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It is time to upgrade your gun cleaning supplies

Not everyone owns the same type of rifles as I do but whether you are a gun owner that owns lever action rifles or bolt action rifles, or you have a couple AR15 rifles, gun cleaning has changed for the better and you might want to consider disposing some of the products you have in your house just for your own health.  Gun cleaning lube like Slip 2000 and the new M-Pro7 are much more effective than CLP and they do not have any of the toxicity that CLP had.   I find it difficult to clean firearms with gloves on so I usually just avoid getting too much contact with solvents and then just wash my hands.  Well, after 20yrs of being around Hoppes #9 I think it’s time to move on and use something less dangerous for the next 20yrs.

I have boresnakes and single piece gun rods to clean most of my bolt action and semi-autos, but now that I have been using Slip 2000 I have used up all of my Break free CLP and moved on.   If you are interested in getting new gun cleaning supplies look into the Slip 2000 product line and you’ll have access to the Slip 2000 gun lube and for semi-autos the Extreme Weapons Lube is a primary on all of my AK rifles and my SKS rifles as well as my Bushmaster, LWRC and Spikes Tactical AR15 rifles.   I have not tried out all of the copper removers from SLIP 2000 or M-Pro7 but I have sent out a few tests to local police departments that have never even  heard of Slip 2000 but when I referenced that our Navy Seals are using it, they started to listen.


3 Years of positive feedback on Tru-Spec womens pants

Tru-Spec womens pantsOne of the major factors in picking the Tru-Spec product line was that we had several negative experiences with some of their competition and even our 5.11 customers did not rave about the 5.11 Tactical Womens line.   We heard good things about The Tru-Spec 24/7 Series for women and the Blackhawk Womens line but Eotac as short lived and Woolrich Elite Series tactical ladies pants were a collosal failure and we had about a 75% negative review and return rate.  Those aren’t good at all and might be part of the reason the Woolrich Elite line fizzled out.   Trying to fit tactical clothing to women is going to be a lot harder and the cut of a tactical polo shirt is another thing we have to factor in when outfitting our local Law Enforcement.

The Tru-Spec ladies pants are the exact same pocket patterns as the men’s 24.7 Series but the cut is different.  We have several employees wearing the Tru-Spec womens pants and they all love them.    They are not high  on the hips like some companies have and they are not over-done like some of the competitors.   Sometimes you really can have too many pocket and that can just get annoying.   We have some out on wear tests with our customers but we already know that it’s a good product line.   We are outfitting almost all of the local Delaware County police deparments and the Tru-Spec product line is now our primary tactical clothing line.


Accessorizing your guns? Think ahead because you might have issues getting a holster

crimson trace laser grips We have had several police officers stop in here and pick up new gun cases, because many of the cases they used in the past didn’t cut it when they started putting lights and lasers on them.    The same thing is happening more and more these days because so many people are putting lasers and lights on their guns that are constantly walking into our store with the problem of finding a holster.   Elite Survival Systems holsters are usually our quick fix because the tactical nylon companies are much further ahead of the leather companies when it comes to staying on top of all of the new guns that come out each year and they were the first company that made the LC9 with the Crimson Trace Laser Grips.

I have always had mixed feelings about using lights on firearms, on rifles I’m much more open but for handguns I think a hand  held light is a much safer option.    I did break down a few years ago and picked up a Crimson Trace Laser grips for my S&W 38 Special and I have been very happy with it.   It’s something I enjoy having with me in low light situations and also as a backup.  If I needed to take a 25yd shot I can clearly light up my target with it.   I have heard of absolutely zero durability issues with these and I have seen them on 1911’s, Glocks and Sig Sauer pistols for several years.


More Positive Feedback in year 2 of the Tru-Spec product lines from the IAPC in Philadelphia

Truspec tactical pantsWe got to attend the International Association of Police Chiefs convention here in Philadelphia and it was another great way to listen to customers and hear what they are saying about various product lines.   Some of these conventions are really giant networking opportunities for us and a great way to learn about potential products we would like to bring into our inventory.  Some are computer software shows and others are basically gun shows but it’s always worth our while to attend these.   Blackhawk and 5.11 tactical are massive companies carrying a vast amount of products but not all of it the best.   We’ve seen several local dealers drop the Vertx line because it’s priced out of their customers price range and if we had to pick a winner this year, it’s definitely been tru-spec.

The Tru-Spec simple tactical line is going to fit you differently than the 24/7 series is but it’s also going to be far less money and the best thing to do is find a stocking dealer, which is what we are and try it on yourself.  I was not a huge fan of the TruSpec tactical pants when I first started wearing them because they are so different than the 5.11 tactical, Blackhawk, Eotac and Woolrich Elite Series tactical clothing lines that I was use to.  The shapes of the pockets and the pocket placements are absolutely designed for people carrying a knife or a flashlight.  The new gunny tactical pants has a slightly larger cut knife pocket for those carrying larger tools.   I wish they made them in more sizes because some customer did complain that the gunny pant wasn’t made in their size range.


Glocks a Generation still going strong

Glock magazinesThere were some credible issues with the Glock Gen 4’s but it seems that the spring issues are over and people have for the most part accepted them.   We deal with various technical products that you gotta be 100% sure you know what you have and the  production and modifications before you buy a holster.  We see that most gun makers are putting out handguns with rails, and if you don’t pay attention to your holster selections you’re going to have returns, exchanges, or possible accidents if you are too lazy to do the research.  Safariland has a very good holster fit guide that walks you through the steps of chosing  your sidearm, we walk our customers through that to find out what the availability is for such an item like a Glock 21 or a Glock 38.    Glock conversion kits are the most wanted Glock item right now more so than just the pistol magazines.

I personally have only been a “Glock guy” until recently but I completely understand why so many Police Departments want them.   Once you deviate away from 9mm, 40 S&W and 45acp, you might find it difficult to find Glock magazines when  you need them because there is still somewhat of a shortage on getting them.   Next are the TLR-1 Flashlights that so many people are getting trained to use on which is something you really do need to train for.  Flashlights are an asset and a liability.   The Glock 21 is probable the most popular gun in  our area right now but we are still having issues acquiring gun magazines.  Glock magazines for sale are mostly the 9mm ones at the moment.  Keep an eye on our website for inventory availability.


Simple Solutions for holsters, some feedback from shoppers

Blackhawk HolstersBeing in the E-commerce business and having customers walk in, in a retail situation, gives you a very good perspective on how people shop and what actually closes the transaction.  People walk around and pick things up as they go around but until we explain to them that they can try things on, sometimes people go back and put it on the rack. We’ve had lots of returns and exchanges on gun cases recently because guys pick up a gun case they like and have no idea what the specs are on their handguns or rifles.   It’s a very hard thing to do and normally our customers service Reps. are suppose to give our customers our return police because we know we will have a large volume of returns on certain categories of products.  It basically goes with the tactical community.

Tactical Nylon companies are dime a dozen and and sometimes it’s very hard for us to stick with one product line for everything.   People want what people want and many of the times they know the Blackhawk Holsters just by knowing the Blackhawk Serpa or  just the prominence of the Warrior wear has being a very successful product line.   We were very disappointed in one of our vendors for not following through and bringing in more of their product lines.   Blackhawk has a very nice rifle case and nylon tactical product line and many Glock owners are using their stuff.  The stow-n-go holsters are probable the best selling CCW holsters for local police detectives.


Tru-Spec Product line for outwear, Law Enforcement and Civilian

Truspec outwearMuch of the TruSpec outwear product line looks a lot more geared towards law enforcement and the truth is, yes, it is.   Most of these products have areas designed for holding a badge or for silk screening, the Softshell jackets are a little bit more versatile because you can put velcro patches on the arms and make it a team or even airsoft team patch.  We’re working on our on designs for some patches with Elite Survival Systems and the new US Flag patches we have from them will be more diverse than the Blackawk patches.   The Waterproof Parkas are going to expand into the much heavier TruSpec 2.0 Parkas which we did not stock last year.   We’re still not sure how mild of a winter we are going to have but in this part of the Country, you never know until a few days before.

Most of our Law Enforcement need waterproof jackets or pants because they might need to be called to work in traffic or accidents and be out in the soaking rain.  Recently we had the US Open in our area and the TruSpec outwear was alive and well at the event.  Most of the items we have in our store are for the more mild temperatures or as an outer garment.   The problem with a lot of rain gear is it does not breath well and the user ends up sweating an enormous amount just trying to avoid getting wet.   There will be some really good sales and discounts on much of the TruSpec product line so stop in our store or sign up on our Facebook and Newsletter lists.


Mounting optics on a combat rifle, what you need to know

Trijicon ACOGS for saleI don’t know how many times I’ve walked into Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods or some gun shop and  picked up a rifle, whether it was a hunting rifle or a military style rifle and noticed that the scope was not mounted correctly.  So many people lack any gunsmithing or armorer skills that they don’t have the slightest clue how to know if the scope is level.   I usually mount all of my scopes while at a firing range, and once I think i got it, I make a few shots on paper, adjust the elevation about 4 MOA and then take a few shots  more, once I know the elevation is adjust the point of impact up or down, and not moving the way the windage adjustmants would move POI, then I know I got it for sure.  Some people seem to not want to put the effort in and when  they see me hitting steel plates at 400yds, they don’t have the slightest idea how I can do it.

The above mentioned are some suggestions on how to verify you have a leveled scope, but you can make things a lot easier by buying an Eotech or an ACOG.   If you want to make your longer range shooting very easy Trijicon ACOGS for sale are probable the best option for you.  For instance, the Trijicon TA01NSN has bullet comp out to 600yds for the  62GR SCBT or the M855 round out of an M4 Carbine.    You will be able to nail targets ad varying distances just by adjusting where you put the crosshairs.  There are other reticles that you can use for different ranges but all of them are things you will want to research.  The Chevron reticles are fast outselling crosshair reticles.


Are you paying for a name or a paying for a higher quality product with LWRC?

LWRC upper receiversI had a few customers say that to  me when they were picking up an Adams upper receiver but I just kept my mouth shut and let them speak.  With so much of this industry it’s about the task you are using your gear for and sometimes it just comes down to preference.   Since Osama Bin Laden was killed there was a lot of talk about the H&K 416 and why special forces guys use them, and some of the reasons why they do are exactly why people buy LWRC products.  Sure there is not a  lot of reliability differences between the direct impingement products and the  piston designs until you get into extreme conditions or you are running an SBR.   There are also maintenance differences.  Sure you can run DI guns dirty but there is a certain point you aren’t going to be sure how dirty it is and at what point it needs to be cleaned out for security reasons.

I have been an LWRC fan for a long time and back 8yrs ago they were making a very different product compared to what the LWRC M6A2 rifles are today.   The machining and finish of these guns and the LWRC upper receivers we stock feel so different and tough compared to their competitors.  There have been several lightweight upper receivers and the spiral and stretched designs.   The New Special Purpose or SPR is one of the fastest selling M4 complete upper receivers.  You are going to be spending about 40%  more for an LWRC rifle compared to others but you will know why people buy higher end AR15’s like this when you actually hold one in your hand.


More customer feedback about the Turtleskin gloves

turtleskin glovesWe added several more products to our Turtleskin glove product line after hearing a lot of positive feedback from the Pennsylvania State Police.   Apparently, Turtleskin has been doing a lot of demonstrations and since Heroine use seems to be way up more and more Police Officers are running the risk of being exposed to HIV and HEP C and all the other crap that exists.   It’s almost part of the uniform for any Police Officer within 25miles of a major City, especially Philadelphia to have to keep frisk gloves on them or in their patrol vehicle.  There is always a balance and limit to using various types of Law Enforcement Gear, and it’s almost best to keep the limits to a reasonable level.   Being able to feel something like needle or a pipe yet also have protection and still be able to draw an proficiently use a firearm or use a radio under stress is important.

Much of this is about preference and the environment you are working in but there are new gloves on our inventory like the Patrol Gloves, NYDOCS Glove and the Turtleskin search gloves.   These gloves are either lighter or heavier than the Turtleskin gloves we had like the Algha and Bravo gloves.   Those are really more street patrol gloves and some of the others are probable more for prison, crime scene or major incidents.   Being able to have a glove like this in the $50 price range is about what most police officers want and having something that holds up after being washed is also important to the consumer.

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