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Lots of New Streamlight TLR Flashlights this year

Streamlight TLR FlashlightsStreamlight TLR-6 Streamlight Glock 43 FlashlightI don’t know where the ceiling is with flashlight brightness, maybe when it has enough to call it a lightsaber.  There has been much debate from Law Enforcement about what is optimum for doing entries and how much is too much.  The majority that I have spoken to believe that around 200 Lumens is optimum for indoors while outdoors it’s a completely different mindset.   The most important thing you need to know about when considering a flashlight like this is, you are far more likely to be able to identify a threat with a Streamlight TLR-1 Flashlight or the new compact model Streamlight TLR-6 laser light combo.

Flashlights have gotten cheaper to make, with longer run times and double or triple the Lumens compared to 10years ago.  Streamlight TLR Flashlights are a “staple” in this industry are they on just about every Handgun or Carbine.   They have become extremely popular as a Carbine “white light” due to there being an industry move away from pressure switches and people realizing that the lever activation switch is far more reliable.  The New Streamlight TLR-1 HL has an output of 800 Lumens which is quite incredible.  Everyone should have a light on a Carbine but there is such a thing as too much output.


Safe Practice with Ring’s BlueGuns

Rings BlueGunsIn this industry the one thing you need are good, safe and responsible safety habits.    You can loose muscle memory if you don’t practice,  Ring’s BlueGuns are one option and if you don’t have good practice, you’re an accident waiting to happen.  I can run through the list of stories of all of the negligent discharges of firearms at Police Training Centers, Firearm Academies and Gun Ranges.  People loading guns in the parking lot, new recruits discharging firearms while drawing their weapons, discharges while re-holstering, and discharging firearms while defending themselves in defensive situations.

There are plenty of ways of keeping on top of your skills, and there are other options besides plastic firearms, Blade Tech has plastic replacement barrels, but it’s still not a bad idea to consider throwing Ring’s BlueGuns in to one of your range bags if you may be teaching a novice.   Grip, stance, sight picture, are all things you can teach with a $40 piece of plastic,  Police use them in training rooms, NRA Instructors do too.   It’s not the type of thing you normally find at a gun range or gun shop which is why Tactical Stores like exist.


Tru-Spec Men’s Tactical Boot Cut Pants – Formerly the Gunny Pant

 Tru-Spec Men's Tactical Boot Cut TrousersThis was actually the first pant that I “really” liked that Tru-Spec made.   There is kind of a trademark design that Tru-Spec always had with the way their pockets were cut, and this was more of a design that I preferred due to the rear wallet pockets having a straight look and not the angled cut that the majority of the Tru-Spec 24/ Series pants had.   The BDU Pockets are also designed differently with an open slotted pocket on the outside and a larger BDU pocket behind it.  Now that so many people are carrying cell phones this was an easy access pocket for something just like that.   Once you star wearing clothing like this you don’t really need a belt cell phone carrier anymore.

This is something that people really have a preference over and often ask for the boot cut or non-boot cut.  Just like there are differences in the way jeans are designed, not all tactical clothing companies have the same cut, or fit, even if the waist sizes are the same.   Tru-Spec Men’s Tactical Boot Cut Pants are available in Black or Khaki and also still in the $44.95 dollar range, there are also several other fit designs within the Tru-Spec product line so if one isn’t for you, you still have other styles like the Tru-Spec Ascent, Tru-Spec Eclipse and Tru-Spec Simply Tactical.

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