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Turtleskin gloves and how you are suppose to use them




After several years of working in the Private Security field and dealing with Law Enforcement, one thing we have learned it many people don’t understand how to use their products or gear properly.  I’m reminded of a Clint Smith quote in one of of his Rifle Training videos about “not rackin it, and slapping it, Vietnam style” in reference to the proper way to drop a bolt on an AR.   Guys come in here thinking you can use molle pouches on a belt and then come in complaining how it’s not working and we’re like “its for a molle vest not a belt” and we get an “oh”.    Frisk Gloves are meant for frisking,  Turtleskin Gloves are meant for need protection and slash resistance, not shoveling the snow or going to the shooting range.   They should have a shelf life much longer than latex gloves, but don’t expect them to last forever, remember body armor usually is expired in 5yrs for a reason.

The most popular seller in the last 4 years are the Turtleskin Bravo Gloves, these have more of a patrolman’s glove and are very lightweight and easy to shove in your pockets without a lot of bulk.   There are some other gloves out that customers have told us about but we’ve done extremely well with Turtleskin Gloves.   This company makes space suits so puncture resistance is something they really care about.   Just like most Level II and Level IIIA body armor these gloves are resistant, not stab proof.   You still have to know how to search properly and know all of the angles of your hand and they way things can be hidden in pockets.  We offer bulk discounts on these as well as department discounts based on volume


New Product line coming to Rogue Elite

We are proud to announce they we have been expanding our product line and we have many more of the Warwick Mills Product line called Turtleskin to our inventory.  Warwick mills has made products for NASA and for Mars landing craft in the past and if you do some research the history is extensive.   Turtleskin products are not like any other products.  Their body armor is at a higher level than IIIA body armor.   There are slash resistant shirts as well and cell extraction products.  All these are products we will begin to bring in.

Turtleskin Police gloves are a new 2012 product and our first jump into supply the region with Law Enforcement “frisk gloves”.   The Turtleskin gloves called the Alpha and the Bravo gloves.   The first thing I did when I put them on was to try drawing my Glock 17 pistol and see how well I could do that.  Not that these gloves are designed as shooting gloves, but I just wanted to see how they felt.   I compared them with the Vickers tactical gloves that we have in stock and there is a big difference in feel.  You won’t be able to feel the tips of your fingers but why would you expect to.  The Alpha gloves felt thicker, but the Bravo gloves were very comfortable and my personal choice if I had to pick one.  Needless to say that there is always a compromise if you want puncture resistance.

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