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Pelican Cases when you need it!

There are times when you have to match the gun case to the value of a firearm, or if you are traveling long distances or possible shipping a firearm.  Many of these cases are customized to the firearm which gives insurance that it’s not going to be sliding around.  I’ve witnessed many times in my life, UPS drivers, Fedex Drives and Mail Men throwing packages around.  Even our customers will complain to us if a package is not packed right.   Long term storage in environments where you can’t predict what the humidity or temperature are going to be is another reason to buy Pelican Cases.

Pelican designs there products in multiple dimensions and depths and you have to know exactly what you are putting in them and make sure you have enough room to cut or alter the foam inserts that they come with.  There are some variables with pre-cut foam inserts for Pelican Cases but there is often a lot of wasted space when you do that.  Also, most people have different grips, stocks, bi-pods ect so dropping $100-$200 on a pre-cut insert and still having to alter it may or may not be a waste of time.  It’s always good to know somebody that has a hot wire or knows how to set one up to get the job done right.  There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube that you can watch before you take on that adventure.


Elite Survival Double Agent Rifle Case you might need one

Now that the AR15 is such a popular firearm, many people are realizing that the more you accessorize a firearm, the more likely you are to outgrow those Assault Rifle Cases that that have the 3-5 magazine pouches on the side.  Once you throw on vertical foregrips, flashlights, laser sights ect. the simple inexpensive cases tend to not cut it.  That why we point our customers towards the Elite Survival Systems Double Agent Rifle Cases and the Cover Operations Gun Cases. If you are into competition shooting, 3gun, or possible in Law Enforcement or a tactical team, you might be carrying more than one rifle.   Nylon quality can vary from brand to brand and the cheap stuff doesn’t hold up, the nylon wears out and the zipper break.

If you are looking for quality, protecting your Carbine, and durable tactical nylon, you really need to find a brand that designs there products properly.   The Elite Survival Systems Double Agent Rifle Case is actually a 2nd generation rifle case, a good chunk of our sales are for active military because they don’t want to deal with crap gear that tears and rips easily.   There’s nothing worse than having a firearm in a rifle case that has a cheap zipper or easily tears.   With the new version of the Elite Survival Double Agent Case, you have straps that secure EACH firearm in it’s pocket and reduce movement.  For Competition shooters that have to transport more than one firearm, you should take serious consideration into there brand.


Elite Survival Systems Stealth Backpack

This product has been around for a little over a year, one of the main selling points is in the description of the product.  In this day and age, not everyone wants to announce they are walking out of their house with a firearm and going away for a range trip or road trip.   This isn’t about being a weekend warrior or being a ninja, not announcing to your neighbors that you are a firearm owner is an asset and not a liability.   There have been more daytime smash and grabs at gun shops and gun owners are being targeted in many ways.  It use to mean that if you were a gun owner people were afraid to break into your home, now people want to break into your home because smash and grabs are someting very hard to stop. The Elite Survival Systems Stealth Backpack has been very popular with SWAT and other Law Enforcement because they know they have to hit the range, but they don’t want to announce it.

Sure this is in the higher priced category, but this is almost a range back and a gun case, all in a backpack.   There are several ways of using this firearm and it has an outstanding design for holding an M4 type firearm.  The Elite Survival Systems Stealth Backpack almost looks like something you’d take to the gym and although it’s not something you want to leave in sight in your car, this will not flag people that see you carrying it or announce you are a black rifle owner.   There are multiple internal pockets and molle and velcro options for attaching magazines, handcuffs flashlights and broken down M4 Carbine AR15 variants.    These are made in the USA gun backpacks there are well worth the investment.  They are superior nylon quality and easy to conceal firearms for work and for the range.  There are ways of customizing these backpacks to hold an IFAK or even magazine pouches, handgun or rifle, or even handcuff and radios.


Elite Survival Systems gun cases and tactical nylon

There are a billion nylon companies out there that have similar products, from IWB holster, tactical holsters, pocket holster, shoulder holsters ect, but if you could blind fold me, I could tell you I’m holding something from Elite Survival Systems.   The designs of the products, from zippers, to molle, stitching, and just quality, they are superior. I’ve already dared co-workers to test me out and I was always right.   There are plenty of companies that have their GOOD products, but we were fans of Elite Survival Systems before we were even a dealer.  We found out about there products after the CEO of Rogue Elite was looking for a gun case that fit a DSA FAL.  There aren’t many out there.

One of them major edges that they have are the designs on their gun cases.    With all of the firearms that are out there, the versatility of  Elite Survival gun cases like the Cover Operations Gun Case, that is available in different sizes from bullpup, SBR’s and full length 20″ A2 style AR15’s.  The vast majority of their products are MADE IN THE USA in Missouri.   Their pistol cases have outstanding versatility like the Elite Survival 4 Gun Pistol Pack, Scope Pistol Cases and even simple shotgun or long gun cases.  The Elite Survival Range Bags are a little larger than most of the other range bags, but I would have to say that many people tend to buy range bags that they end up out growing, we highly recommend theirs.  With all of the America First talk, check out this American Made product line if you are looking for high quality tactical nylon.

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