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Spring is right around the corner, Check out what’s new from Tru-Spec Tactical Clothing

Multicam PantsTruSpec Ascent24/7 Series Mens Tactical PantsEclipse Pants
We picked Tru-Spec several years ago to be our primary clothing line for a reason.   Our customer base appreciates a stocking dealer that has consistent sizing.  You do have to pay attention to the different fit and materials that all of the products come in because there are differences.  Some of the Multicam pattern BDU pants are different fits than the 24/7 Series.  You’ll know it when you move around and the pocket patterns are also very different.   I’m more of a fan of the boot cut pants and the NEW Ascent pant just based on the look, feel, and pocket patterns.   There are times I want to get my cell phone off my belt and access it in the open side leg pocket.  This seems to be a pattern that many other Tactical Clothing companies are designing towards but inconsistent quality control and availability are why we choose Tru-Spec over the others.

Now that Spring is right around the corner, there will be a trend away from the heavier cotton canvas style pants towards the Polyester Cotton Ripstop and the newly introduced Eclipse pant which is made of an extremely lightweight nylon material.  With the weather we get here in Pennsylvania, we can quickly go from Artic weather to 100F Summers.  Being able to wear the sames size 24/7 Series pants and just change up the materials they are made of helps keep your arrangement of gear, consistent.   I’ve lost and almost lost knives, flashlights and other devices because I had to move things around and they ended up falling out, so I’ve been slowly clearing out other brands and using more of the Tru-Spec Clothing.   We highly suggest trying out the Tru-Spec 24/7 Tactical Pants and the Tru-Spec Ascent and Tru-Spec Eclipse pants.

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