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Flush fitting gun magazines vs. extended base plates, Wilson Combat Magazines and extended magazines/Glock Magazines

Glock 26 Magazine Grip ExtensionThere are always pros and cons for every firearm and accessory, and it’s all about trying to get you to hit that X.  The best analogy to developing your shooting skills with accessories is the game of Golf.   You use a driver when you want distance, a sand wedge when you want the ball up and out, and a putter when you want short distance and  control.  Keep in mind that all of those golf clubs have to match up to the proper length of the user, and so does a firearm to you.  Now that there is such a thing as competition shooting, we’re seeing more gear and accessories being used for fun and training, but that’s doesn’t always transition over to CCW.  When you are talking about drawing a firearm from concealment, things change.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping extended capacity magazines around, I’ve found the Glock 26 to be too small of a handgun for my tastes, but with the  Glock 26 +2 extended capacity magazines, the extra length actually improves my grip on the gun.   For many other guns, the magazine extensions can help you strip the magazine clear and reload quicker, but I have found in many cases, that extended capacity magazines and base plates make you more likely to print your gun, or cause snagging of clothing.   My 1911s max out with Wilson Combat 8rd Magazines, with Glocks I stick with all standard capacity, except for the Glock 26.   But with all this being said, this is about  the magazine in the firearm, not the spare magazines you might be carrying.  Lot’s to think about and only training and testing will help get you to your comfort zone.


Are Cold Steel Knives dangerous weapons or are they useful tools?

cs_logo_whiteCold Steel KnivesI’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but sometimes we need to remember, that with all of the stupidity in our society, that all those dangerous looking Cold Steel knives or any other tactical knife that you see on a tactical store, or hunting store website, are probable already in just about every household in the Country but with a slightly different handle or blade.  Any knife can be used for something productive, or something destructive.  How many people keep an axe in the shed, but having a Tomahawk in your car makes you a nutjob.   If you do some research you’ll find that many of the Tomahawk or Axes that we sell are actually considered rescue tools.  Any of your leftist anti-gun friends notice that many building keep an axe on the walls of buildings, RIGHT NEXT TO THE FIRE ALARM.  Gee, I wonder why?  So you can break down a door or a wall and save your life?

I recently got back from a Boy Scout Troop meeting where 11-16yr old boys were being shown all about the types of knives and how to hold, carry and deploy them.   God Bless America!   Cold Steel Knives can be use for cutting seat belts and pulling people from burning vehicles, it happens more than you think, and that guy you see carrying a knife with him, EDC, might be the one that saves someone.   I’ve even heard of people rescuing dogs that were being strangled on leashes or even a female that pulled a blade and held off a potential rapist.    You always have to balance your EDC knife with what is legal in your State so don’t get carried away and keep it out of sight.


Do your research, the end result might be Raven Concealment Phantom Holsters

Raven Concealment Phantom HolstersIf you think trying to decide what holster you should be using and trying to buy something online without being able to hold it in your hands, well, why don’t you apply for a job in the purchasing department at Rogue Elite Tactical.    We go through the same issues that our customers do because we’re always trying to find those niche products that have good review, good factory warranties, and don’t break easily.   We’ve brought in a few bad products and quickly stopped listening to sales pitches from Reps. for companies that talked about how great their products were.   Usually, our customers tell us what they want us to carry and what we should be selling.   Recently there has been a lot of talk about Raven Concealment Systems, G-Code and Alien Gear.   While we can’t carry everything, we have picked up Raven Concealment Systems because their holsters are very different from what we have been carrying before.

While a holster isn’t going to be a magic trick that solves your problems, you want to think about the versatility of a holster.   There are plenty of really nice products out there,  the Raven Concealment Phanton Holsters give you the ability to have an IWB holster or OWB holster just by changing the belt loop attachements, there are some good Youtube videos on how this is done.   The belt loop designs tend to be the major failing point of most Kydex Holsters and we’ve done enough product testing to prove this.  It doesn’t matter if the holster maker has name recognition, some of them make some pretty crappy holsters that don’t hold up.   There market has changed a lot and it’s not all just about CCW, it’s also about competition shooting, IDPA, Steel Match, 3 Gun and plenty of other fun stuff, and you might find Raven Concealment holsters cover most of your demands.  We recently listed some of their products on our website for all of the popular Sig Sauer pistols and Glock Pistols. Raven Concealment Holsters


Sig Sauer no longer importing Sig P232 Magazines

Sig P232 MagazinesIf you are a Sig P232 owner you may want to hit the next gun show and start looking for used Sig P232 magazines.  We recently had a large number of requests to email customers when we got in more of the Sig .380 magazines for this firearm, and, after so many requests we contacted our distributors and they all told us they were discontinued.   We called up Sig Sauer last week and asked them what was going on and they informed us that they are no longer importing this gun or it’s magazines from Germany.  While this firearms has a long history of service, there has been a huge increase in the number of .380 pistols and I guess given the size of the Sig P232 it’s not really the most compact firearm in this caliber and not as popular.

Several years ago I was looking for something smaller than the 1911 and Beretta 92FS that I was carrying and decided to look for something smaller.   Ironically it came down to the Sig P232 and the Sig P239.  I shot both guns side by side and figured the ballistics of the P239 was superior and went with that.  The size and recoil was almost the same in my hands, but there are plenty of happy Sig P232 owners out there.  If you are looking for replacement magazines, the only option for you according to Sig Sauer, is to get the Sig P230 Promag Magazines.   Everyone once in awhile stuff like this happens so if you like the gun, start looking for parts and accessories now before they become even more scarce.


Surefire G2 Flashlights, still extremely versatile

Surefire FlashlightsThe first tactical flashlight I actually owned was a Surefire G2 Xenon bulb flashlight.   I was very impressed with how bring it was, considering, the previous tactical flashlight I had was a D battery USGI flashlight with different lenses.  High output was pretty cool, but those Xenon bulbs did not last very long and I did not like the idea of a flashlight that needed bulb replacements as much as battery replacements.   Eventually the LED conversions came out and I upgraded to that and then I was really impressed at how much a the technology had improved.   I have always been a fan of varying output flashlights.   I still go back and forth about whether or not it’s good to have a rechargeable or battery light, but even that has changed and there are a growing number of flashlights that have both options.

The G2x is basically the new version and has a slightly different body, but with a 320 Lumen output with a 15 Lumen low.   Once most people start using these lights, they quickly realize they don’t need all that output in most circumstances and 15 Lumens is enough to get you around in the dark the majority of the time.   Surefire Flashlights have an excellent reputation of being sturdy even though there are less expensive flashlights out there.   We still the vast majority of Law Enforcement are sticking with Surefire and Streamlight due to their warranties and durability.


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