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Magazines and mag pouches, tactical vests or belt pouches?

Everyone of us has a closet full of gun holsters and gun accessories that we either took off a firearm or purchased and didn’t like.   The one thing you find out after you start putting gear on is how bulky it is and how uncomfortable it is to wear.   Recently we had a guy stop in our store looking for a tactical vest and liked the Woolrich Elite tactical vests but they didn’t work well with  his firearms instructors protocol and he needed a shorter vest that did not go below the belt line.  Molle gear is really the way to go anymore because you don’t know what you’re going to need all the time.

Not everyone wants to stow a sidearm on their vest and in my personal experience I’d much rather have a sidearm in a leg holster than up near the rifle.  Rifle slings can get caught on your Magpul accessories and there is a reason quick detachable accessories are so important.   Your life can be endangered if you get in a car accident or get caught in a building and need to get out and your gear is what is retraining you.   I’ve seen it many times and I always suggest people consider carrying a strong blade to give you the security to know that you can always cut your gear loose.


Gun cleaning supplies… depends on the firearm

We all know we need to have good working magazines and a firearm that is ready to go if we are serious about protecting ourselves but many people tend to not stock up on gun cleaning supplies.   I understand not everyone shoots as much as I do and sometimes a 32oz bottle of Break Free or MPro7 is going to last a decade but for those of us that shoot a lot, it’s good to know what we have at hand.  I’ve changed my gun lubrication standards and have moved away from using CLP on everything.  It just does not seem to stay on the firearms as long as the Mpro7 gun oils.

It’s one thing to keep your guns clean, but its another to know that the gun is going to stay lubricate even if you aren’t going to be shooting it anytime soon. Having gun cleaning supplies doesn’t mean just brushes and cleaning rods it means  having everything that you need to maintain the firearm.   Most firearms might just need a wipe down but for firearms that are being stored you need gun lubrication that stays on and will keep the gun at its optimum operation standards.  I’ve seen firearms go down after a few hundred rounds just because they had not been lubricated.


What are you options for CCW pants now?

There’s only one pant that we will tell our customers is a CCW pant and that’s the Woolrich Elite Chinos.  We’ve been looking at Vertx pants for awhile now but with a bad economy I’m not so sure there is big money to be made on such an expensive pair of pants.   Even if they hold up to use, everyone needs 3 or more pair of pants to get through the work week without excessive washing or bad hygiene.
Lately I’ve been wearing the Chinos more and more because in all honesty, I’ve grown tired of the whole tactical clothing market and have lost a lot interest in wearing all of my tactical pants just to sell them.   Sometimes you need tactical clothing and other times you just want to be dressed down.   Tru-Spec has a very original design and the fit is very good but they still seem like tactical apparel to me.


Magpul stocks for your Battle Rifles

There are several firearms out there that don’t have the ability to be accessorized with lights and mounts like the AR15 and stock options are very limited.  My favorite battle rifle is still  the FNFAL and I have gotten MOA out of the gun with very little modification.   Having a good mount and I would consider a mount that is welded on is extremely important with this rifle.  The DSA SA58 has a very good track record for holding up if mounted properly and that means  using loctite.  There is also a lot of truth to not over torquing a screws with firearms because you will find out a few thousand rounds later that the screws are sheered off.

When it comes to stock options, your old G3 or FNFAL does have more options with Magpul.   Magpul Accessories are now the number one gun accessories for AR15s but the Magpul PRS stock is a very good option for making your battle rifle a DMR gun.   The battle rifle has seen a resurgence in use and sometimes going back to proven design and making improvements to its ability to be accessorized is the way to do it.   The FAL has often been over looked compared to the M1A, but that argument has become less and less.


Flashlights drop and roll

All flashlights are capable of falling out of your hands and that’s why you’ve always seen head mounted flashlights.  Many of my mechanic buddies use head mounted lights because things can get dropped into engines which can become a nightmare situation.   I actually know someone that was in a lawsuit with an auto repair place after someone dropped off a car to get a speedometer and spark plug change and ended up with a destroyed transmission.   The mechanic apparently tried to hide the fact that he dropped a screw into the engine and then turned it on.

Firearm and police can give you plenty of situations where lights have failed or broke on duty and each style of flashlight has its pros and cons.  Streamlight flashlights for sale can give you a selection of anti-roll and drop protection but not everything will work in every situation.   I have been a fan of flashlights like the Professional Series PT-2L for ccw but recently discovered that the one that I carry has a cracked lense.  Not too happy about that since it’s only been carried for a year, but we’ll see how much of a headache repairing it is.


Stock length and cheek weld and good shooting

There is more to a Carbine stock than just adjustability and length of pull.   Body armor can make  your standard Carbine feel really uncomfortable and put on a tactical vest and you’re probable a good 2 inches or more shorter on your Carbine stock.   One other thing that comes into play is the amount of play you might end up with if you have a commercial stock sitting on a Mil-spec buffer tube.

Knowing something about your Carbines parts history and if its all Mil-spec is going to be very important if you start to accessorize your parts.  Magpul accessories give you a lot of options for making your AR15 fit you right and adjust to the gear you may be using.   The Magpul MOE stocks and accessories are also something very new and original to consider.


Not happy about this but get them while you can

Everyone once in awhile we are extremely disappointed to hear about a product being discontinued but right now it seems the Woolrich Elite half zip sweat shirts are being discontinued.   We’re clearing out our inventory of them right now and discounting them to $39.99.   These are great CCW outwear because the sweatshirts are cut long and great for covering full size autos.  We have a good bit of the small size sweatshirts which are great for keeping your girlfriend warm.   I’ve had more than a few of them stolen from my wife.

Woolrich Elite products have a rock solid reputation for holding up and the Elite Series stuff I had years ago is still in good condition.   The half zip sweatshirts I own have faded, but they have not shrunk as far as I can tell.  I personally prefer the Woolrich Elite Tactical Clothing especially  Half  Zip Sweatshirts to most jackets because of the long length and the fact they are more comfortable than a long coat.   At this time of the year when I have to go in and out of malls, having a medium layer over me and not some thick winter jacket makes the difference.


Sexy guns? Not my terminology

When we look at firearms, sometimes we immediately think about the movie we’ve seen them in or the actor.  Ever since I found out about the types of guns that were used in the Star Wars movies I no longer viewed them as the blaster weapons they were suppose to be.   The Beretta 92FS is in move movies than I can name and became extremely well known after the Matrix movies.   If you want to see plenty of technically incorrect firearms scenes the Matrix movies are a good test.  Wrong caliber brass comes from firearms ect.

Nothing catches more attention from people walking in the door when they see a Walther PPK.  The Walther magazines are still very hot sellers for .380 caliber CCW holders and the Walther PPK has a very long history to prove it’s reliability.   This gun is very well known for being a Spy gun and that is precisely what it’s good at being used for, hiding it on  your body.  The gun has a very slick look to it and in my personal opinion the 32acp is a better choice.


Adding to your Carbine could mean more changes than you intended

Every time you add on more and more accessories to a Carbine the more weight you will add to the firearm and movement and snagging can occur.  Anyone that knows what its like to wear tactical pants and walk around a kitchen is going to be able to tell you how many times they’ve torn a pocket on a kitchen cabinet or snagged your pants on a door knob.  You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve worn them and if not, do a YouTube search and you’ll see it discussed.   We’ve sold pants to people that torn pockets off their 5.11 and Woolrich Elite pants.

When you change grips or add on flashlights, the same things can occur.  Gun holsters can get sheered off your body going around corners and even Magpul Accessories can do the same thing.   Everyone keeps an eye o n where their optics are but snagging on windows with your gun grips is something that gets learned the hard way.  I’ve seen rifles fly out of peoples hands during live fire shootings because they did not clear obstructions and the fore grips latched on to something while they were backing up.   I highly recommend you look into the Magpul Angled grips.


Research your guns before accessorizing

Nowadays many companies will hit you with restocking fees on gun accessories and in all fairness, the real reason is to deter people from being lazy asses and ordering wrong parts and acting like it was the companies fault something didn’t fit.   Many stock accessories tend to not be drop in changes and some fittings may occur, this is very common for non-AR15 style rifles.   People make mistakes but 85% of time we get a call about a return on a gun accessory its because somebody didn’t know that the gun had to go to a gunsmith or that they need to buy another mount or accessory to fit it.

Many companies also give Free Shipping on an item and if you’ve been a lazy bum and purchased a C-more optic and didn’t know that you needed a $75 mount for it to work on your gun and now you want your money back on the scope, we’ll you’re the person I’m talking about.   If you have a question ask it, if you aren’t sure about Magpul Accessories, the manufacturer of your firearm probable knows best.  Everyone and there dog is putting the MOE stocks on their guns and if you have a question about it, call them up.

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