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Blade Tech Holsters, IWB and OWB holsters, things to consider………

Blade Tech HolstersThere are a lot of holsters out there but it pays to do research or walk into a store and hold it in your hands before you buy.   I  have seen people buy $90 holsters online and find them uncomfortable or they find the clothing they are wearing doesn’t work for the holster they purchased.  Things to think about when choosing a holster are the depth the gun will sit in it, usually a holster like the Galco Kingtuk will have some adjustability, but also knowing how much the gun might sit off your body is another.  Not all paddle holsters are the same in these regards and some sit lower than others.   Recently we had some customer stop in our store that were doing IDPA but had no idea if the vests they were buying would cover the gun.   It really isn’t just the clothing, it can also be the holster design.

I think OWB is a better way to conceal carry but that’s your decision, it usually more comfortable and easier to access.  Some of the Blade Tech Holsters that are IWB are very sturdy and I would attribute that to the double loop design, sometimes that one clip holster design doesn’t cut it and can cause the gun to cant and not be where you want it if you needed it.  Expect to see lots of Glock gun holsters, Sig Sauer holsters for Inside the Waistband, Outside the Waistband and The Blade Tech Evolution holsters.


Midwest Industries Accessories, Flip Up Sights and AK Rail Systems

Midwest Industries AccessoriesThere are times I just purchased something because it looked good, and if I was happy with the product, I’d go back and research what else they have.   I’ve used the Midwest rear Flip Up sight for My LWRC M6A1 for years and only had to take it off once I added a magnifier for my Eotech 512.   It’s another one of things you learn that whenever you add something to your Carbine, that you might find an issue and have to alter or take something else off.   I’ve had a lot of people run into issues when making rail system changes and then finding out that the Surefire tape switch they are using won’t reach around to where they want it to, and end up having to be creative or spend more money to get the job done.

One thing that stands out with Midwest Industries accessories are their rail systems, if you are an AK enthusiast and want to put a light on your rifle, it’s kind of difficult to do with any tradition stock.   There are some handguard rail systems that make putting optics like a Vortex Sparc red dot,  as a low profile optic,  that can make your AK into a nice scout type rifle.   I see a lot of sales for the Midwest AK74/AK47 Quadrail.  With any alteration of stocks with AK’s, always be aware you are dealing with a product made in the third world and the specs might not be accurate, slight fit modifications are the norm so take your time and don’t break anything.


Mako stocks and accessories, easy to install and worth consideration

Mako AccessoriesWe definitely have the sales data to show that Mako Group accessories move.   I sometimes get a headache thinking about what I should consider changing on any of My AR15 rifles out, the real answer it to buy another Carbine and do it to that and not remove anything that is on My gun.   People tend to overthink the AR15 and there’s a pretty funny picture that’s been around for over a decade of a guy with an AR that has everything from a camera to a can opener on it but it’s somewhat accurate as to many bells and whistles people put on there rifles.  The saying the Mission drives the gear should apply to your personal firearm, if you don’t use it, and don’t need it, you should probable not put it on, with every screw and battery or wired device, there’s another thing that can fall off or fail, and that’s how you should think when accessorizing.

One accessory we are selling a lot are the Mako Accessories like the Mako AR Magwell grip, this is an easy thing to put on and something to consider if you aren’t sure what kind of foregrip to put on your carbine.   That might mean needing a Magpul MOE stock, or a Midwest quad rail system.  Now there are keymod options that can make you feel like you’re researching for a science project.  The Mako Flashlight adaptors are also big sellers and work with many of the Surefire flashlights.  There is a standard and side mounted version and they work very well if you mount your light correctly.  The Mako Front Grip Magazine holder is also something we sell a lot of.  Mako is also the same company that makes the Meprolight M21 Optics which is another outstanding option for an AR optic.


Wait for the New Production Surefire Flashlights

Surefire Weapon LightsThey are all coming out now and it’s something we often warn people about.   The benefit of being an authorized dealer for many of the products we sell is that we get the NEW stuff.    There is a lot of technology in the products we sell, from Body Armor to flashlights and even footwear.   Things can change like the weather and I’m not talking about the gimmicks and fads with all of the AR15 accessories.   We see things come and go, but when I look at how much output some of these new flashlights are putting out, the value of something like the Surefire Scout M300 Flashlights that are now putting out 300 lumens, you are getting a light almost 3x’s what it was 3yrs ago and an excellent mount in the $300 price range.

Always call or email us about Surefire product pricing because they have a very strip MAP (minimum advertising price) for online sales and we are aggressively marketing Surefire Weapon Mounted lights since they are increasing in value due to technological improvements.   We here people say all the time that they buy a lot of this stuff at better prices on Ebay or Amazon, but you really have to check the technical specs of what you are buying because it may be outdated products or old inventory and we are seeing it all over. We have some good closeout prices on the Surefire M300 200 Lumen light without the Tape Switch for a discounted price.


Spike’s Tactical Upper Receivers #1 AR15 for builders

Spike's Tactical Upper ReceiversWe’ve had the pattern for over 3yrs now and that’s one reason we have been stocking Spikes Tactical products for almost 2yrs.   The AR15 is the modern musket and can be customized for just about anyone.   I’ve seen people in wheel chairs target shoot them and now many are getting SBR’s or Short Barrel Rifles, and even making AR Pistols.   I don’t see much of the need to have an SBR or anything longer than 20″ in my arsenal, there are a lot of people building their own AR15s, especially if they get  good deal on a lower receiver.  People often ask us if it’s cheaper to build your own AR15, and the truth is you might save about $100-$200 but atleast you get what  you want instead of buying a Carbine and then having to take of something off it and spend money on accessorizing it.

I don’t like the idea of matching more than 2 brands of parts because we’ve seen so many out of spec issues with people building guns that just because it says it was “milspec” doesn’t mean that it is.   There are so many manufacturers out there to choose from but if you don’t know where to start, you can go wrong with Spike’s Tactical Upper Receivers and Lower Parts kits. There are a lot of good deals on lowers right now because prices have come down and there are people that still bought into the panic buying 2yrs ago and are off loading them.   Whether you are just looking to put another grip on your AR, replace worn out triggers or springs, check out all of the Spikes Parts Kits we have to offer.


Smith & Wesson Factory Magazines and the M&P 9 and 40

Smith & Wesson Factory MagazinesWe see all of the trends in the firearm industry and have enough experience to say NO, to stocking inventory on certain firearms but the sales data just doesn’t justify keeping inventory around for it.   When I think of Smith & Wesson handguns I usually think of the wheel guns because it’s such and established brand with so many firearms that have been in use for a long time.   When Law Enforcement started making the changes from 38 Special or 357 Magnum to Semi-auto handguns, there was a period of time that the handguns out were really not that great.  It was really a machining and engineering starting point.   There were a few S&W guns in the 80’s and 90’s that were OK, but nothing compares to the reliability and durability of what firearm manufacturers are putting out these days.

I’ve got a few wheel guns in my safe that get used very often but the one firearm I’ve been eyeballing for a long time is the Smith & Wesson M&P.   I’m always torn when I see these 9/40 guns because I’m always wishing I had a 45acp.   The capacity on the 9mm is 17rds the 40 is 15rds and and the 45acp holds 10rds.  These have the interchangeable backstraps, there are compact models and it’s up to you have you want to thumb safety.   We stock a lot of the Smith & Wesson Factory Magazines for all of the M&P handguns, from the Shield to the M&P.   There AR15 rifles are always probable in my Top 5 list of AR15s to recommend.


Elite Survival Ankle Holsters, there’s just something they did right

aahs_holsterWe’ve got enough history with certain holster companies that we can tell you what works just based on sales data.   It’s not just what sells and goes out the door, it’s also about what comes back in, whether its something that breaks or something people just don’t like.   Ankle holsters are a niche of our overall sales, but one of the most returned items until we started carrying the Elite Survival Ankle holsters.   We’ve had about a 75% return rate with other brands, Desantis, Galco and Uncle Mike’s.   I can’t blame it all on them being bad designs because there is a mentality that some people have that makes them think they want an ankle holster, but then they find out how uncomfortable and awkward it is to carry in this manner.

If you don’t have the right cut on the bottom of your pants, expect to have problems with your pant leg hanging up on the holster.  It’s not very practical for CCW and the vast majority of people actually buying them and using them properly are Police Detectives or people that do a lot of driving.   Ankle carry is very practical if you are driving a lot but other than that, you really need to consider pocket carry.  If we hear you complain too much about looking for a “comfortable holster” what you might not want to hear from us, is that you are carrying the wrong gun.   If you are seriously looking for an ankle holster, we have probable a 5% return rate on The Elite Survival Ankle holster.  The fit for the holster is very accommodating for various firearms and you can get the calf support strap for a few extra bucks if need be.


Red Dots on Handguns, Why not, Trijicon RMR Sights and Burris Red Dots

Burris Red DotsWe saw the trend about 2yrs ago when everyone was calling us up looking for the Trijicon RM08-G sights.   It’s a great sight to put on a Trijicon ACOG and the clarity and precision is outstanding, but part of our customer base are competition shooters and even some Tactical Teams from local Police Departments have them on their firearms.   The hardest part about putting red dots on handguns is finding a good gunsmith that isn’t going to mess it up.  I’ve seen crooked optics on handguns before so make sure you do some research or go be referral before you send your gun off to be setup.

There are plenty of other options for users these days, just like we’ve seen Vortex clean up on potention Aimpoint customers, we are seeing a lot of demand for the Burris Red Dots, especially the Burris Fast Fire 3.   Like many red dots, there are different sizes of dots and they do make a difference.  The Fast Fire III is available in 3 MOA dot or 8 MOA Dot.  In general I suggest smaller dots for rifles and larger ones for handguns.   From My point of view, a dot too large can obscure your but at close range it’s easier to pick up and place on a target and for most people, much better than using iron sights, the only other issue you may run into is finding a good holster for it.


CRKT Knives, The M16 Knives

M16-14SFGCRKT M16 KnivesI don’t consider Myself a knife guy, but I know enough between crap and quality.   I’m not the type to go out and drop $200 on a knife but I know there are plenty of people that do.  I have found great use for always having a good knife on me, for cutting seat belts, opening boxes, and God forbid, self defense.  I got a lot of experience working an NRA convention for the guys at GATCO or Great American Tool Company, and learned a lot about knife sharpening.   It can be very frustrating to sharpen a knife and find out a few weeks later the darn thing is dull and won’t cut through re-enforced packing tape, if that’s the kind of knife you have, you might want to increase your price range for your next buy.

I have found a winner and according to our sales data, The Columbia River Knive & Tool company makes a great selling knife for us.  The CRKT M16 Series knives come with different blades, Combo Edge, Plain Edge, Black Zytel or Titanium Nitrade.  The only negatives to this knife I’ve found are that the screws that hold the clip on will probable need locktite on them because they come loose otherwise, the only other negative about this is that if you drop it when it’s in the folded position, they can open up on their own.  On the plus side they are very easy to flip open and probable one of the best folding knives to carry even though fixed blades are for the most serious individuals.


Smith Elite Boogie Regulators and Boogie Sport Googles

279Boogie Sport IgnitorThere are a lot of these items that can have multi-purposes and since Smith Optics is already well established in the Ski and RX eyewear market, it’s an easy add on to be in the Military and Law Enforcement market.   I have been wearing the Smith Optics Elite brand for over 4yrs and I am very happy with their Warranty and products.   Ballistic eyewear should be viewed in much the same way that body armor is.  Even though a company may put a rating of protection on their product it doesn’t mean that it is going to hold up to that.  You have to remember that quality control is a big part of putting a top of the line brand out there and if they cut corners, and you’re the person that finds out about it at the wrong time, you be spending the rest of  your life with that injury.

The ANSI Z87.1 rating is much higher than what other brands claim and I’ve heard enough war stories about people losing an eye when an IED went off 100yds away that this is something you just don’t skip.  Even in competition sports, fragmentation occurs and having full coverage is very important.   The Smith Elite Boogie Sport is something that I do pack away in my range bag when I know I’m going to be on the move, and it is a far superior design to the Boogie Regulator which from my point of view is on it’s way out the door.  The straps on the Boogie Sport are more comfortable and the venting is much better.   I’m a big fan of the ignitor lenses and often have to explain to people why the red tinted look is very good for range use.   It helps eliminate glare and also cuts through air on the hazy humid days.  For $60 there is little to worry about for sizing, just do some research on what lense color you want.

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