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New Safariland Holster system

Safariland HolstersAdditionally, holsters with this all-new ergonomic design are completely operable with the thumb making training easy, and the straight up draw makes them very instinctive to use, yet difficult for an assailant’s attempted takeaway. And finally, once the retention devices are released, the weapon can be drawn straight out of the holster with no twisting or other motion required.

Automatic Locking System (ALS™)The ALS™ system is the next evolution in Safariland holsters and builds upon the successful SELF LOCKING SYSTEM (SLS). With many patents to its credit, the key to this system is an internal locking device that secures the weapon in all directions simply upon re-holstering, providing Level II Plus Retention™ which can also be elevated to Level III Plus Retention™ with the addition of the Sentry.



Stock Options…..

Advanced Technology Rifle Stocks

You can legally swap your thumbhole stock on your Mak90 with having to swap out your Chinese parts for US made parts by upgrading to the ATI Fiberforce stock Advanced Technology Black Glass Filled Nylon, Thumbhole AK-47/MAK-9o.   See this list for other ATI stocks such as Mini 14, Remington 870, Ruger 10/22 ect.


Advanced Technology Rifle Stocks are a great way to upgrade or improve your shody surplus military guns.   I’ve used the ATI Stocks on my Mak90 gun for years because the awful thumbhole stock it came with really ruined the image.   The absurd gun laws that were implemented in the early 1990s really dumbed down the looks of some of the surplus AKs that came into the Country.



Sidearms during training

Blackhawk SerpaHolsters have come a long way in comparison to what the Cowboys and Military use to store their sidearms.   Most holsters were  held in place by gravity, straps or buttons for hundreds of years.    The Blackhawk Level 2 Serpa leg holster is my favorite way to carry a sidearms whenever I’m toting a rifle or carbine.   I’ve rolled around enough in the dirt to know that gear can fall off when the pace is sped up.   I’ve seen guys loose sidearms and pistil magazines just by bending over or rolling around.

This is one of those little issues that the less trained figure out real quick.
Concealed carry is one thing, but in my line of work, I want to know that if my M4 goes down, my sidearm is locked into place and always going to be there.   The Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Serpa leg holster locks the pistol in to place and can easily be released with the trigger finger engages a lever which is in the same position your finger would be if resting in the safe position.


Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holsters

Galco Shoulder HolstersFrom what many people seem to like about shoulder holsters is the stability of carrying a larger size revolver or duty gun.  Something like a Beretta 92 or 1911, Sig 228 ect are all a little large for IWB and OWB limits the defensive movement inside a vehicle.


Galco holsters come in a very diverse variety.   You you use them for concealed carry purposes or for open carry or duty.   One of my favorite ways to carry a 1911 is a Galco shoulder holster.   I like the idea of being able to sit down in a car and still be able to grab the firearm without fiddling with a seatbelt.  The only other car friendly variation of carrying a firearm in a car and being able to reach it quickly is with an ankle holster.  Galco has several shoulder holster and ankle holsters on the market.



Streamlight Flashlights

Streamlight FlashlightsWe get asked about comparisons between Streamlight and Surefire flashlights as far as durability, and although Surefire makes some good stuff, there is no difference in durability. Streamlight will repair, replace or refund the purchase price, at our option, of any Streamlight product that does not work or that you manage to break for as long as you own it.


The Streamlight Flashlights is the most popular rechargeable flashlights on the market. The Stinger puts is the brightest flashlight for its size and This is an industry standard that is carried by almost all law enforcement officers.



Protect and organize your guns

Gun CasesAssault rifle case cases can also hold ammo and store sight in tools, too.    Uncle Mike’s also has an inexpensive line of rifle cases that can hold anything from a collapsed M4 Carbine to a full size A2.   The soft cases are soft, but can still be folded in half to be used as a rest if you’re will to be creative on the firing line.

Sometimes people think a gun case is for transporting your firearm from your home to the range.   Many tactical gun cases can actually help keep your gun and gear all in one case.     There are several gun cases that can hold 3 or more rifle magazines and its a great way to keep your magazines organized.   I personally like to store my 5.45×39 magazines in a Bulldog Hybrid assualt case and mark the bag, that way I can just grab the rifle from storage and throw it in the bag knowing my mags are already there.



Hunting and Tactical Rifle Optics

Trijicon OpticsFor decades, Trijicon’s Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ have been trusted by those who defend America; like the Marines, Army Special Forces, Navy Seals and FBI. Which is just another reason elite firearms manufacturers such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta and Springfield, among others, continue to offer Trijicon as original equipment on their firearms — more than any other illuminated system in the world.

Trijicon’s founder, Glyn Bindon, devised a way to bring both-eyes-open shooting and magnified optics together for the first time. This discovery has been named in his honor— the Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC). Aiming with both eyes open gives you a far superior sense of balance and a wider field-of-view. Combining these benefits with a magnified Trijicon Optics sight gives you a considerable advantage over your target.



Blackhawk Concealed, Duty or Tactical

Blackhawk Holsters

The Serpa Tactical is one of my favorite for carrying if you tote an M4 or Carbine for work. Having a holster that reliable locks into place and is safely and easily unholstered even if you are jumping a fence or hopping over trenches. The Auto lock is engaged with your trigger finger which is safely out of the way from the trigger.


Blackhawk holsters are one of the most popular holster designs on the market. Their Serpa line consists of 3 different holster designs. The Serpa Concealment for concealed carry, The Serpa Tactical, and the Serpa Duty.



The Element of Surprise Is on Your Side

asp pepper sprayIt’s unfortunate that circumstances force so many women to take special safety precautions after dark. In an ideal world, muggers, perverts and other dangerous characters would all be kept under lock and key. However, it’s essential for ladies to be pragmatic. Simply clutching a set of keys in one’s hand isn’t always enough to dissuade assailants from attacking in a dark parking lot or on a woodland trail.

If you must venture out alone at night in a suspect area of town, the best course of action is to pack some ASP pepper spray. Even if you don’t hold the physical advantage over your attacker, you do have the element of surprise on your side. Attackers are often reckless and overconfident enough to believe that they are attacking a defenseless victim. What a shock it will be when they get a full-force spray of red-hot blindness to the eyes!


Galco Holsters so man options

MGalco Holstersany service members strongly prefer a quality leather shoulder system to the synthetic flap holsters issued by the military. We at Galco, along with some of our loyal customers, have taken note of the high demand for our shoulder holster systems among the courageous American military personnel who are fighting the ongoing War on Terrorism. The vast majority of Galco holsters sent to personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan have been purchased with the private funds of service members and their families. Galco elected to help support these fine men and women by instituting the Holsters for Heroes™ program.


Galco Holsters are one of the most popular manufacturers for duty and concealed carry holsters. You can choose from anke holsters, paddle, bellybands ect. All Galco holsters with safety straps and thumbreaks are designed to carry the 1911 with the “hammer down, chamber empty”. Galco 1911 fit holsters that are “open top” (no safety strap and no thumbreak)are designed to accommodate 1911’s in all safe “conditions” specified by the firearm manufacture.


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