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Some feedback for customers that wore Eotac or Woolrich Elite Shirts

I’m not going to bash either product because if you really want an opinion about those three products, they are all well made tactical products but they really are more about the mission or the preference you have in your work space.   Here in Pennsylvania, I’ve told people many times, that we can get all 4 Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  And when i mean all 4 Seasons, I mean zero degrees to 103 F in the same year.   Which tactical polo is going to work well for you in that situation?  I have some customers that love the Woolrich Elite Polos because they are a looser fit, but some customers don’t like them because they are heavier in weight compared to 5.11, Tru-Spec or Eotac stuff.

Many of the products we sell from Tru-Spec are very well received.  Even though we are clearing out some other tactical apparel product lines, many of our customers are trying to move away from the 5.11 tactical clothing and we have been successful in moving the Tru Spec shirts that have been coming in.  There will be a new line of the Gunny approved Tru-Spec product line in the coming weeks.  There are also new backpacks and lightweight tactical vests coming in with the product line.  We are hoping to add more and more lightweight products including the new gunny pants that have slight differences, yet improvements to the 24/7 series.



TruSpec tactical vest reviews from a 5.11 and Woolrich Customer

We’ve been selling just about everybodies tactical clothing except 5.11 tactical for years.   5.11 is so well known in the industry that just about every and their dog can give you first hand experience about wearing their stuff.   We do get an enormous amount of complaints coming from customers that use to wear the product line and want to move on to something else.   Any of the tactical clothing lines that have been in the business for more than 5yrs have pretty much proven themselves.  If you didn’t survive this long you probable were doing something wrong.  We’ve seen plenty of small knock off 5.11 tactical pants attempts by some big name companies by even though the pants were inexpensive they were downright trash.

We’ve been watching many clothing companies pull out of China and we pretty much have placed on our bets on 5.11, vertx and TruSpec being the biggest winners even though 5.11 gets lots of flak about quality control issues.   The Tru Spec tactical vests have done well since we lost the Eotac product line and many customers have been stopping in and asking about them for their IDPA shooting.   Competition shooting is a major new industry and all you have to do is look at all of the outdoor and cable shows that are showing 3 gun nation and more.


Galco holsters more than just leather

When it comes to choosing a holster that works for you and looks good for open carry or concealment (no contradiction) you can’t beat the looks of a leather gun holster.  There are so many variations and modes and methods of concealment that it’s really about the environment you are going to and what type of firearm you are carrying.  Full size semi-auto handguns are usually not going to be IWB and the Combat Master and Concealed Carry paddle holsters are an excellent choose for the American Patriot that is exercising their 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves

Galco Holsters are hands down one of the best holster manufacturers on the market. Rogue has been carrying this line for several years and our customers love ’em Galco holsters are one of the most sought out holsters for concealed carry or duty use. There durable design and quality control are outstanding in every way. Galco gun holsters, outstanding quality of IWB holsters and Paddle holsters, are also the manufacturers of the much admired Miami Vice Shoulder holster seen on the popular 80’s TV Show. The safely secure Galco belt holster is made for your favorite, 1911, Sig, Glock, Beretta or M&P sidearm.


Range bags and something else for carrying handguns

I have several range bags that I’ve used over the years and they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger.  I have lots of experience taking guns to the range and realizing I forgot a certain caliber handgun or forgot to bring a sight in tool and pretty much spoiled my range day by doing that.   Nothing sucks worse than bringing a rifle to the range and knowing it’s not sighted in and not having the ability to correct it.   My Elite Survival Medium range bag was a step up from my Uncle Mikes range bag because it had a few better thought out features.

One thing I have learned to do is pack the bare minimum of firearm accessories, hearing protection and eye wear.  If I am taking a training course I usually use my Elite Survival bags like the 4 gun pistol pack.   I have modified that firearm bag to just use my combat or primary weapons.  It is outfitted with the  molle attachments that pertain to that caliber magazine, radio or other tools.   This Elite Survival bag can easily handle 4 large frame handguns and magazines.   My Beretta 92FS, Sig 229, Springfield XD and my Ruger GP100 all fit very well in this gun bag.


Higher end and lower end AR15 Upper Receivers

There have been so many improvements and changes with AR15 designed guns that I would probable need a 50 page blog post to fill everyone in on what has changed.  My old Bushmaster XM15E2 was the first AR15 I ever owned and although it is  my number 1 training rifle, it’s definitely showing it’s age due to it’s early version of the design.  Bolt carrier groups, staked screws ect were the first things that made the gun a better carbine, but now there are barrels that have 5x’s the life span that many AR15’s had a few years ago.  Throw in the fact that barrels and rifle have gotten even lighter.  I hardly ever see heavy barrel AR15’s anymore.

We’ve sold more LWRC Upper receivers in recent months that ever  before because everyone that was looking for a mid-price upper had so much trouble finding them that the best thing to do was just spend another $400 more and get a piston LWRC guns.  Our second most popular upper receivers are the Noveske upper receivers they are probable the nicest DI guns that we are selling and just holding them in your hands tells you, you got what you paid for.  I would highly recommend stopping in our store to hold one in your hands before you buy, but they sell out so fast that you might have a bit of a wait.  We have an option on our website to allow customers to put in their email address under specific products to allow them to be notified when a certain gun magazine or AR15 complete upper receiver comes in stock.




More Boogie Regulator Feedback

These have been one of the hottest selling pieces of eyewear in recent years and it’s been fun watching the diverse groups of people show up at our door looking for them.   We feel we’ve gotten enough feed back from customers that we can actually answer our other customers questions with honest answers.   The Boogie Regulators are hot sellers because they are very reasonable priced compared to the rest of the Smith Optics Elite product line.  I personally prefer the Smith Optics Elite Eyeshields due to their broad visibility and lack of having any blind spots.
The Smith Optics Elite eyewear has covered a lot of ground since we first started carrying the product line.   These new Boogie regulators have continued to be hot sellers but we’ll be honest about what they are good for.  Many SWAT Teams and tactical teams have used these but they are really meant for moving operators and you may have some issues with them fogging up due to the fact they are closed optics.  The vents can be opened and closed and if you are constantly moving, jumping out of an air plane ect. they are really good to  use.  If you are dealing with hot temps you may want to stick with the eyeshields.


Trijicon Reflex sights and dot sizes

We’ve seen a lot of changes in recent years in regards to what optics military and Law Enforcement Officials are using.  The Trijicon ACOG is widely used in the military but it is not so much in use amongst LEO’s.  The reasons are that 4X is far more power than the average Police Officers is going to need.  That type of magnification will slow you down which decreases your changes of being the first to get hits.  I see a lot of guys running Micro Dot and Aimpoints on their CQC rifles but many complain about the same things.  Red dots are not as precises and if you have good eye sight those hazy dots can be annoying, not to mention many of them can be too large and drain batteries.

The differences between the Eotech 512 and the Eotech compact optics is significant.  And now there is a new error of Trijicon Reflex sights coming out namely the Trijicon SRS.   The SRS is a compact red dot optic that gives some serious competition to the Aimpoint.   The SRS dot is the smallest dot we’ve seen from Trijicon but we’ll give further testing out when they arrive in December.  We’ve been told they are only making about 25 of these a week and in high demand so backordering them is probable the only way you’re going to be able to acquire them for awhile.


What’s new with Magpul Accessories

Magpul pistol and foregrips are the #1 selling accessories for the AR15 and M4 Carbine. The Magpul Angled foregrips come in two sizes and give you a different approach the traditional riflemen hold. More Magpul Accessories for your AR15, FAL, G3 or shotgun. Finding the right AR15 grips for your firearms is all about how you install them and personal preference. Depending on the type of optics and the mission different grips and accessories may be needed.

The MOE accessories are the new and well thought out modifications and customization accessories for the modern operator. More magpul accessories at Rogue Elite. The Magpul Original Equipment is the rightly named product for AR15 upgrades and modifications. Gun accessories can make a big difference in the way you deploy your firearm and can help you adapt to your mission. There are many pistol grip modifications and the MOE forearms actually reduce the weight of your carbine compared to quad rails by not needed excessive amounts of un used rail space.


More Feedback from customers about the Kimber Pepper Blaster

IF you walked into our Broomall Showroom, you would see a large selection of the new pepper sprays.  We still get customers that stubbornly don’t want to use anything but the small mace pepper spray that come in the keychain size, but we always show them the Ruger Ultra and stealth pepper sprays, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II and a few others.  The ASP Pepper Sprays seem to still be very popular due to their marketing of jogger or runner pepper sprays.  I guess joggers seem to cover more territory and going through parks or wooded areas make them higher risk for robberies.

Our favorite pepper spray is by far the one that has an expiration date of 4yrs and is shaped more like a firearm.   For many people, the idea of pulling a pepper spray out of your purse or pocket and  knowing which direction it pointing, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II is the most expensive pepper spray but if you can get past the idea that  you’re paying for 4yrs of security, then it’s not so much of a sticker shock.   We normally try to keep a dummy pepper blaster around for people to handle and that is normally an easy sell.



Safariland retention and thigh holsters

For those that work in the industry you see new products and supposedly new accessories that people want to pump you up about.  Marketing and advertising products are going to try and get you to believe that you need to buy it, but there are many things that are all about preference and styles.   Some products like the Safariland ALS are tried and tested and we’ve sold so many of them that it’s not something we’re expecting to see improved upon.

While the Beretta 92 or more commonly known as the M9, is still military issued, most in the Special Forces prefer to use something else. Most of our customer base use Glock firearms because the low maintenance firearm and the time tested Safariland holsters have the most reliable locking mechanism for Law Enforcement and Military applications. Every Police Officer that walks in our store prefers Safariland. The Glock 17  is still the most popular firearm we sell holsters for.

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