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Mounting Flashlights on shotgun

ATI Rifle StocksAfter a few years of actually taking real fighting classes, one of the most common things every instructor told us was, “get a white light” on your fighting weapon.    There are some handgun options where you can hold a flashlight while using a handgun and not have a fixed light on it which makes holster options very limited.   The Section8 Tactical ultimate retention device is a good tool to use, but this isn’t recommended for using with a shotgun or carbine.  I recenltly finished a training course where we used lasers for defensive purposes.   The best tactical for using lasers is knowing when to turn them off.   Yes, using a flashlight or laser is a giveaway, but spotlighting a threat and identifying it is paramount.

The 2nd most common suggestion for a home defense weapon is the shotgun.   Setup a target at 15yds and put 9- 9mm bullets in center mass, then pick up a shotgun with OO buck and pull the trigger.   The shotgun will will that argument every time.   Shotguns are almost always heavy and can be awkward to shoot in some situations, primarily the most commong pump action ones.   ATI Rifle Stocks have a pistol flashlight accessory that works well for putting white light on your shotgun.   You can easily take that $180 used Remington 870 that was being sold at your gun shop and convert it into a brutal close quarters fighting weapon.   I strongly recommend getting the stock length to the appropriate LOP.    I’ve seen plenty of lazy people think they will be find in a course until they get down and dirty and end up punching themselves in the nose with their strong hand when the gun recoils.


Flashlights and optics and batteries

VLTOR Rifle StocksEver since the gun community went from the A2 style AR15s to the M4 Configurations,  the AR15 became the most modified and accessorized firearm in existance.   I sometimes have to stair at some of these AR15 designs to tell if it is even a 5.56 gun anymore.   The AR15s these days are the old style Direct Impingement guns and also various style pistol driven guns.   There are plenty of lower grade stock accessories that look cool and tactical, but they won’t hold up to bad weather and rough play.  The old “you get what you paid for” is still true today.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to picking a configurations.   Leave yourself open to as many options as possible, and keep it as basic as possible.   The onle thing I would also suggest to people is leave a flashlight on or next to where you keep your gun.   It’s always good to have a white light available.   If you are putting  a lot of accessories on your gun, you may want to think about batter storage.   Section8 Tactical has had the M4 Tac-Pac on the market for people that don’t want a lot of accessories with compartements and I have to be honest, I’ve seen guys dump batteries and cleaning accessories from bumping guns around.   There are some top tier firearm stock options like the VLTOR Rifle Stocks.   These rifle stocks can hold 2 AA batteries or 1 CR123 Battery in the back compartment.  The storage units can hold 3 AA batteries on each side or 4 CR123 Batteries.


The poor mans assault rifle

Tapco AccessoriesWe’ve all seen skyrocketing ammo prices and a run on various styles of weapons.   There was a run on guns and ammo as the economy started to tank and also a shift in the Political climate.   Back in 2006 there was a hint that the now Democratic controlled Congress might get cocky and try putting another 1994 assault weapons ban in place and gun owners became concerned, then there was the Obama administration win in 2008.    For those old enough to remember the political climate in the 1990s, we’ve seen this shift before.

One of the best and least expensive firearms I’ve seen in my lifetime that you can have an enormous amount of fun with is the SKS rifle.   These rifles were designed and issued shortly before the Kalashnikov rifles were deployed to communist Countries.   The SKS uses the same 7.62×39 round that we commonly find with AK variants.   When we first saw SKS rifles showing up in the Country they could had for as low as $79.99 and then usually in the $150-$199 range depending on the manufacturer.   I wouldn’t recommend using detacheable magazines for defensive purpose with this gun since most manufacturers of these mags were never military issued and not reliable.   Tapco accessories for the SKS will increase the fit and feel of the gun although I have to admit, the ergonomics and balance of the SKS is better than the AK.


Gun parts and accessories at gun shows

Texas Gun ShowsThis weekend there is another Gun Show in my area that is one of my favorite places to go.   I hear a lot of gun  shops complaining about how the internet is taking away a lot of their business because people just go online and buy stuff and have it shipped to their homes.    The reality is that this is true, but sometimes you still want to feel something in your hands and a gun shop or a gun show is the best place to pick something up and hold it in your hands.   If you bring cash with you, you  are more likely to get a better deal on ammo prices or gun accessories.   One hint I would suggest is to go on the last day for the best deals.

Last year I was with a friend that was looking to get a Glock, but most of the gun shops in his area didn’t have many.   He knew he wanted a 9mm, but wasn’t sure what size was best for him.   He tried out a G17, G19 and a Glock 26.    He realized that the G26 was just the size he wanted for CCW and did not feel under powered with the magazine capacity.   There are various generations of Glock pistols and there are plenty of opportunities to pick up Police tradeins for under $400  for hardly used handguns.   It’s best to open the action and see how much where there is an not judge them by the outside wear.   Holster wear seems to be very common on police tradeins, but the barrels are often in very good condition, find out about Texas Gun Shows in  your area and see for other State shooting range info.


Indoor Ranges- understanding the limitations

Shooting Range ListingI’m not aware of any indoor shooting ranges that are longer than 50yds, but I assume there are some out there.    I’ve probable been to and shot at over a hundred different firing ranges in the Country and some were very impressive.   I’d have to admit that at 90% of the ones I was in, there was either a bullet in the table or a bullet in the ceiling far too close to the tables.   This tells you that there is always going to be a certain percentage of risk when dealing with the public.   I’ve seen about as much negligence on firing ranges that I see on a daily basis on the roads with people driving, so theres the reality of being with gun owners.

Indoor shooting ranges are a better starting point for teaching handgun shooting skills.  I’m sure many of you won’t agree with that because your idea of teaching a novice is getting Grandpa to take out the old 22LR pistol and shooting soda cans.   That’s fine, but I’m talking about what my experiences are with taking teenagers, women, and adults to the ranges for the first time.   My favorite reason for going to an indoor shooting ranges is the auto return back stops.   I get tired of some of the big shooting ranges where cease fires are called way too often or not enough.   At an indoor shooting range, you can adjust from a 7yd-25yd in seconds and not have to worry about cease fires.   You are shooting on level ground which is also a better starting point in my opinion.   Sign up at and tell us where you shoot and help us update our gun club  shooting range listing.


An Arguement without end

Crimson Trace Laser GripsWhich gun is best for CCW?  Which caliber is better than X?   9mm Vs. 45acp, which has more stopping power?   I’ve been shooting guns for decades and carrying for close to 30yrs.    I remember the early days when I was carrying a full size 1911 because I expected the worst and wanted the biggest possible gun I owned to be on me 24/7.    As the years went by I got more involved in reloading bullets for handguns and then I started to notice the differences from caliber to caliber.   I was amazed at the number of guns that are being used nowadays that all shoot the same bullet, but at different velocities.

For many conceal carry owners out there, the 38 Special seems to be towards the bottom as far as firepower, but the more I started to notice the instructors that were teaching advanced shooting skills all carried J-frame revolvers.    I realize having 5 bullets of any caliber vs a Glock with 17rds is considerable, but there are different reasons to carry a gun.  A duty weapon vs CCW are two different modes of carrying.    The arguments against the snubbies is that they are hard to shoot and the sights generally suck.  Well, technology has been catching up, the first time I got a  lot of a Crimson Trace laser grip, it was on a Smith & Wesson Model 637, the gun seemed to be more powerful and I felt like I couldn’t miss anything under 20yds with this thing.   If you want to cut down on the weight of the guns you are carrying, consider a J-frame revolver with laser grips to increase your piece of mind.


Private Ranges and Fun

Texas Gun ClubsFinding a gun club that fits our style of shooting can be difficult in some States, but for other States there are so many gun clubs around,  but trying to find out where they are and who to contact is difficult.  We have been compiling as much info about Texas gun clubs as possible so gun owners can atleast be pointed in the right direction.   We realize that some gun clubs like to be off the radar, but for the majority of the shooting ranges we’ve dealt with, they lacked the money and the resources to advertise and many were running on 20-30% of capacity.

A good gun club is should be a safe environment, but also be fun and hopefully, opportunities for advancements in shooting skills.   I’ve been on some ranges that ran like an airport and time slots were filled almost everyday with some group or training event.  This can be nice if you have the time to be involved, but it’s always nice to belong to a range where you know you’ll always get a seat and the target posts aren’t shot down.   Not everyone has private property to shoot on and the notion of showing up and finding out there is nothing to hang your targets on is shockingly common at outdoor ranges.


Full size auto holsters

Fobus HolstersThe Beretta 92FS is one of the longest serving sidearms in the United States Military for a reason.   As much as a love the 1911, I have to agree that an average shooter will be more proficient with the M9 than with the M1911.   Carrying the Beretta 92FS in an IWB holster is possible but I doubt it would be very comfortable for 24/7, but try putting one in a Fobus paddle holster and wear a good gun belt like The Wilderness instructor belts and you won’t notice the weight.  I would highly recommend picking up atleast 1 double mag holder for your sidearm.   These are great Winter carry guns and carry  holsters, but will require a longer cut coat or jacket for concealment.



Choosing a firearm for carry is just like choosing which car to buy or which shoes to put on in the morning.  The places we go each day may make us think about using a different method of carry and possible a more powerful firearm.   Any gun is better than no gun, but I think it is intelligent to consider carry a full size auto to some environments for extra insurance.   One of my favorite holsters is also one of the least expensive.   Fobus holsters got it right when they designed there first paddle holsters and there have been a  lot of companies trying there own versions of what Fobus has had out for years.



Time for a change

tactical pantsFor most of the United States, we are moving towards warm weather.   It’s time for us to think about our summer CCW and for those of us that were tactical apparel for work, time to switch to lightweight tactical pants.    The military learned this the hard way in the Pacific Theatre during WWII.   Wearing the wrong type of clothing in certain environments can mean freezing to death or unneccessary sweating.   We don’t recommend wearing shorts in the winter for obvious reasons, but sometimes we still need to wear pants even though it’s pretty darn hot out.

A few weeks ago we had to clear out a field for work and even though we’re in the early season for poison ivy, it’s still sprouting in various places.   It was in the upper 80’s that day, but we couldn’t wear shorts without risking contamination or even certain bug bites.   The Eotac tactical pants in Style 203 are made in the exact same pocket pattern as the Style 202 and are similiar in design to the  Woolrich Elite 4429 and 4441 pants.   These have a gussetted crotch which gives the user more movement and durability.   100% cotton ripstop means half the weight of regular tactical pants and all of the same pocket designs that give it such usefullness.


Texas Gun Shows this weekend

Texas Gun ShowsAmmo availability seems to be slowly coming back.   The last gun show I went to actually had .380 ammo which was telling.  Russian ammo has slowly been dropping back to pre-Obama administration prices, too.    We’ve been seeing a lot of people switch to the 5.45×39 uppers from Smith & Wesson and I got to see a few of them last weekend.   The caliber is so close to the American 5.56 round that you gotta read the barrels to know what the calibers are.   Later next month I  hope to be at a show in the Dallas Fort Worth area to see more Texas Gun Shows.

Check in on our forum month to see the Texas Gun Show dates we have compiled.  If you know of any gun shows that are not listed please let us know.   We are also running an Eotac apparel giveaway from RogueElite and this is open to members of   Please tell us if there is info that is missing or invalid with our Texas gun club listings, too.   We’ve been hearing from a lot of our membership about gun club listings from other websites missing info and we’ve built the website forum so that members can post the info and we can update asap.

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