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Act 235 Badges

There is a lot of debate on whether or not Security Guards should wear badges.   I’ve heard first hand accounts of people being negative about it.   It really is all about how you use your badge.  Impersonation of a Police Officer is something Security Guards are often charged with when they over step their authority.   We recently got a warning from the Pennsylvania State Police about ACT 235 Certifications not covering you when  you are not on duty as a Security Officer because sometimes guards don’t bother to get their Concealed Carry Permits for out of work carry.

An ACT 235 badge is really meant to make anyone aware that you are Certified to carry a firearm and give you a level of authority in certain positions.   I’ve been in enough crisis situations that sometimes Law Enforcement or private citizens can be put at ease when they see a badge on you.   Some Philadelphia Police suggested people wear the badge on the same side as their firearm so people see “gun” and see “badge” right next to it.   We spoke to PA State Police about the designs of some of the badges that are out there and they did tell us that Certified Agent is not something people understand or can identify with, even though the State Police issue these.   Having Certified Agent and Security Officer on the badge was something they considered “a good idea”.   We are selling these with the leather clip on holder for $100 and do plan on stocking them.


Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers

Now that we have our FFL, we can still see the same sales data that proves that Spike’s Tactical is still the #1 AR builders brand name.    We have a long history of selling the Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers.   Now that the new wave still leans towards Pistol AR’s and SBR’s,  the pattern is still there.   We are planning on stock more of the AR15 Upper Receivers in 2018 as well as various lower receivers, most are in and around the $100 range and they have been a high volume product line.   We are also see quite a few of the 9mm lowers sell.

People are very particular about the rail sections they want, the M-Lok and SAR and SAR3 are the top movers and you can put those handguards on whatever Carbine you already own.   All of the Spike’s Tactical Complete Upper Receivers we sell all come with the complete bolt carrier group and charging handle, far more people buy complete AR15 uppers than build them, the lower receivers are what most people put together.


Colonel Blades what it’s all about

Colonel Blades are new to us and we found out about them when Al Salvitti showed up in our store with his product a few months ago.   The major selling point to these blades is they are designed for people that shoot firearms, if you have the time to take martial arts, then go right ahead, but sometimes running a pizza shop and keeping a firearm around are all you have time for, but firearms are the last resort and are often not effective if you are too close to a threat.   I’m a big fan of people having flashlights and knives on them at all times, because you’ll get more use out of them every than a firearm, but the Colonel Blades really are designed for people that don’t need a lot of training to understand.

With the supplied G-Code Sheath that clips onto your belt, these are easier to deploy than a folding knife, faster to draw and punch forward without having to train, it’s a very natural and instinctive thing to do, punch a threat.  Colonel Blades has a few different blade preferences, or options and from what we see they are all coming with a trainer.   The only negative I have gotten from customers is that you have to properly seat the blade in the holster because if you do not, it will come loose and you will find out when you cut yourself.   It’s no different than holster and re-holstering a firearm.

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