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Don Hume Holsters for Glock Handguns with body shield

Don Hume HolstersWe have recently become a direct dealer for the Don Hume product.  Don Hume leather has been around a long time and several Federal Agents have told us that, that is what they are issued for their firearms.  These leather holsters have an outstanding reputation for being solid and holding up.   Leather can be very expensive, but Don Hume has been able to keep their costs down.   The holsters that everyone wanted us to carry for the last few years are the ones that have the body shield built onto the IWB holsters.  The DON HUME H715-M W/C-S are available for most of the Glock handguns and we have had a lot of requests for the Glock 19, Glock 23 and Glock 43 IWB holsters.

We have tested out several types of holsters for our online store and showroom, and while many holsters have poorly designed belt clips or holsters that are not durable, the Don Hume Glock Holsters we sell are something we always try to keep in stock.   There are other styles of holsters that you can consider for OWB or Paddle, but IWB concealed carry is the number one way to carry a Glock pistol.    If you are a left handed shooter, you may experience some delays in getting a holster if they are not in stock but Don Hume does make the majority of their product line for left handed gun owners.


More Blackhawk vs Safariland

We have a very long and growing list of Law Enforcement officers coming into our store with broken or worn out parts, and 95% of the time it means going back to our Safariland product book and flipping through the pages to find the right part.  There are so many variations of guns out there and slight contour differences that mean you need a new holster.   With many products this takes research and patience to get it right the first time.  There have been changes to guns, holsters and even Streamlight flashlights but it’s almost impossible to keep up to date with it. In fact one of our distributors even acknowledged that they don’t have the man power to keep their website up to date with all of the correct product info.

This year we are breaking from the drop shipping policies and moving more toward stocking the parts and accessories that we know people are going to need.  Some of the Blackhawk and Safariland holsters that we carry are the products that are the most demanded.  For instance, most departments around here use the Glock 17 and the Glock 21 so we usually stock the duty and drop leg holsters that they need.   Some of these holsters can cost over $140 so stocking the correct items and not getting stuck with a dead product they collects dust for years is something we try to avoid.


Safariland retention and thigh holsters

For those that work in the industry you see new products and supposedly new accessories that people want to pump you up about.  Marketing and advertising products are going to try and get you to believe that you need to buy it, but there are many things that are all about preference and styles.   Some products like the Safariland ALS are tried and tested and we’ve sold so many of them that it’s not something we’re expecting to see improved upon.

While the Beretta 92 or more commonly known as the M9, is still military issued, most in the Special Forces prefer to use something else. Most of our customer base use Glock firearms because the low maintenance firearm and the time tested Safariland holsters have the most reliable locking mechanism for Law Enforcement and Military applications. Every Police Officer that walks in our store prefers Safariland. The Glock 17  is still the most popular firearm we sell holsters for.


Yes, there is a difference between Gaclo, Don Hume and Desantis

When we got the Galco and Desantis holster catalogs we were pretty overwhelmed by how much stuff they had in there and it was really hard to figure out what we should start bringing in.  First, I can’t say that one is better than the other because each has certain products that are tried and tested and look at function well.  The Miami Classic shoulder holster is still very popular with Law Enforcment because it has that “look” that some professionals want.   Most major companies like Galco, Don Hume and Desantis have very consistent quality products and we never get complaints about fit unless it’s a novice gun owner that doesn’t  know they need a break in period.

There are many differences in hand sizing and not every ones fingers are going to reach.   There are tuckable Desantis Holsters that have caught on with many white color concealed carry holders.   Not all pocket holsters are the same and each holster may have an edge functioning with you with a certain type of firearm.  I’ve got Don Hume Jit holsters for many of my medium frame guns but it didn’t work quite so well with my Glock 19. It was something about the balance and the depth of the holster but for my Sig 239 and my Smith & Wesson 38 Special, it’s actually my favorite firearm holster for the majority of my guns.  You probable won’t know until you tried them though.



Paddle holsters and the differences between them

When i think of paddle holsters the first thing I think about are Fobus holsters.  I see many people bitch about them online but I have not had any bad experiences with them.   The only complaint I have about paddle holsters is they are very uncomfortable to use when shooting from prone.  I wore one to the range during a glass and switched to my Elite Survival drop leg holsters to free up my waist.  Fobus holsters are really nice to use in the winter or for open carry because they are so easy to get on and off and they only cost about $20.  For someoone that is taking a defensive training course we always sell them a Fobus paddle holster and then a Woolrich Elite lightweight vest.   I would say that I am not a fan of the Fobus magazine holders because they are just too bulky, the Blackhawk magazine holders are better contoured.

The simple answer for which paddle holster you should use would be to ask  yourself if you want retention or not.  Blackhawk Serpa holsters are very big with Glock guys and the Safariland holsters for Glocks are very very popular because of the retention.  If you don’t want any type of firearm retention you have many other options out there. There are Desantis holsters, Galco holsters, Fobus and many more that make decent paddle holsters but there are huge price differences.   I usually stick with Fobus and Blackhawk to make it simple but I have had some reasons to acquire the Safariland holsters, too.



Training with new gear and being consistent

There is no debate about firearms safety, you either follow the rules or you will have an accident.   The problem with fireams training is everyone has an off day, not everyone wakes up in the morning and is at 100% mentally there.  Everyone trips or falls at some point, every slips on the ice they didn’t see and not everyone can think straight until they’ve had their cup of joe. I’ve seen more accidents with Glocks than any other sidearm, but I would say that Glocks are the most reliable firearm I’ve seen at training courses.

One thing that I have seen happen with gun owners, is they juggle firearms around too much.  It really is not a good idea to switch up your holsters and firearms too often because mental lapses can occur.  This seems to be the problem people are having with the Blackhawk Serpa holsters that are getting on the news.  If you don’t use this holster all the time, you may have a problem keeping your hand in the same spot and you’re more prone to curling your finger and causing an ND.  I very much like the retention design and the strength of the holsters, but I would not let a novice shooter start out with  one.


Don Hume Jit holster vs the Desantis Speed Scabbard

I have been  using the Don Hume Jit holsters for a very long time and I have several of them for my primary weapons.  For this type of holster, you may run into some flop issues with medium to large frame guns.   The bigger the gun the more likely you will want to have a larger full coverage holster.   IWB can be a uncomfortable carry method but it truely is the most appropriate.    Using locking devices or paddle holsters can cause snagging, make it harder to conceal.   The nice thing about Don Hume holsters is they are very reasonable priced and for $20 or so you can get a very good holster.

I compared these two holsters with a Sig 228 and a Glock 19,  most of this is preference, but it seems that when I used the Desantis holsters for the Sig 228 did not flop around as much as the Don Hume Jit.   There is about an 8 ounce difference between these firearms even though the sizes were close to the same size.   This definitely gives Glock and edge on the weight, but much of this is about how well you handle and shoot a firearm because it’s not about looks its about proficiency.    The Desantis Speed Scabbard is more money but I think it’s a nicer looking holster too.



Paddle holsters and Locking holsters

Fobus holster have been around for a long time and for roughly $20 they are a very good open carry or sidearm holster.  Recently there was a reminding wake up call to people that open carry after a CCW holder was shot with his own firearm at a convenience store after several youths pulled his gun.   We must always remind ourselves that there are some highly trained criminals out there that can spot 5.11 tactical pants from a mile a way, but many criminals are just looking for the easy life and not going to pull anything off if we don’t make it easy on them.

Locking systems have been around for a long time if you consider thumb break holster, but there are improvements like the Blackhawk Serpa holsters and the Safariland ALS.  Blackhawk Serpa holsters seem to be more popular for civilian gun owners and the Safariland for Law Enforcement and Military.   Each locking holster has it’s pros and cons and to each his own, but if you are an open carry CCW holder, a locking holster should become more of a priority for you.


Locking holsters it is about preference

We have been selling far more Blackhawk holsters than ever before but several Law Enforcement Agencies that we deal with have bad mouthed them and have told us that they have banned them from training classes.   There are flaws in the Blackhawk system and it is true that a dirty locking system will cause the gun to get stuck and it will be difficult to retrieve, but the funny thing about the videos that are floating around YouTube are that if you did the same thing to an M16, the gun would jam up also.

Many of our Special Forces and Law Enforcement still prefer the Safariland holsters although they do seem a little bulkier than other holsters.  There really are duty holsters and for the most part Safariland Holsters are best for that job.  People that bash locking holsters need to take new students to a range and have them use thumb break holsters and you’ll see in about 5 minutes that Safariland and Blackhawk designs are superior.   Not only is it about being able to get your firearm out quickly, it’s also about locking the gun in place so it doesn’t fly out when you have to run or are in an altercation.


Somebody has been finding about the Jit holsters

After being in business for so many years, and working in this industry, I’ve seen enough trends in various things like firearms, holsters, ammunition and attitudes in general.   I remember when I only knew a  handful of people that CCW permits and now that number is probable 4-5 higher and it’s mostly people that I didn’t expect to get them.   I have several friends that did the College thing, the Grade School thing, and after they got tired of changing jobs, they started their own businesses.   Unfortunately, some of them found out real fast about the liabilities of having a business and dealing with the public.

There are always statistics attached to certain types of crimes and if you own a pizza sh0p, restaurant, UPS driver, or just travel around in Urban environments, you general area going to witness or know someone that was robbed or assaulted.   I do like the Don Hume holsters that attached are belt through holsters, they seem to be the simplest and smaller holster design.   The gun basically hangs in the holster unlike many other holders that contain it.   There is no clip or paddle protruding into your hip and they seem to be one of the most popular ones CCW holders are buying these days.

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