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Still my favorite Trijicon combat optic

Not all of the Trijicon optics work for every situation, if they did there would only be one Trijicon ACOG.  I remember the first time I saw these bad boys and I was blow away at  how cool they were too look through.  Seeing a scope with bullet comp was not that common and really just finding a scope that could hold up to a semi-auto military style rifle was hard and I mostly saw hunting optics like Leupold rifle scopes for guys trying to target shoot.   It was not very common in the 1980s and 1990s to see rifle scopes on AR15s.

If I had all of the money in the world I’d probable own everything that Trijicon has out, but I’m  not so I have to be very selective on what I buy because if the bullet comp or the reticle does not suit my needs then it was a waste of money.  I have been and always will be an LWRC Fan and I have several Trijicon TA01NSN on my primary LWRC M6A2.   I have recently purchased a suppressor and I will be looking into getting an LWRC M6A5 when they become available.  As far as I know the only difference between the LWRC M6A5 and it’s predecessor is the gas selector is a 2 position and not a 4.


A discussion about ACOGSs and long range shooting

Sometimes people really get carried away with scope magnification and think that it will increase your accuracy.  Well try taking a 5.5-20×50 scope to the range on a 90F day and tell me if you can even see X on a paper target at 300yds.   Anyone with experience will know that a mirage will void you scope magnificatioin and actually make it very difficult to make pin point accuracy.   A mirage is a constant wave of distorted light due to heat rising and you might be better off with lower magnification or Zero magnification.  Most Trijicon ACOGS are really meant for medium range engagements.

Recently I got to the range and tried out some of the newer green reticle ACOGS and the first one I tried out on my Bushmaster XM15E2 was the Trijicon TA11H-G.    This optic is actually a long range optic and might be best suited for a machine  gun,  The Trijicon TA11H-G ACOG has a green horseshoe reticle which for some reason seems to be very popular.  This particular ACOG has a longer tube than something like the TA31F-G


Knock around daily use pants for a great price?

I see that Tru Spec has there stuff in order when it comes to promoting their product and getting it out there and they are one of the few companies that has really gained ground on 5.11 tactical.   I just rewatched several Youtube clips about the Tru spec pants and the constant references to 5.11 tactical were on all of them.   I recently purchased some 5.11 tactical stuff to try to see if we could like it and carry it again and we’re only really interested in the 5.11 tac lite pro pants.   There were still the sizing variations and there was a  price increase on the product line which makes me think we’re going to see everything go up in price in 2012.

There are always preferences that people will have and not every pant out there is going to work for you, but the poly cotton ripstop seems to be the lowest maintenance pant which is probable why 5.11 tactical is lasted for so long.   You really should jump on board with this Tru Spec 1 2 3 promotion on the Tru Spec tactical pants we have going on if you want to test the waters for a great every day pant.   You may want to do some research about the pocket designs if you are carrying a knife because the Tru Spec 24-7 pants have nice pockets for flashlights and knife, but it will only work for you if they are the correct size. If you carry a large knife you might not be able to use those side pockets.


Incase you missed it here they are

There are now our number one selling tactical pant and it’s not just because they have a very good fit and sizing, it’s because they are better than anything in their price range.   If we could all buy a porsche we’d own them, but most of us can’t afford it.  To get a pair of pants that holds up and doesn’t shrink in the wash for less than $30 isn’t going to happen unless you get some great blowout deal from a company going under.  We’ve been watching the clothing  business for over 2yrs now and it is incredible unstable.

At some of the Police and Security conferences last year and there was much discussion about where tactical clothing companies are going to be making their stuff.   We’ve got a great promo running on the Tru Spec 24/7 tactical pants but it’s only until May 31st.  After that you can expect to see a shortage in some of their stuff.  It looks like someone at Atlanco is doing a good job of promoting their product and we just signed on to do some fall outer wear promotion after summer.


New Article about Concealed Carry

There was a recent article in the New York Times about concealed carry clothing being a new market.  Woorlich Elite Series really got the nich for their concealed carry chinos which are still the only non-tactical looking pant we sell.  While everyone likes to claim they have them, we don’t see it on our end.   The Woolrich Elite Series concealed carry shirts are our favorite because they are cut right and look good.   There are always variations in what type of clothing you should wear and sometimes it doesn’t matter especially if you pocket carry or use an ankle holster.

There is a market for concealed carry because in realty a bad economy means more crime, it does not mean that more people are going to get shot.  Sure some of these tactical pants are a little over done, but if you want to carry all of the tools for self defense or emergency reasons, you’ll probable end up destroying your pants because your knife clip or flashlight would eventually ruin it.   The Woolrich Elite Chinos are designed to have these features on the pockets.


Firepower vs balance

There are many things that in theory are nice but in reality just don’t work.   I remember the first time I fired a Glock 45acp which was 13rds + 1 for a total of 14rds and the thing just seemed too heavy.  If I wore that in a leg holster or thigh rig it would be too much.  There are so many arguments in the handgun world that I just don’t engage in because the truth of the situation that usually ends the caliber debates is ” get a Carbine” and forget about  your 9mm vs 45acp  or .357 Sig debates.

For home defense I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want a carbine or shotgun with a light on it vs a handgun.  Ballistics test show us time and time again that loading up your  magpul pmags with 30rds and frangible ammuntion is a better thing to use in a modern home than a 38 special or 9mm handgun.  A better thing would be the 20rd magpul pmags which give you a stronger magazine but better balance and easier maneuverability than a larger protruding magazine.   After all, what firearm has 20rds and has the balance of an M4 Carbine?


Tactical pants you won’t have to iron

The complaint we’ve gotten from some of our Law Enforcement officers that were trying out the Woolrich Elite pants and the Eotac did not like the fact that the 100% cotton rip stop pants had to be ironed if you did not take them out of the dryer fast enough.  We thought that was a non-issue in the beginning but more and more people have voiced it.  Since so many people out there have worn 5.11 tactical clothing in the past, just about everyone in the tactical shirt, tactical pants and other apparel get compared to 5.11.

We have 5 weeks left of the Tru Spec tactical clothing promo running and if you wore or are wearing 5.11 tactical clothing you really should check out these Tru Spec 24/7 pants.   The Tru Spec tactical pants that are a 65%/35% poly cotton rip stop are a lower maintenance pants that don’t look too bad either.   These tactical pants are probable less tactical and more ccw friendly since they have the knife and flashlight pockets already designed into them.


Avoiding corosion on firearms?

During the Summer months, I’ve had bad experiences where some firearms go messed up on the finish because my  body swear just built up so much in the holsters that the guns literally sat in corrosive environments for so long that even the protective layer of CLP wore off and the guns finish was ruined.   There are many reasons the military has moved away from wood stocks on rifles to composite and sidearms are moving towards polymer for just about every gun.  The Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson M&P have all taken up some of the Glock market but even Sig Sauer has their foot in the door.

I am a big fan of 45acp pistols, but I am not a big fan of double stack 45acp guns.  The reason for this is the guns are just too darn heavy and a Glock 9mm with 17rd spare Glock Magazines is fine by my if I  have to carry one all day.   Not having to reload half as much with a larger capacity magazine means something in the Law Enforcement world and the Military.    We see more and more polymer sidearms being used by Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for the same reason.


New Woolrich Elite CCW shirts

It looks like they discontinued a few of the first batch of CCW shirts but the latest colors and sizes are very, very nice.   I’ve had a few of the 5.11 tactical shirts but they didn’t seem to be cut right.   Everything looks like a Narcotics officers wardrobe.   Much of the tactical clothing market is preference but there are some things that certain companies do better than others and the Woolrich Elite shirts are really good.   I like the idea of being able to carry a knife, flashlight, pepper spray or mace in a shirt and be able to tuck it in.

We all know why tuckable holsters have an appeal but what about the shirts being functional for someone with tactical gear. You really should check out the Woolrich Elite concealed carry shirts we have listed on our website.  Some of the original 44913 and 44915 shirts are priced really well and they have a very casual look to them.  The 444916 is probable my favorite Winter carry shirt and the newer short sleeve concealed carry shirts are great in the Summer and Spring.


The Sale in underway for Tru Spec tactical pants

There have been some big changes in recent months over the industry and one thing we’re happy to see is a line of tactical clothing that didn’t get hit by any steep price increases.   The Tru Spec tactical pants are very good tactical pant in comparison to the 5.11 tactical clothing line.   We have been getting a lot of people getting off the 5.11 tactical clothing line and moving on to other things.  5.11 makes a lot of nice stuff, but they lost a very big customer base that started out wearing their product line over 10 years ago.   Tru Spec is probable the along with Propper the only real competition.

I only wear pants that fit me right but sometimes I do switch up the brands depending on what I’m wearing.   I do like the Woolrich Elite chino pants but the Tru Spec tactical pants that we have on sale for the Tru Spec 1,2,3 sale are a great product for under $40 and as low as $29.95.   The material is made of a 65/35 Polycotton ripstop material and an easy sell for guys or gals wearing 5.11 tactical pants that want consistent sizing and similar materials.  Get on board with the Tru Spec 24/7 series tactical pants before May 31st.

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