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Texas Gun Shows this weekend

Texas Gun ShowsAmmo availability seems to be slowly coming back.   The last gun show I went to actually had .380 ammo which was telling.  Russian ammo has slowly been dropping back to pre-Obama administration prices, too.    We’ve been seeing a lot of people switch to the 5.45×39 uppers from Smith & Wesson and I got to see a few of them last weekend.   The caliber is so close to the American 5.56 round that you gotta read the barrels to know what the calibers are.   Later next month I  hope to be at a show in the Dallas Fort Worth area to see more Texas Gun Shows.

Check in on our forum month to see the Texas Gun Show dates we have compiled.  If you know of any gun shows that are not listed please let us know.   We are also running an Eotac apparel giveaway from RogueElite and this is open to members of   Please tell us if there is info that is missing or invalid with our Texas gun club listings, too.   We’ve been hearing from a lot of our membership about gun club listings from other websites missing info and we’ve built the website forum so that members can post the info and we can update asap.


Get the deals at the next Texas Show

Texas Gun Shows Ammo prices seem to be coming down just like the economy is going down so now might be a better time to consider going out and scoping the place out for ammo.  Ammo prices are still drastically different, but atleast the availability seems to be there.   I notice the run on firearms has slowed now, probable since everyone knows that if you don’t already have enough, racking up more credit card debt just for  rack queen isn’t rational.   Let us know if you don’t see any shows being listed that are being promoted.

We’ve been compiling as much info as we could about gun shows in the State of Texas.   Many Texas Gun Shows are promoted by small promoters and the word doesn’t always get out very well.   That seems to be the case for many States.   There are a few big name promoters that host gun shows a few times a year and you can almost avoid reading about them because they are on the same date or close to the same time every year.



Shooting Ranges outside of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Shooting RangesLanghorne rod and gun club is one of the best run gun clubs in Pennsyvlania.    As of now there is no member cap although I wouldn’t be surprised that at some point there might be one.    They have a well maintained rifle range that is called the Big Bore range.   You can shoot any semi-auto up to but not including a 50bmg.   There are several competitive shooting groups here from Action Pistol to the Practical Carbine group.

One thing to be careful about when walking the 100-200yd rifle range is the snakes.   The club even has a sign up that warns of the the snakes in the area.  Kinda funny to see something like that at a range, but it might be good for checking your situational awareness.   There are trap ranges that are open for only a few bucks for each match and the new club house makes spending the day even nicer and more accomodating.  Find out about Pennsylvania Shooting Ranges like this one over at


Trying to find a range in Texas

Texas Shooting RangesEveryone has there own particular styles of shooting and interestes.   Some shooting ranges are specifically for hunting, some are for sporting clays or shooting trap, and some ranges are for long range target shooting.   One of my favorite shooting ranges is a 100yd range.   A good range will be designed for easy communication between shooters.   It always bothers me when people get too anal about calling cease fires and target changes.    If a range is setup right, a shooter should be able to setup their targets and not need to change them for hourse or atlease hundreds of rounds of ammo.

Pistol ranges are easier to setup than rifle ranges.  Pistol ranges normally are no longer than 50yds long and usually have wires for sending targets downrange.   Last year I was at a range near Dallas that was really nice.   I shot IDPA there and the range was clean and controlled.   Find a range that fits your shooting needs over at under the Texas Shooting Ranges listing.


Finding a Shooting range in Texas

Texas Shooting RangesThere are a great many reasons for gun owners to find a decent range that they know will accommodate their shooting interests.   We tend to find the more restrictive ranges closer to urban environments, but you won’t know for sure depending on which State you a living in.  Every State in the Country is different and trying to find out where to look is very difficult.

Some gun clubs don’t want to be too open to the public and we can understand that, but the vast majority of shooting ranges and gun clubs should be recruiting grounds and basic firearms safety locations.  Sure we can learn from our parents, but the NRA has a strong hold on in some Texas Shooting Ranges and if you can find a good gun club near you, you should have access to different levels of training and shooting skills.


Pennsylvania shooting range listing

Pennsylvania Shooting RangesPennyslvania is one of the largest gun owners States in the Country.   It amazes most people to hear something like that because it’s not viewed as one of the most rugged places in the Country, but the reality is PA has the 2nd largest number of NRA members, 2nd Largest number of gun shows in the Country and it is home of some of the most Pro-Gun Blue Dog Democrats in the Country.   The majority of Pennsylvanias political squabbles revolve around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia has plenty of indoor shooting ranges, but for those wishing to shoot shotgun and rifle, you have to get about an hour out of the City to find a decend Pennyslvania Shooting Ranges.   There are  a few gun clubs that are 200-300yd ranges within about an hour of the Philly boarder but they are private ranges.   Check out the listing we have on our forum and kelp keep us up to date with any training or range activities and range facilities.


Getting out this Spring

Gun ClubsSometimes knowing what you’re load is isn’t enough to get you on paper and 600-1000yds.   Paying attention to crosswinds and terrain will give you that extra improvement to avoid misses.   Its not about just bullet drop at those distances, knowing when to pull the trigger and paying attention to your target is what makes you an expert.


Spring is just around the corner and after a long winter like this one, I know you’ve probable been itching to get out to a gun clubs and test out some of the loads you’ve been working on while stuck in your home.   A few months ago I was lucky enough to get out to a 1000yd range here in Ohio and get expert advice on long distance shooting.   Sometimes you learn quicker when in the company of the experts instead of just trial and error on your own.



Find a range in Pennsylvania

Shooting RangesPennsylvania has seen its share of gun clubs being closed down and trying to find ranges beyond 100yds within the Philadelphia area is very difficult.   There are still a few gun clubs with 200+ yard ranges in about 2hrs or less of Philadelphia and they are mostly private ranges.   Check out our website for information about some of them and please feel free to add info to help others find out too.

Looking for the best place to practice getting your lead on target?   Check out for information about Gun Clubs and shooting ranges around the Country.   Trying to find out where there are shooting ranges are is very difficult.   Some gun clubs like to keep things down to a word of mouth, but this can also cause a range to go defunct if nobody knows it’s there.



Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range ListingWe have compiled info from our membership over the years and hoping that eventually we will get enough input to keep our info up to date.  While we realize that some glubs do not want to post all of there info, we feel that we can be a conduit for people atleast finding out how to find out where a range is.

When searching the intenet looking for places to shoot, you may find a few shooting range listings, but there is still very little info out there and it’s also virtually impossible to get answers.   We tried to start something new a few years ago and started in hopes of eventually building a resource to connect.  While we were searching the internet we found a few resources for gun club info, but atleast 20% of it was inaccurate or flat out wrong.  Gun clubs that have been closed for years were still listed and range info was obsolete.



Maine Shooting Ranges

Maine Shooting RangesFind out about Maine Shooting Ranges

There is a need for State and Regional organizations, but many of these are for political purposes and not for a hands on application educating and increasing our (Responsible Gun Owners) numbers. Any NRA Certified instructor may post training classes on our forums and we hope that eventually there will be more gun clubs organizing Rally Points around the Country.

We also realize that many gun clubs do not have the money or the man power to maintain websites and to get the word out about what is going on there. It is also very difficult to try and locate where gun clubs are. We realize this may take several months or years to get the word out about, and we ask that our membership help us do this. The firing line is where teaching the next generation occurs and wants to be the conduit on the internet to get this done.

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