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Finding a Shooting range in Texas

Texas Shooting RangesThere are a great many reasons for gun owners to find a decent range that they know will accommodate their shooting interests.   We tend to find the more restrictive ranges closer to urban environments, but you won’t know for sure depending on which State you a living in.  Every State in the Country is different and trying to find out where to look is very difficult.

Some gun clubs don’t want to be too open to the public and we can understand that, but the vast majority of shooting ranges and gun clubs should be recruiting grounds and basic firearms safety locations.  Sure we can learn from our parents, but the NRA has a strong hold on in some Texas Shooting Ranges and if you can find a good gun club near you, you should have access to different levels of training and shooting skills.


Range holsters another category

Fobus HolstersThere is always going to be a debate with any tactical or firearm accessory.   What is it being used for and is it up to the task at hand.   A concealment holster might not be a $180 leather shoulder rig, it coule be something as simple as $12 pocket holster.    There are tactical holsters that will secure your pistol while your running through the mud and training in a Carbine Course, or you can have a IWB holster for your everyday CCW.

Another thing to think about having in your box of holsters is a simple range holster.   If you are at a gun club and  planning on doing some serious range blasting, you might want to consider a range holster.   A range holster is usually something that you can wear outside your belt which is a clip on our paddle style.    Whenever some of my friends and I are going to be pulling an all day range trip, we’re usually carrying a full size handgun and IWB is not a comfortable carry option.  Fobus Holsters are in the $20 range and if you’re wearing a good belt, you won’t notice the weight of a full size gun like a Beretta 92 or Glock 17.   It’ll make carrying and practicing much easier than constantly picking your gun off a table.


Preference and comfort

Don Hume HolstersIf you feel comfortable carrying the same handgun all year long, you may be in the minority.   Many feel the need to get into a summer/ winter carry routine and I feel that is fairly common.   Carrying a fiream IWB in the depth of winter may mean your gun is under 2 or 3 layers of clothing which can mean murphys law may come quicker.

Don hume holsters has a nice Jit Slide holster which depending on your body type might not be as uncofortable as a paddle holster, but still can be worn outside of the belt.   The real issue every  CCW holder needs to deal with is, “is this comfortable” and “can it be concealed”.    There are always different scenarios and we must train to deal with threats, but coming home with injuries or discomfort is easy to prevent if we do the reasearch first.


And I didn’t have issues with my 1911 anymore

After a few range sessions, I didn’t have a single malfuntion and I though it was time to test out some hollow point defensive ammo.   I loaded up the 2 Colt Magazines I had and the 2 Wilson mags and started blasting.    I had an malfuntions with the Colt magazines and none with the Wilson.    I wasn’t too sure of the technical reasons why this was occuring, but after signing  up a popular gun forum known as the  I found out why.   Wilson Combat did a great job in designing their plastic followers to hold up better than the majority of the metal magazines you’ll find for a 1911.   The followers and magazine body are aligned properly for better feeding into the barrel and will increase ammo tolerance.

My First 191Wilson Combat Magazines1 was a Colt 1991A1 and It came with 2 Colt 7rd magazines.   I shot about about 500rds through it and I had an occasional malfunction.   The problem I kept having was the slide would close on an empty chamber.   I did some reading and found that it was most likely the magazine slide stop tab was bending and wasn’t full engaging the slide stop.    A pair of needle nose plyers fixed that for a few hundred rounds more then the problem came back.     I found out about Wilson Combat Magazines and picked up a few mags.   The magazines weren’t flush with the bottom of the gun, but I got use to them pretty quick.



Getting the edge in the apparel market

Tactical PantsElite Operator Tactical has made high quality tactical pants in cotton canvas and lightweight 100% cotton ripstop.   They have a concealed carry or discreet line of apparel that is also expanding in 2010, but the tactical market door just got kicked open from someone other that 5.11 Tactical.    Sign up for our Rogue email mailing list for promtions and feel free to give us your feedback on one of the most anticipated items this year.

Eotac just launched there new tactical pants specifically designed for women.   We have been waiting for almost a year for these to hit the market, and after several delays, they are finally arriving.   The Style 702 Womens pants are now available in Khaki and OD Green.  These tactical pants are designed specifically for women and something very original.



SigTac Apparel

Take a different approach to concealing a firearm this season.  Sig Tac jackets are well made and designed for the gun owner that carries in the civillian world, this jacket option will help you fit in with the crowd and help carry your firearm and gear with you.

The SIG SAUER® Concealed Carry Coat is now available in a stylish black leather. And like our regular SigTac Apparel, this leather version also features button adjustable cuffs, button adjustable bottom side tabs, antique brass zipper,left chest pocket and is lined with 300 gram anti-pil fleece. Its two ambidextrous internal pistol pockets allow for easy concealed carry of even large pistols like the P226 or a 1911. Color: Black. Sizes: Small to XXXL. NOTE ON SIZING: This jacket is a full cut from the factory and you may want to consider a size down if your usual size is roomy.


SigTac Jackets

Get ready for seasonal changes and holster options.  Look no further for CCW Coat options. This sturdy, yet stylish, coat has been tailored for everyday wear.  SigTac Jackets ares made of 100% heavy weight cotton canvas and is set off by a smooth nubuck leather collar. Lined with 300 gram anti-pill fleece and lightly garment washed, this coat keeps you warm while allowing for easy movement.

SIG SAUER added ambidextrous internal pistol pockets for concealed carry to keep you on guard. Color: Tobacco Brown, Chocolate or Black. Sizes: Small to XXXL. NOTE ON SIZING: This jacket is a full cut from the factory and you may want to consider a size down if your usual size is roomy.


Deer Rifles and clarity

Nikon Rifle scopesWhenever we get a chance to get away from our families and get out in the fall, we never know what kind of weather we’re going to have.    Unless it’s heavy rain we rarely call off a deer trip, but there have been plenty of trips we have been on where the weather was pretty bad.

One thing I am glad to have is a good rifle optic.   Not only do we want something that is rock solid, we want clarity.    Low light especially on those dark dull days will give you limited range.    Pockets of dark woods may cause us to pass up an opportunity if we can’t clearly identify a target.   Nikon Rifle Scopes have some of the brightest glass and will certainly give you that crisp clarity that we need to take advantage of every opportunity.


Modern Optics and Reticles

Tactical Rifle ScopesAnother evolution has occured in the tactical rifle scope market.    First we saw all kinds of tactical sniper optics and now we are seeing more and more innovation as far as rifle reticles.   No longer are we peering through rifle scopes and seeing crosshairs in dot or duplex.   We aren’t just seeing illuminated reticles either.
Rifle scopes are now available in various reticle colors and the biggest thing we see in hunting and rifle scopes are diverse bullet drop compesators.    I remember back in the day that I though magnification was really what people worried about and the obvious clarity of rifle scopes, but no more.   Speed with follow up shots and hold overs for hunting and tactical purposes with fixed power scopes is now much more important.


What’s the difference

Tactical PantsThe new apparel company named Eotac has been out for over a year and we have noticed the Style 202 pants are slightly lighter weight and don’t feel as heavy as the Woolrich Elite version.   We have had virtually zero customer complaints about the durability of these pants and they don’t feel as baggy in the seat.   There are also differences in the cargo pockets.   Many people are asking what the difference is between all of these products because they are very similiar.   The rear wallet or ID pockets on the Eotac pants are easier to access and have an easier to access pull tab to open it.  The cargo pockets are all bellowed which makes them hold more, although they are not like BDU cargo pockets.

Woolrich Elite products have been on the market for about 4yrs now and they make some very well made products.  Pants like the 4429 are heavy weight than the 5.11 Tactical equivalent and they don’t shrink like 5.11 pants do.   I’ve heard a great many people complaing about the quality and consistancy of the 5.11 tactical pants, and it seems that there pants are being made in atleast 3 different manufacturing places and this tells us they are having quality control issues.


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