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Switching from pants to shorts and cold weather to warm weather check out Tru Spec Shorts in this year

Tru Spec Eclipse ShortsTru Spec 24-7 SERIES MEN'S 9" SHORTSTru Spec Simple Tactical ShortsI’ve got as much variation in tactical clothing in my wardrobe as I do with holsters sitting in a box in my closet.  Some products I hardly wear but keep around for nostalgia like digital camo or lizard pattern military jackets.   I’ve got different fabrics, different fits and and occasionally where them.   Then there are the things I wear all the time and usually have to replace every couple of years.  It’s close to 4yrs I’ve had Tru Spec products in my rotation and I’ve often found that the number of styles I and colors is building up.   The cotton canvas pants are better for winter weather but the 65%/35% polyester cotton ripstop material can get you through most of the year probable 45F-85F, after that, depending on your heat tolerance, you might want to switch to the 100% nylon pants like the Tru Spec Eclipse pants.

When talking about wearing shorts, the Tru Spec 9″ poly/cotton ripstop shorts are our #1 selling shorts and the waist sizing is the same at the pants so it’s an easy switch over from Tru Spec pants to Tru Spec Shorts.   Last year Tru Spec added the Tru Spec Eclipse shorts to their inventory which is a different cut, does not have an elastic waistband and is extremely lightweight being made in the 100% nylon, if you are pocket carrying I would suggest going with the darker colors because since this made of such a lightweight material you may find “printing” depending on how good of a pocket holster you are using.


Looking for utility friendly pants without BDU pockets? Try Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants

Tru Spec Mens Classic PantsEvery once in awhile we get people that come to our store because we stock a lot of the things that people don’t like to buy online namely, clothing and holsters.   Now that Tru Spec has gained so much ground in the competitive tactical clothing market it pays to be stock different styles.  It’s pretty much assumed that most of our customers are gun owners, and carry firearms, but not everyone does.   There are a considerable number of people that just like where various tactical pants because they need it for the tools or job they do for a living.  Having pants with  pockets that are friendly to carrying knives or multitools without punching holes through them or un-necessary wear is not common at a shopping mall.

One of the popular styles that we are going to stock more of are the Tru Spec Mens Classic Pants because they have all of the utility applications of many of the tactical pants “without” a BDU pocket which is usually the dead giveaway that your a Cop or Military personnel.   There is a hidden zipper pocket on both legs that come in handy when  you are driving a car or on trip on a plain, or just don’t need a pocket as large as most BDU pants.   The best thing about this style of pant  is that if you are already where the other 24/7 pants you aren’t going to have trouble with sizing like you would with other brands, consistency in sizing is something that we’ve always liked about Tru Spec products.


Camping, Hiking, Survival and Training with Camelbak Hydration Packs

Camelbak Hydration PacksIt’s funny working in this industry and selling products that you already own,  I haven’t used my Camelbak Hydration Pack for several years but dug it out of the closet to use it on a family hiking trip, I forgot how much these actually hold and it beats having to carry a water bottle everywhere you go.  Due to the way these are designed, the weight of the water you are carrying disperses over your back and you hardly notice it if you get the right size.  With a recent warm up here in Pennsylvania, we went right from Winter into Summer weather and got hit with a surge of people that needed Hydration for training coming up.   It seems the National Guard have something going on and everyone in the area found out where to go to get Camelbaks.

One thing we noticed that we are planning on doing in the coming weeks it to start bringing in the cleaning kits and Elixir tablets because A) People don’t know how to clean Camelback Hydration Packs and B) People always put the wrong products in them.  If you use anything with sugar in it you risk damaging the anti-microbial lining that runs along the inside of each pack.   There isn’t really much to maintaining these and thanks to the Youtube videos we attached to each product, just watch and learn.  Another common mistake in picking out the Camelbak packs is that people often buy too small of a pack, the CamelBak Stealth 70 oz/2L Mil Spec Antidote is probable the top seller and after that you can go up to a 3Liter  Camelbak ThermoBak 3L 100 oz Mil Spec Antidote Long if you think you need it.  Small means running out sooner and on those hot Cambing, Hiking or Training days, you’ll wish you had more


Trijicon MRO Red Dots, which mount should you buy? Absolute, 1/3 or Low Mount or Bobro QD mount?

Trijicon MRO Red DotsTrijicon MRO 2 MOA Red DotTrying to find the right optics for hunting, target shooting or whatever else is already a chore, but it can all be messed up if you buy the wrong mount.  We don’t stock a lot of mounts in our retail store because there are so many options out there, price point, material, right heights, that it’s too much of a guessing game because there is a such a diversity of gun owners.  Sticking with just the New Trijicon MRO red dots, many people ask us which mount they should buy or which one is better.   It’s just like the question, which one is better, Aimpoint, Eotech or Meprolight M21, it’s whatever your eyes prefer.

I’ve never had a problem using a fixed iron front sight on my AR15 and using an optic, sure I lose some visibility, but like asking what you should do if a skinny guy was hiding behind a tree and you couldn’t see him, which optic is better. just move around the tree and  you’ll see him. With the Trijicon MRO Red Dots “If you feel the need” to have your iron sights pushed down to the lower 1/3 of your optic, just get a 1/3 Co-witness mount, your field of view will be higher with less obstruction of your field of view and then you’ll have to transition down to your irons if need be.  I can tell you that we sell about 80% more of the absolute co-witness mounts, whether it’s Bobro mounts or Trijicon Mounts.

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