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DMR’s and Target ID

Trijicon ACOGsI recently watched a History Channel episode about the UZI and why the Israeli’s moved away from larger rifles like the FAL before most of the European Countries stuck with the G2 and FAL as primary rifles during the Cold War.   With the Foundation of the State of Israeli, urban engagements were the norm and even though the terrain would allow for longer range engagements the FAL proved to be an over kill and was not very well liked.   One of the soldiers mentioned that the FAL was a better sniper rifle but not very good for close engagements because of the recoil and weight of the rifle.   I would agree with that but the biggest draw back I find with the FAL is that it’s not very good for mounting optics.  I’ve had screws sheer off on my mounts after several thousand rounds of ammunition.

Now there are several reliable 7.62 battle rifles that are more easily become a Designated Marksmen Rifle and there are a lot of sturdy, yet expensive optics that better suit the ballistics of the 7.62 round.  Normally, the first step up from red dots and holographic sights are the Trijicon ACOGS because with a minimal amount of magnification at 3.5-4x you are going to to be able to better use of the round.   Trijicon has advanced to another level beyond the ACOG to the VCOG which also claims to be the first focal plane optic.   A designated marksmen has the role of being to engage targets at medium ranges and do the job that the 5.56 round doesn’t do as well.  I have had numerous stories from guys returning from Iraq that have mentioned that they used the magnification from their optics to ID wires that ran across streets to planted IED’s and that’s where Red Dots and Iron Sights don’t cut it.


The Red Dot Market

Trijicon RMR sightsWe have been adding more and more products to our website in the last year, moving from 18,000 products to well over 31,000 products in 12 months.   When you are cater to the broad customer base that we do, it’s really easy to expand your product line, but the one thing we don’t want to do is expand it with 2nd rate products.   We have people driving up to 3hrs to stop in our store because some of the products we sell like Trijicon, Aimpoint and Eotech and Surefire can sometimes be pricey products to buy online when you haven’t been able to look through it and know for you sure that it’s the correct item for your AR15  or Glock firearm.  Some products like Eotech and Aimpoint have some moderately price optics that have a very good entry level that aren’t crap.

Our phone and email boxes are loaded with new products from various companies going to SHOT SHOW out in Las Vegas that are asking us to stop by their booth, but if we never heard of their Flashlights or Optics, we’re really not that interested in deviating from staples like Trijicon RMR sights , ACOGS,  Aimpoint red dots and Eotech sights.    We have a good selection of the Eotech 512 and 516  optics as well as the Aimpoint Patrol Optics inbound because the reputation of these optics that have been battle proven insurmountable.  Thee optics work well on Russian AK rifles, Remington 870 shotguns, Mossberg 500 and AR15 variants.


Trijicon ACOGS too much magnification?

Trijicon ACOGSFor many in the Law Enfocement community, it’s really all about zero magnification which is why the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle optics and the Eotech 512 are so popular.  Since some of the local police departments are so well financed compared to others in the State of Pennsylvania, we have been getting asked for more and more tactical optics.  The Trijicon ACOGS are a little too much for most Law Enforcement not only because of the 4x optics but because they cost too much for many Cops.   We recently have moved more towards the RMR red dots and the Trijicon SRS sights to see how people locally would like that and we even kept a few of the TA26SR-10 optics on display with the newer TA44 red and green reticles.

With Trijicon’s Map Pricing policy, many of these optics are not sold out of our store for local customers compared to what we sell them for online.  The TA44 with a red or a green reticle are really considere mini Trijicon ACOGS since they are 1.5x and are very light weight.   The trend in this industry is still moving towards lighter and lighter optics although many in the Marine Corps or Army still prefer the Trijicon ACOGS that we have.   The TA31F-G is the green chevron but for engagements  under 100yds the Mini ACOGS are a battery less Trijicon optic that is a bit more expensive than a red dot but the circle dot has kind of a cross between the Eotech 65MOA circle dot system but without the batteries.


Looking for a red dot sight? Why not consider the RMR sights

There are plenty of reason to consider this small compact red dot sight.   Yes it is an expensive optic but we’ve seen Police Departments in our area remove optics from Police Officers in training when they showed up with red dot sights that were made in China or were know to be inferior.  Their exact quotes were that any sight that was not made by Trijicon, Eotech or Aimpoint it must be put under review and may not be approved.   We’ve seen most  police officers stick with whatever they could find in the $400 price range and that usually means an Aimpoint Pro or an Eotech, but many forget to consider the Trijicon RMR sights.  There are many different optics to consider but the RMR has a very long battery life and is very lightweight.

Fiber optics have their limits, battery powered optics have their limits and you have to train to fight if your optics fail you.   The Trijicon RMR sights we sell are flying out the door, primarily the RM08 green triangle.   One of the things you have to consider is the brightness of a red dot and not always the size.   A small red dot with a very bright setting may actually block your view as badley as a larger MOA dot.   Sometimes if you want precision you have to consider going to a lower power setting and not always worry about your red dot size.


Mounting optics on a combat rifle, what you need to know

Trijicon ACOGS for saleI don’t know how many times I’ve walked into Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods or some gun shop and  picked up a rifle, whether it was a hunting rifle or a military style rifle and noticed that the scope was not mounted correctly.  So many people lack any gunsmithing or armorer skills that they don’t have the slightest clue how to know if the scope is level.   I usually mount all of my scopes while at a firing range, and once I think i got it, I make a few shots on paper, adjust the elevation about 4 MOA and then take a few shots  more, once I know the elevation is adjust the point of impact up or down, and not moving the way the windage adjustmants would move POI, then I know I got it for sure.  Some people seem to not want to put the effort in and when  they see me hitting steel plates at 400yds, they don’t have the slightest idea how I can do it.

The above mentioned are some suggestions on how to verify you have a leveled scope, but you can make things a lot easier by buying an Eotech or an ACOG.   If you want to make your longer range shooting very easy Trijicon ACOGS for sale are probable the best option for you.  For instance, the Trijicon TA01NSN has bullet comp out to 600yds for the  62GR SCBT or the M855 round out of an M4 Carbine.    You will be able to nail targets ad varying distances just by adjusting where you put the crosshairs.  There are other reticles that you can use for different ranges but all of them are things you will want to research.  The Chevron reticles are fast outselling crosshair reticles.


Trijicon ACOGS still relevent with all of those Eotechs and Red Dots around?

Trijicon for saleWe’ve started carrying the Aimpoint optics because so many guys coming in from various police departments were referencing that this was exactly what they were trained to use and since it got the job done, they didn’t need another reticle or optic choice.   Aimpoint optics are in various price ranges just like  the Eotech and the Trijicon optics but they don’t have the same features that Trijicon scopes offer.   We were shocked to see so many new Trijicon optics coming out this last year that all took batteries.  It seems that pointing batteries on a Trijicon optic was a against Trijicon Inc’s religion because the fiber optic cables and the Tritium seem to be the staple of the product line.

What do you want to use for close quarters fighting from the Trijicon product line?   Much of the Trijicon ACOGS for sale on our website are for medium to long range engamenets.  I would consider 600yds to be medium ranges for those in the military while most civilians would consider that to be long range.   The Trijicon TA01NSN is an easy transition for anyone that is use to using iron sights because the top mounted sighting platform is really for close up shooting, even low light due to the Trijitium night sight.  If you are use to using a red dot, the RMR sights and now the extremely popular RMR08-G green triangle dot.  There are many differences in dot sizes and reticle options with the RMR sights.


If you want an ACOG, he’s what you should be thinking about

Trijicon TA01NSN for saleThere are plenty of options to think about when you are putting an optic on  your AR15, and i’m going to assume that this is why you are hear reading about this blog.   There are Eotech sights like the 512 which are combat reliable and not very expensive, and if you shop around, you might be able to pick one up for under $400.   The Aimpoint optics are also extremely durable and the Aimpoint Pro are under $400.   Magnification is the biggest thing you really want to think about from the start.  If you think you will be able to cough up the money for an RMR sight in the future, then a TA01NSN might be a nice starting point because you atleast get 2 sights in one.  Iron sights for close up fighting and a 4x fixed optic with bullet calibration.

I know a lot of guys that run the TA01NSN because they don’t like the fiber optic strands that run across the top, those are considered to be high profile and not low profile optics.    I would probable say that the Trijicon TA01NSN for sale is the most verstatile ACOG because you get the 2 sights in one, plus you have the illuminated reticle in low light.   Some people, or should i say many people, prefer the crosshairs of this reticle type over the Chevron or the donut styles.  All reticles have a primary job and some are more versatile than others.  The thin lines of the TA01NSN make it a very precise optic.   The ones we sell all come with a thumb screw mount and if you want to later on, do some research into which type of RMR sights you might want to run on your gun.  The red dot and reticles are very different so  do your research and read reviews on the product.


Mounting optics is as important as the durability of the optic

Trijicon ACOGS for saleThere have been a great many times that I have picked up a rifle scope and I felt like I had a shoe off.   It’s happened in gun stores and it’s happened at friends homes.  It seems so many people are just incapable and unaware of the proper way to mount a rifle scope.   Anyone that shoots beyond 200yds is going to learn this trade real fast because any variations in the windage or even the way the scope rings are tightened down will affect your ability to hit targets at varying distances.  People don’t realize that even up close you can have accuracy problems and a customer in our store failed a training class to qualify with  his carbine because his sights were not setup correctly.   Shooting at 7yrs with a carbine vs. 50yds meant a 2 foot variation in his point of impact.

The best thing about being in this business is you really see the technological improvements.   If you pick up a Trijicon SRS sight or many of the Trijicon ACOGS for sale you have the option of the colt style mount or a quick detach mount.   You won’t have any issues with these optics from a mounting perspective.  The reticles for the ACOGS all have technical ballistic details that you will really want to use proficiently on a firing line.   Something like the chevron reticle on the TA31F-G is a favorite because it gives you clear view of your target at close range as well as the ability to quickly engage targets at medium ranges without obscuring  your targets like red dots and triangle optics do.


Crosshairs and reticles, precision or speed?

Trijicon TA01NSN for saleSometimes you can have almost all of that in one package but you’ll probable end  up dropping about $2000  or more on an optic.  If I could afford it I would  have an ACOG with the RMR mounted on top but that is too expensive of a package for me when I’m running it on a $600 gun.   For combat and if you are in the military, that is a great weapon, but there are still pros and cons  of using a mounting system like this.  One of the most common things I’ve seen with ACOGS in Iraq is that many of them actually got shot.  Considering that this optic is something that mounts so high on a carry handle or the RMR configuration on a flat top, you will have to think about getting a cheek riser of  you want to be proficient with this system.

The RMR is a really nice red dot that isn’t b ig and bulky like an Aimpoint or Trijicon SRS sight.  IF you get a sighting system like that, it’s a full blown optic, but Trijicon TA01NSN for sale are probable the next step down but with basically the same benefits.   I always have iron sights on my guns because I  have know all too well that optics can break, shatter or get shot and if you want to get it off you better have a backup sighting system.   I’ve shot guns that didn’t have rear sights and it is very difficult to hit anything.   If you want speed a red dot optic is good but if you want precision, a Chevron or crosshair reticle, especially a thin crosshair one like the TA01.


Batteries, Tritium, Fiber optics and now solar panels? Yep!

Trijicon Reflex Sights It’s been a while since we’ve seen major technological improvements or changes in the shooting community.   I remember the first time I saw an ACOG on the range with the fiber optic cable and thought it looked like some neon toy and then I realized what the technology was all about and why having a red colored reticle could help your eye acquire a target quicker and having a reticle designed with a bullet compensator was also extremely useful.   Although you can be very precise with an ACOG they are meant for speed more than sniper work but I have seen plenty of them used in designated marksmen work.   If you were hunting with a rifle for the most part, deer are taken from under 100yds but the ACOG gives you the ability to hit targets 600-800 meters depending on the work you are doing or the configuration of the reticle.

Recently there was a new red dot put on the market from Trijicon.   There isn’t much of a difference between one brand of red dots and the other if they are battery powered other than the durability of the optic, but the new Trijicon reflex sights like the SRS01 and the SRS02 are revolutionary in design now that they have integrated solar powered optics that pull from a battery if there is no available light.   We’ve done some of our own tests with these optics and can tell that this technology is going to carry over to other products and it’s just the beginning.  The SRS sight has a 1.75 MOA dot which I know of no other red dot that is smaller than 2 MOA.   At low power this optic can be very precise.

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