest thing for him to do is  mark each bag with the caliber of the rifle and then just keep 5 mags in the bag.   Granted you may own more magazines, but how often are you going to need to bring more than 5 mags to the range with you?   The bag sling is also a plus.   If you keep loaded magazines in  your Uncle Mikes Rifle Case the bag can get heavy and the sling mags it a little easier to carry.


There’s not such thing and a do it all holster

Uncle Mikes HolstersA great many years ago I wondered how people really knew which holster worked for them.   It’s one of those things people don’t understand when they first start to carry a gun.   The reality is that some holster designs are as pretty to look at in the same way we shop for clothing or for a  car.   Some people just need to get around from point A to point B and don’t need to show off.

Uncle Mikes holsters are one of those things you seem to find in every gun shop and every gun show.  The reason you see them everywhere is because they work, get the job done, and they don’t cost $100 each.   If you need to jump over fences and hang out of helicopters they might not be what you need, but I rarely hear anyone say they don’t cut it.  Uncle Mike’s holsters are also very good in adverse climates because the Nylon and Kydex holsters hold up better than leather.  I’d have to be honest that the only other holster manufacturer in the same price range that comes close to this would be the Fobus line.  Uncle Mike’s holsters will work for your Glock, Sig, Beretta or 1911 variants.  Revolvers, whether they’re large or small will also have a companion holster with the Uncle Mikes product line.


Tactical Holster Options from Safariland

Sarariland Holsters

Open top design Firm SafariLaminate™ construction allows holster to stay open for ease of reholstering, Synthetic suede outer material grips clothing for less movement of holster,Fits both 1.25″ (38mm) and 1.5″ (45mm) belt widths, Synthetic suede lining,Double snap belt loop is adjustable for cant angle,Available in Black suede finish

Safariland Holster without the SLS; with quick release leg harness offers all the most popular features of the 6004 series. This holster provides an extra measure of security, once a weapon is holstered it automatically locks into place, once all retention devices are deactivated a simple straight up draw can be used without additional twisting or other motion. Thermal-molded SafariLaminate construction protects the handgun and sights. Standard double leg strap and leg shroud with mounting holes for optional accessories. Adjustable vertical leg strap with quick release detachable leg harness. Suede lined to protect handguns finish.



Don Hume Leather

Don Humer Holsters

Our new ankle holster is made of a neoprene wrap, Velcro closure and sheep skin padding for comfort. The holster body is of cowhide leather hand boned for a custom fit. H715 SOFT POCKET A soft pocket inside the waistband clip-on holster. Smooth leather interior and split leather exterior.


Our Don Hume holsters that are leather are finished with a pigmented acrylic and top coated with a clear lacquer. They are easy to maintain by applying a light coat of LEATHER BALM or LOTION. Use a dry cloth to apply, let dry, then buff off. Leather balm or lotion can be found at most shoe or discount stores.



Concealed and Comfort

Gun HolstersWhen deciding on which type of method to conceal a firearm, one most always remember the environment you will be carrying in.  All firearms can be carried in one way or the other, but some firearms will become extremely uncomfortable to carry in certain climates and or situations.

Carrying IWB (inside the wasteband) is a popular way of carrying, but if you are carrying in this method and doing a lot of sitting or driving, it may quickly not become very comfortable or practical.  Here is a selection of gun holster options, Bulldog, Bianchi, Galco, Blackhawk, Uncle Mike’s, Fobus, Don Hume, Safariland and Glock.  Gun Holsters selection can also depend on the climate you are in.  I’ve seen a few firearms have their finish ruined because the  user was unaware of the fact that leather holsters absorb sweat and the salts can pit the finish on your firearm even if the firearm was clean when it went into the holster.


CMMG Complete Uppers

CMMG M4 Uppers

Each barrel is individually magnetic particle tested. Barrels are engraved CMMG MPC 5.56 NATO 1/7. Each Upper is head spaced and test fired before shipping. Upper specific features are listed with the individual item. When selecting the gas piston operating system, it will override your choices for the bolt carrier and front sight/gas block.


CMMG M4 Uppers have the following standard features.Mil-spec certified 4150 chrome-moly vanadium steel M4 contour barrel, 5.56×45 NATO chamber, 1/7 twist,Hard chrome lined chamber and bore, M4 feed ramps, 11 degree recessed target crown, F marked forged front sight base, Parkerized Barrel including under the front sight base, A2 Flash hider installed with Peel washer, Forged A3 upper receivers are T marked and have extended feed ramp cuts (M4 ramps). Semi Auto bolt carrier



The Plinkers Optics

Tasco RiflescopesSome of the Tasco optics can in a 1″ or 3/4″  tube so make sure you put some thought into what kind of size you need and get the proper scope rings. Tasco Pronghorn Rifle Scope 3-9X 40 30/30 Matte 1″ is a great scope to start out with.  There are a few tasco riflescopes that are good for Varmint hunting, too.   The Tasco Target Rifle Scope 6-24X 42 Illuminated Mil-Dot Matte has an illuminated reticle for even more possibilities.

Hopefully I don’t sound demeaning in calling Tasco riflescopes a plinkers scope, but I gotta be honest.  They are. and they are possible one of the best starting scopes any shooter can begin with.  Riflescopes can cost in the thousands of dollars, but not everyone needs a combat optic that can see the rings around Neptune.



Hunting Optics the Zeiss way

Zeiss Rifle scopesFor the hunter who can appreciate the advantage of confidence, Zeiss offers two riflescope platforms that feature an array of objective sizes, reticle configurations, and laser rangefinding capabilities. So there’s a riflescope that’s perfectly designed to match every hunting situation.

Whatever suits your hunting style, Zeiss riflescopes offer unmatched ease of use so it’s possible to react quickly – and confidently – when the opportunity arises. The robust, one-piece tube bodies of Conquest riflescopes are built to stand up to the most abusive recoil and demanding terrains. Designed to meet the needs of every hunting style and scenario, Conquest scopes excel in whatever situation presents itself. Available with a variety of reticles, including RAPID-Z®, Conquest scopes feature Zeiss MC coating for enhanced light transmission, anodized finishes, and are waterproof, dust proof, and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.


You can’t hit what you can’t see

Leupold ScopesLike many novice shooters, we start out with whatever we can get our hands on.  There are a lot of cheap optics on the market that all fall in the under $100 market that may work fine for somebody just looking to plink or use for hunting once a year, but I’ve put enough lead downrange to know that serious shooters don’t want to be sitting on a firine line watching a reticle spin when they are trying to sight in.  Some gun owners will get those gun show specials only to find out that all of those cheap optics they bought won’t last a lifetime.Durability is only one part of the selection.  Hunting early in the morning or late in the afternoon can be a challege especially for those not equipment with quality optics.

The Xtended Twilight Lens System™ optimizes the transmission of low-light wavelengths, so you see the details of low-light scenes in greater, brighter detail than with any other riflescope availableLow-profile SpeeDial™ adjustments smoothly slide up and open for adjustment.The finger-adjustable ¼-MOA click adjustments are easy to zero.A more generous eyebox than you’ll find even in premium European optics.Blackened lens edges reduce light diffusion, so more usable light reaches the shooter’s eye, for a brighter image with higher resolution.If you want to know what I mean, next time you have the ability to compare various optics side to side, set the magnification on each to maximum and compare the brightness of each.  In most quality gun shops you’ll find a selection of Leupold Scopes and I challege you to list the manufacturers that are equal or better.


New Field Vest from Eotac

EotacThere are four large cargo pockets on the front of the vest. They feature side bellows and drain holes at the bottom of the pockets, elastic webbing on the inside to secure smaller items like magazines or a flashlight, and tuckable flaps w/adjustable snaps. The top pockets also each feature a vertical zippered Napoleon security pocket. The front of the vest secures with a two-way YKK zipper. There are four internal pockets with elastic loops for securing additional gear.

The Operator Grade Field Vest is based on our popular Operator Grade Field Jacket. Utilizing the features from our Eotac Field Jacket, we created a versatile and extremely functional vest. We started with our extremely durable and wear resistant 9 ounce all-cotton Iron Twill. To further enhance durability, the fabric is treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protector offering a breathable, durable barrier that repels both water and oil based spills.


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